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  1. Champ188

    Biggest Bass Caught On Table Rock?

    I never got to fish TR in the pre-LMBV days but it had to be awesome. My personal best is 7.25 but I had a fish up to the boat twice just below Eagle Rock that Donna had her hands on once (just fun fishing so no net) that I'm pretty sure would've topped 8 pounds. That was in late spring of 2011 and I was throwing a Red Fin.
  2. Champ188

    FOUND!!! rods and reels

    Folks, that ^^^ is called doing the right thing when no one is looking … or CHARACTER. But, having shared a boat with this man during a tournament, I'm not the least bit surprised.
  3. Champ188

    fish kill

    Amen that no one wants to see a fishkill anywhere. Beyond that, anyone who bashes LOZ is either a blooming idiot or hasn’t been there. That place is as fertile as any farm pond and is loaded with giants. I’d be hard pressed to choose between it and TR if I lived halfway in between.
  4. Champ188

    Elaztec Z Man ZinkerZ storage

    Good to have you guys weigh in. Thanks for the detailed info and join us anytime here.
  5. Champ188

    Just Kicking and Stewing

    Nothing truer than this, folks. Tournament fishing is cupcakes with sprinkles compared to trying to keep novices hooked up with bass on TR or other Ozarks lakes. And, of course, most want to fish in the summertime when the bite is the hardest. Bill is one of the very, very best at his profession.
  6. Champ188

    Just Kicking and Stewing

    This is why I like the far ends of the river arms in the fall … at least I have them hemmed in to a degree. 😁
  7. Champ188

    Just Kicking and Stewing

    Here's my 2 cents' worth (actual worth is probably half of that 😁). As our lake has aged, it has lost a lot of cover to decay (wood) and seen much of its structure soften or lose its sharper edges (siltation). I believe this has led to a growing population of fish that have become nomadic ---- i.e., they roam around with the baitfish. And when the thermocline begins to break up, baitfish scatter and so do the bass. Like Bill is saying, this is a situation that normally happens in September but seems to have come earlier than normal this year due to cooler nighttime temps. This is why that even though they are getting harder to find by the day, I like to seek out areas that still have the right combination of structure and cover to hold fish. These are more apt to be "resident" fish rather than nomads just swimming thru while following the shad. Understand that these fish are not nearly as numerous as the nomads, so you have to be thorough and committed to what you're doing when fishing these areas. In a nutshell, I'm not as gifted as Bill and others when it comes to sniffing out these roaming schools, so I try to find the ones that are sitting still and letting the food come to them. Thanks for everyone's thoughts and ideas in this thread .
  8. Champ188

    Been Gone a few Days

    Blessed be the day when the jersey jocks store their fishing gear and head to the woods. 😁
  9. Champ188

    Table Rock Lake Current Fishing Report 8-6-18

    This is very true, and thus the saying that "wind is your friend" … especially on these deep, clear Ozarks lakes where the fish are incredibly nomadic. As Bo said, it moves the bait and the bass follow.
  10. Champ188

    how busy is shell knob / arrow point area?

    From end to end and side to side ... 50 miles of mayhem. They’ll run thru the dang standing timber in coves hardly big enough to turn around in towing their spawn in a tube.
  11. Champ188

    Table Rock Lake Current Fishing Report 8-6-18

    Could be the shad are starting their fall migration into the creeks and pockets. When those big gizzards start moving into the creeks, the bigger green fish go with them.
  12. Champ188

    PB LM this morning

    I’d say 6 pounds wouldn’t be far off the mark. Great fish and kudos for releasing her!
  13. Champ188

    Good Morning on the Upper End

    Nice ones!
  14. Champ188

    7-24-18 Table Rock Lake Current Report Baxter Area

    Great report
  15. Champ188

    Table Rock Lake Fishing Report 7-16-18

    This is one of those threads a guy should print out and put a copy in his boat. Not kidding one bit.

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