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  1. LOL yes, you need to toe the line sir.
  2. Thanks for the good report, Ranger185. And I concur on a lot of those green fish staying in the bushes. As long as they have oxygen, food and cover, they'll hang out shallow. Especially in the upper Kings and James river arms.
  3. Figured I'd go to Big M this morning since Quillback is hammering all my stuff downstream. Got there late (around 8 a.m.) and only had 3 hours to fish but they were just chomping. Caught 37 on my first stop --- still practically within sight of Big M --- including 35 keeps but nothing over 5 pounds, so pulled off after 45 minutes for more fertile grounds. Next stop produced more of the same ... nothing but one little 3-4 pound rat after another. Got bored after a couple dozen of those and high-tailed it again. Spent my last hour just jumping points and finally managed a 6-pounder and a couple of 5's. Still nothing really big but OK for a 3-hour trip. Total for the day was somewhere around 125 with 117 keeps. Oh yeah, and six keeper Walters to boot. Gotta love Big M. Right QB? Almost forgot, I wrote a little song about it ... sing it to the tune of the Green Acres theme song. Big M is the place to be, Hawg snatchin is the life for me; Lake spreadin' out so far and wide, Keep Shell Knob just gimme that upper White.
  4. Glad you're ok, Jim.
  5. I'd start with a TaylorMade SLDR and a Titleist NXT Tour.
  6. I heard there's a new owner. Babler probably knows the deal.
  7. You said a mouthful there, brother.
  8. Listen to this man. Now that JD Fletcher is gone, Randy knows more about walleye on Table Rock than any three other guys put together.
  9. I like the way you think.
  10. I'm guessing he ate a lot of fish coz it's likely he killed a bunch.
  11. Good to know about this small company. Thanks for sharing that info.
  12. Good job.
  13. It's just ridiculous out there anymore. Darn skiers/tubers are getting up as early as us to try and beat each other to the smooth water.
  14. Good job, dhunter1. Obviously there are still plenty of fish up in or near the brush.
  15. I have worn a ton of the St. John's Bay big and tall clothes from Penney's over the years. Good stuff ... much better than you'll get from some of these online big and tall places like Destination XL.