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  1. You should trap those hawks and bring them to the lake to add to your weaponry at that super secret boat dock that shan't be named.
  2. You neglected to mention: No spoons, ice jigs or dropshots No fishing deeper than 15 feet Electronics can only be used for navigation -- they must be turned off while fishing.
  3. Count me and Donna in. She will bring a side dish, perhaps potato salad.
  4. Ah, you are correct sir! Surprised that got past my editor's eye. LOL
  5. Beardsley? You went into Beardsley? Did you apply for a permit first from abkeenan?
  6. Champ188

    Polar Bear

    Other than the lost $$, you did yourself a favor by losing the cheater rigs. Real fishing is more fun anyway. 😂
  7. He means Lowrance Ghost … a new trolling motor.
  8. He pulled a stunt a few years back in BASS where he spent his practice time going around yanking fish off beds from fellow competitors' fishing areas. Was lucky he didn't get his butt royally kicked for that. That said, the guy can fish. He's proved it on numerous occasions. But dang if I'd consider him an expert on the Ned rig or that it kills bunches of bass. Donna and I neither one have ever mortally injured a bass with a Ned rig.
  9. Good work. Water fluctuation has the shallow bite pretty much shut down.
  10. Couldn't be more right, bo. The guy in this pic let us get right up under him so close that I took this pic with my phone. He also had a buddy that was a little bit shy and flew about 100 yards away.
  11. Beck was a special guy in so many ways beyond being one of the best fishermen to ever set sail on Table Rock, if not THE best. Cherish those memories, Bill. And happy 2020.
  12. Donna and I fished Sunday from Campbell Point down to Baxter. Brutally tough for us shallow-water types --- four fish in five hours. Three on a jerk bait and one on that dadgum fish-killing varmint, aka Ned. 😂
  13. As most here know, I'm emphatically against the killing of bass for any reason. But I'd rather see them go under the knife than float away dead at launch ramps from poor handling by uncaring tournament groups. Nighttime jackpots in the heat of summer are especially at fault here. There, Terrierman, I said it for both of us. 😁
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