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  1. Champ188

    Jerkbait question

    No apology required 1farmer. You know your business and I’m glad to hear your opinion. This place is great only because so many good fishermen are willing to exchange ideas.
  2. I've given thought to that but haven't tried it. This would be a good year to give it a try.
  3. Well, that's a good thing for a fishing partner or two I've had over the years coz their voice could be heard "constant and stable" ALL DARNED DAY LONG!
  4. Champ188

    Jerkbait question

    Could be that 12-pound fc line pulling the nose down. Mike McClelland advocates throwing jerk baits on 10-pound or 8-pound mono … I personally like the 8-pound PLine CXX. I believe Babler chooses 8-pound Maxima. Also, nothing wrong with using a small snap on the front but make sure it's very small and is ONLY a snap and not a swivel Not out to reignite a mono vs. FC war here … that topic has been covered more than thoroughly. Just stating my opinion as to why your lure may be sitting a little too far nose down.
  5. Hard to go against arguably the best there's ever been on Table Rock. I've always felt the same where shallow fish are concerned. Come in quietly and make super-accurate casts with as little splashdown as possible. If possible, I will throw up on the bank and drag my lure back into the water Little things make a big difference with shallow fish.
  6. Champ188

    Help wanted

    Several reports on here. Should get you started in the right direction. Tournament season is starting up so anything more than general info is gonna be tough to come by. Good luck out there. Hope you catch a bunch.
  7. Champ188


    That may be the funniest dadgum thing I've seen on OAF in a very, very long time 😆😂 😆😂 😆😂 😆😂 Perhaps you could run a jersey up the PowerPoles as a wind sock?
  8. Champ188


    You could also use them for hanging bird feeders, making wind chimes … lots of ways to recoup your money without sending them back out on the water. 🤣
  9. Champ188

    Lake house rental

    If you're looking for something really nice and want some darn good daily fishing advice, I'd strongly consider White River Lodge, which is the personal home of our own Mr. Babler. You would also do well to hire him to guide you a day or two.
  10. Champ188

    Url For Finding Structures On Table Rock

    Brush isn't a necessity on Table Rock … there's plenty of rock and other natural contours to hold fish. You might find a few LM around brushpiles but in my experience, they aren't much of an advantage.
  11. Champ188

    Eagle Rock 2/16/19

    Thank you, John, but trust me, the pleasure is all mine. This young man has helped restore in me a bit of confidence in today's youth. He's a wonderful kid and a pleasure to spend time with.
  12. Champ188

    Eagle Rock 2/16/19

    Helped a friend practice Saturday for his high school tournament on Sunday. They're starting to bite a little but you have to find the right places. Actually found some 47-degree water and that's where the bite was. Jig and jerk bait produced several bites in a short amount of time before we left the area to save it for my buddy for the next day.
  13. Champ188

    Big M area 2/13

    A-rig is a fast-moving reaction lure. Ned is a slow-moving "feeding" lure. Mike, you fish on the lower end of the lake mostly in very clear water. Line size does matter in the number of bites you get, especially with slow-moving lures.
  14. Champ188

    Big M, Sunday, Feb. 10

    Donna and I slipped up to Big M and got in about 6 hours, starting at 11:30 AM and finishing at 5:30 PM. Bite was slow but not impossible --- we ended up with a dozen, all spots except one LM and probably not a keeper in the bunch. However, for 42-44 degree water and not having been on the Rock in no telling when, we weren't too disappointed. Couldn't buy a jig bite and only the single LM was caught on jerk bait. The rest were all caught on the Varmint … aka Ned Rig. Bite was on main lake transitions (mostly 45-degree chunk rock with timber) and ranged from 18 to 25 feet deep. Might have gotten bit as deep as 30 feet a time or two. As was discussed in an earlier thread, the fish are still pretty grouped up … they are where they are and they darn sure aren't where they aren't. Gonna get better soon. It's the middle of February .
  15. Our teams may look similar, Falcon … Clunn and whoever the heck else is still fishing BASS that I've at least heard of.

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