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  1. The two best areas of the James is the confluences of the Finley and the Crane. Both areas give you a couple miles or so of good holes. Use Chompers for sure...
  2. Pomme doesn't get too crazy until it flips over. The cold water leaves just an hour or so in the heat of the day for any opportunity. Once it reaches 60 degrees it can get fun though.
  3. Fishing weedless from shore with a fast pace? Can't beat a spinner bait however floating rapalas or rogues tend to be my "go to" since you can control how deep the bait goes. Don't forget to go top water either. Spooks, chugRs, and frogs can do well also.
  4. Make all government workers including congress and the President get care from a VA hospital. That will fix it.
  5. Trav

    I feel the Bern!

    The truth is the tax laws are designed to fund programs which help the poor and give breaks to the super rich. It is no wonder why the middle class is shrinking. They are the middle child of the code. If you make over 100 grand a year but less than a million you get the shaft. And it is designed that way because of economic demographics. It is the target of all taxes because that is where the bulk of the taxable population sits as far as household income. The reality is most people make less than 50k a year and they actually get more money back than they pay in. Meaning they don't pay much in taxes at all. So it is designed for the middle class to be the only demographic that actually loses money by percentage of income earned. I don't like U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders for prez cause he will tax the hell out of Donald J. Trump. I like him cause he wants to give more opportunity to those who are willing to work for it. College isn't easy and it is expensive. So free college to people is not a free ride. You still have to make the grades. How many kids start college and drop out? I am guessing it is around half. And half of those quit cause of money. He isn't proposing taxes on the middle class to fund it... he is using common sense by expecting those with businesses to pay a tax to expand their available work force in the future. Trump wants to make America great again? I don't see any education solutions coming from him? He is too worried about all those people who pick our fruits and veggies. I guess he wants us paying 10 dollars for a tomato I don't like U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders for prez because he wants to cure the country of all their medical ailments either. I like him cause he wants a single payer medical system that doesn't rely on the states to fund it. And he isn't gonna tax the hell out of Donald J. Trump for that either. I know he is full of lofty goals but I will take optimism and positive ideology over negative scare tactics any day. He is running as a Dem but I don't see him as a left winger. He is like me. A true independent. Which means I feel he can work with both parties to compromise some head way.
  6. Trav

    I feel the Bern!

    Two words.. "FLAT TAX". Make everyone including companies pay the same percentage. Stop subsidizing, get rid of all deductions, remove all tax exemptions and it will be fair across the board. To provide health care and higher education is what any country should be addressing if they want to stay competitive in a world based economy. And capitalism is about being competitive. A smarter healthier population for the future is not socialism in my opinion. It is good business.
  7. Trav

    I feel the Bern!

    For those of you who think Bernie isn't the real deal... He has been doing this campaign without a super pac or any billion dollar benefactors. This is as grass roots as it gets. We are seeing history and hopefully we are seeing the beginning of the future where money from companies can no longer buy an election.
  8. Trav

    I feel the Bern!

    Oh snap! Bernie just spanked Hillary in New Hampshire. Let the revolution begin!
  9. I could go Husgvarna. Nice bikes.
  10. Trav

    I feel the Bern!

    I watched the Republican debates. What a waste of time. The best moment was Ben Carson saying he guessed Carolina or Denver will win the Super Bowl. By the way.. I am hoping Denver wins but we all know Carolina is a runaway train this year. Good luck stopping them. Ha.. anyway.... I didn't learn anything new. Rubio looked like a kid.. Donald was his usual self. he was right about eminent domain but in a funny way so was Jeb and I feel the governors won this chat. Jeb did better than the other two. Although Christie managed to show Rubio's immaturity. If this party has a half a chance to be competitive against Bernie they will go with the most experienced one. They joked that Biden has the most experience. And then they all bashed Obama ... of course. On the Dem side there is no questions. You want the same old democratic agenda or do you want change in government. On the republican side there isn't anyone wanting change other than Trump and he wants things to go back to some good old days like the rest. We all know Trump wont win an election. Smart republicans if they want to win will go for Jeb. If Jeb dont take it then it is hillary or Bernie...no doubt about it. When you look at a person's resume for the job, Bernie has the most tenure. The next person with the best resume is Hillary. Followed by Jeb. Still feeling the Bern!
  11. Trav

    I feel the Bern!

    You should vote like you are hiring a CEO. Life experience is everything.
  12. Yeah.. I don't focus on musky being mostly a bass guy. I guess if i was to target the musky and use more appropriate lures I might catch more. There are some guys who catch a couple every year. I have been told by little birds that above Nemo in the Finley arm is the best place to start looking.. still an elusive to fish to catch. I have had some run ins on Pomme with fish I never saw but ran so fast they broke the line. Could have been musky but in my experience when a fish cleans your spool it is usually a flathead.
  13. You should stick to confidence lures when in doubt. I think warts are a mainstay Ozark waters. Just like red worms are a mainstay in Florida. Experimentation is the key with any water. Definitely buy a Rock crawler. Got to have at least one of everything right? The one thing that always works in any situation is a grub. I have grubs galore cause if you can't catch fish with a grub your not much of a fisherman.
  14. I am liking the new KLR650s.. the XR650s are sweet as well. Those will be my two faves for now.
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