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  1. Four of my five in top 11 including Christie in the lead. Yeah, I’m happy, too. 😁
  2. Serious Note- OAF

    God's timing is always perfect.
  3. Bridgeport boat question

    I stand corrected sir.
  4. Bridgeport boat question

    It’s my understanding that Johnny charges to launch at his place in Long Creek.
  5. Bridgeport boat question

    Anyone can use it. There’s a donation box that helps pay the upkeep.
  6. I will stop myself eventually. No doubt about that. 😃
  7. Size Line On Baitcaster?

    I use it because it works best for me. Doesn’t change my politics. And it gives people something to snipe at me about. 😆
  8. Size Line On Baitcaster?

    TW, spinnerbait, spoon ... 17 lb green BPS Excel mono. FB jig, Hula grub, Texas rig, wobble head ... 15 lb Sunline Sniper fluorocarbon. Finesse jig, Senko, floating worm, swim bait, squarebill ... 12 lb Sunline Sniper FC Warts and other midrange to deep cranks ... 10 lb P-Line CXX mono. Jerk baits ... 8 lb Sunline Super Mono green
  9. Campbell point Friday night tournaments?

    You might check with Jug and Plug in Shell Knob and see if they have any flyers.
  10. FLW Accident

    Slippery wording in that last paragraph... second “collision” this year. No mention of the season opening one-boat accident that killed the co-angler at Okeechobee.
  11. Sunday at the creek.

    Always good to get out with loved ones.
  12. dink fest has turned to keepers

    Wish I could but can’t go til Saturday.
  13. I need to thank everyone here

    Hang in there, Gary. Hold God, remaining family and friends close. You're in our prayers.
  14. March 2nd, Shad rapping it around Big M

    Thanks for the report, M&M.

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