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  1. Scuds are primarily found in gravel areas of the stream and are normally in the top six feet of the stream/lake areas. They are abundant in Lake Taneycomo as most of the upper lake is gravel. As long as that gravel is kept covered with water, they will likely thrive there. They can be of any length from a size 18 up to a size 8 at times. Size varies as to the stream conditions at the time. You just need to find out what they want. I normally prefer a size 12 weighted gray scud which is no more than 1/8 inch thick when fishing Taney. Good colors are gray, tan, light brown and olive. Rolan
  2. Congratulations Bill. Wish I was there to see it, though the pics tell a great story you will always remember. I'm extremely proud for you. Rolan Duffield
  3. Glad no one was hurt or other parts of the resort were damaged. We're thinking of you folks. Rolan
  4. I'm envious of you taking this trip as it's one I wish we had taken in our earlier life. Nova Scotia is another great destination and with a lot of unusual history. Have a great trip. Rolan
  5. We've received 1.9" of rain here in Kansas City So far this Wednesday 5 Sept. More coming. Rolan
  6. Welcome home Phil. Hope to see some pic and video's. Rolan
  7. I'm soon to be 87 and trying to stay active. I do exercise at least 30 minutes per day in addition to working around the house. I still love fly fishing and golf. Taney is my favorite fly fishing site as I have conceded the capability for long distance trips because of age. Don't know how well i will play golf this year though last year I could still play in the 80's most of the time. Had shoulder surgery 2 years ago from a torn shoulder from exercising doing 45 degree pushups leaning against a counter. I firmly believe we must stay active and exercise every day, if possible, if we want to enj
  8. Congrats Grandad and Megan too. Rolan
  9. I'm still having problems when trying to back out of a subject. Sometimes I need to close Ozark Anglers and reenter the forum. Rolan
  10. Bill: Sorry to hear about your Rotator Cuff injury. Glad to see your making progress. I had surgery for a torn Rotator Cuff on March 1st. It's a very slow recovery and the exercises are a must do every day. I'm finally seeing good progress and hoping to see you on Taney in Oct. Rolan
  11. Congrats. Russell. Nice Trout. Save some for me. -- Rolan
  12. Would someone explain the reference to PSD13, PSD16 and PSD20?
  13. Great report Phil. I really enjoy reading these Taney reports as you report the facts first hand. . My brothers and I are wishing we were there. We'll see you in early October. Regards to all, Rolan
  14. Thanks Bill for the great report. I'm ready for some fishing in Taney. See you on the stream next week. -- Rolan
  15. Phil: Wish you could post some pictures of various parts of the Trophy area so we can see how it has changed when the water is low. Rolan
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