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  1. Champ188

    Happy Fathers Day

    Back atcha my friend.
  2. Champ188

    Table rock

    Congrats ... sounds like a great time.
  3. That will certainly help. It should also help that fishing is liable to be slow and won’t draw a lot of attention on the internet and otherwise.
  4. Champ188

    Howdy all...

    You know where your strength comes from. Go back to the well as often as it takes. We will pray with and for you.
  5. Champ188

    Quite the day

    Awesome day, my friend. Glad you’re enjoying the trip and getting your string stretched often!
  6. Champ188

    Table Rock 6-11-18 White River Arm

    Those fish were killed by carelessness. Period. No lure is to blame.
  7. Champ188

    trip of the mighty minnow

    Some of the club fishermen don’t know the investment of time and money involved in fishing at a higher level. I’m not complaining at all because I enjoyed it for 20 years and recouped probably more of my expenditures in winnings than I deserved, but like Wrench and Flysmallie, the dilution of the purses by too many derbies and the punkish attitudes of many contestants let me and Donna know it was our time to slow down. These days we go when we want, play golf when we want and in between I take guide trips and ... unlike derby fishing ... I know I’m gonna get paid every time. Kinda like Wrench making sure money every time he lifts a cowling off a motor. 😁
  8. Champ188

    Fishing update, as of 6/9

    Makes no difference when you get here, the results are the same. You guys are a wrecking crew. 😄
  9. Champ188


    Or just be certain not to be the slowest runner in your group. 😆
  10. Champ188

    Week Day Tournaments

    Masterfully said, sir.
  11. Champ188

    Table Rock 6-11-18 White River Arm

    Maybe the tin boaters could lead the way in this reform effort. Don’t we have some of them on this site? How bout it boys?
  12. Champ188

    Week Day Tournaments

    Dave Barker helped pioneer tournaments in the Midwest. Anyone on this forum who knows anything about me Knows I’d never make such a claim. Good grief. 😆
  13. Champ188


    That’s awesome man,
  14. Champ188

    trip of the mighty minnow

    You better believe he takes better care of them than a LOT of tournament anglers. Time and time again I’ve seen you CLUB AND JACKPOT guys walk down to the edge of the lake at Mill Creek or Ahoys after weigh-in and literally THROW your fish out into that boiling hot, deoxygenated water and turn around and walk away, then act like someone is crazy when they say there were dead fish floating at the ramp. If you deny that happens, you’re at the heart of the problem.

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