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  1. A little research / who is fishing

    Grew up catching those kind out of local ponds in Arkansas. Can't have much more fun than that.
  2. Troubles at Mizzou

    Yep, just try preaching the benefits of catch/photo/release and watch em come out of the woodworks
  3. Eclipse

    On the same cast, no less! 😂
  4. Eclipse fish campbell point 8/21 report

    Nice job. Thanks for the report!
  5. That pond full of water over to the east.

    Sounds like a blast for sure. Wasn't quite that much fun on the Rock. Caught some TW fish and actually did throw a blade for a bit just to see if I could catch one on it. I did. Small one. Emphasis on small. Emphasis on one.
  6. How my OAF hat saved my life.

    Something tells me we wouldn't have read about this had it been a Skeeter owners tournament. Yeah, it was a nitwit move on the part of tournament organizers. But it had nothing to do with boat brand.
  7. Legends Boat Company

    Ask Johnny. I know he's busy wheeling and dealing but since he's such a great friend to the little man, I'm sure he has time to sit down with you and explain.
  8. That pond full of water over to the east.

    Lies, I say. LIES! Everyone knows that bass won't hit a tandem willow spinnerbait in the bushes in the backs of creeks/pockets in the spring. You are in timeout until further notice.
  9. Night Fishing Dam Area 8/17

    Nice trip, Joe. And yes, that is definitely a meanmouth.
  10. Legends Boat Company

    Well said by both of you guys. I would add that there's another complete guide to how to think, act and otherwise navigate life ... the Bible.
  11. Legends Boat Company

    Phoenix has a very good market share for a company no older than they are.
  12. 8/12 Derp Bass

    Upper lip certainly looks odd but, as you stated, obviously a healthy fish. Congrats on overcoming the boat traffic well enough to catch a few.
  13. An Outing on the Insane Upper End

    Let's think about this for a minute and it should become more than obvious how this situation has come about. IF our democracy was operating as intended way back when, we might have a chance. But, pun intended, that ship sailed long ago. The little guy has no voice anymore because of one simple factor ... MONEY. In a perfect world, moral integrity would prevail. But the world, nor this country, is anywhere near perfect. The U.S. is a Godless, depraved, morally bankrupt society where the will of the rich is rampantly imposed on everyone else. The boats that you want "legislated" off of Table Rock, or even just policed, are owned by the rich folks. They pay huge amounts of money to store these rigs in the biggest marina slips on the lake. They pump millions of dollars worth of fuel into them, rent or buy the most expensive properties around the lake, dine at the finest restaurants and otherwise generally throw money around like it's toilet paper. Meanwhile, fishermen --- for the most part --- tow their rigs from home, stay at modest fish camp-style resorts or camp at Corps campgrounds, buy fuel sparingly and often dine on a budget. But the real difference is, these people you are wanting legislators to target with new regulations --- or greater enforcement of existing regs --- are the ones lining their pockets with CAMPAIGN FUNDS and treating them to all kinds of favors (legal and otherwise) after they are elected. I'd venture to guess that you couldn't buy a decent used car with all the money combined that members of this forum have contributed to the campaigns of these state and/or federal lawmakers. Yes, we should not be run off of the lake that we all paid for by these mammoth vessels. But no, things aren't going to change.
  14. 8/12-13 kimberling

    Typical average results for right now. At least you had enough action to keep things interesting. Nice shirt. Woo Pig!!!

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