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  1. A great day for sure! Nothing like that blade bite when they are really chomping it, and they do love it on the upper end of the Bull when that water gets high and dirty. Congrats on a memorable day!
  2. Congrats on a very good day with your dad given the current conditions, but I also have to agree with Greg on hauling fish around for a end-of-day pic. I think we can all agree that the pics are nice to have on the forum, but why not take individual fish pics and release the bass where they were caught? Soon, we will have fish on beds and in that case, a livewell ride will mean a bunch of wasted eggs. Just my opinion.
  3. High water in the spring can be super tough. If you want to be successful shallow, you MUST find areas where you can reach all the way to the bank with your cast. Fishing the outside of the treelines is rarely productive. Both main lake and secondary points ... especially gravel ones … can be your best bet right now. Drag a football jig, Ned or shaky head around or work a jerk bait over them.
  4. Spoony, I was remiss in not clarifying just how muddy that water might be. If you can see a bait 4-6 inches deep, LM will still bite. If it's muddy enough to walk on, forget it.
  5. Only thing that would ever stop Cow Creek from being usable is debris floating in and blocking the ramp. The lake would go over the dam long before it reached the top of that ramp.
  6. I actually have a Far Side coffee cup with that cartoon on it. Donna bought it for me 25 years ago or so.
  7. Hey, that was me and Donna!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  8. Champ188


    Ain't that the truth … I see these old goats carrying 25-30 handicaps tromp up to the cart barn window every day, regardless of the temperature or precipitation, headed out to shoot another 97. Apparently their wives are real ball busters because they can't be enjoying themselves in some of the conditions they play in. So, would they lie to avoid getting sent back home? You better believe it.
  9. Even this old shallow water mudhole fisherman is extremely impressed with your skills. And I'm most impressed that you do it without Iivescope or the A-rig (hero maker). If I could get inside your head and Bo's, I might tear up my lifetime Mudhole Anglers Association card and join you guys out deep.
  10. Champ188


    Our Bella Vista (Arkansas) golf courses are remaining open. We are checking in our annual payers outside and screening others before allowing them inside the pro shop … questions include have you been out of the country recently, have you had a fever recently, etc. We will also be taking their temps as soon as we get those newfangled laser thermometers. And only four people inside the pro shop at a time.
  11. You're right, Skeeter. But in the grand scheme of things, I'd rather fish high water than see farmers lose crops to floods. And challenging as fishing may be temporarily, these high water years are really helping recruitment with all of our bass species throughout the White River chain of lakes.
  12. You better believe it, buddy. BTW, have I ever pointed out that you cook your steaks wrong? And you fish too slow, too. 😁
  13. There will always be the factor that most guys aren't gonna put up any significant amount of money to be beaten by a C&R photo of a bass laying on a measuring board. Or by the word of a ride-along "boat official." I, too, wish it could be different but there's always stubbornness --- even stupidity --- where money is involved.
  14. Indeed, well said, Devan.
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