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  1. Hate to hear that about your truck. I do worry about vandalism at those more remote ramps.
  2. Equally ironic that a fishing forum troll apparently is incapable of reading what is right in front of him. I neither live rurally or in Missouri. Who's laughing now? πŸ˜πŸ˜‚
  3. If it were me and I was confined to Table Rock, I'd try to up my odds by fishing the upper reaches of the James or Kings river arms, or perhaps Long Creek. Crappie thrive in stained water and around pole timber. Just like bass fishing, the more fish you're around, the more you are likely to catch.
  4. Maybe they should take some lessons from the dock company that uses the H highway ramp at Baxter … they work well off to the side of the ramp and never bother anyone. Entitlement is the plague of the new millennium.
  5. Can't be said much better than that, Bo.
  6. Good job finding a winding bite Saturday. As stated earlier, just wasn't happening for us. Had to drag, drag and drag some more to get bit. This thread is a good example of the beauty of Table Rock … three totally different ways of catching fish from the bank out to 60 feet --- all on the same day.
  7. Donna and I got back up there yesterday around 10:30 AM and fished until 4 PM. Fished between Owl Creek and the mouth of the Kings. Had to be some of the strongest winds I've seen in nearly 20 years of fishing Table Rock. We managed 18 … a mix of LM, spots and one meanmouth … with some decent keepers but not enough of them. There was absolutely no moving bait bite for us. Had one follow a spinner bait (never a good sign) and another one to slap at it right at the boat. Threw a jerk bait some and never got a sniff on it. All of our fish were caught on a Ned and a 5/16 finesse jig. They were scattered from 5 to 35 feet deep and were caught in little bunches. If you got one bite along a little stretch, you'd usually get 4 or 5. But, you could not get bit going back over it. It was one pass and done. Everything we caught was on at least a 45-degree bank and steeper. Big rock helped. If you got anywhere near gravel, forget it.
  8. ^^^ Where else but OA will you get specific info like that from a proven deep-water guru? Bo knows graphs. ^^^
  9. Lots of people fish that bluff end but most that I see don’t follow it on out properly into the lake.
  10. Bo, would you believe we spent half an hour in the immediate vicinity of "a certain unimproved ramp" and could not even get bit? It was the only place I stopped in 4 hours that didn't produce a single fish. I can usually poke around there and find at least a couple of those big thumper spots on that place.
  11. Donna and I haven't been to Table Rock since May for a variety of reasons, but we ventured back up Saturday. Got off to a slow start so didn't arrive until 12:30 but got in a good 4 hours of fishing. Stayed within 3-4 miles of Big M and found the fish biting pretty well despite the post-front conditions. Having a brisk north wind made it cold but certainly didn't hurt the bite any. Found the fish to be very main-lake oriented but not necessarily deep. Caught them from 5 to 35 feet, mostly on transition areas and points. Crank baits, jerk bait, Ned and finesse jig all produced. Ended the 4-hour outing with 16 total and five decent keepers. Good mix of LM and spots, along with one meanmouth. Never scored a brown fish, so we missed the TR slam. All in all, a cold but good afternoon on the water.
  12. I drag my mono behind the boat about once or twice per spool, but the stuff is so cheap I can change it just as quickly and with very little expense. And it is equally supple and tough. I don't think I've left any doubt as to my feelings about Johnny, but I'll continue to buy that line as long as it works as well as it does for me.
  13. Or you could just put 6-pound mono on your spinning reel and not have to worry about tying custom knots. I fished Neds for thousands of hours with BPS Excel mono and a Palomar knot and had very few breakoffs. You can even get fancy and go to fluorocarbon, although you may have some hookset breakoffs if you drop below 8-pound test.
  14. War Eagle Grubber heads are super swimbait heads also. Wire weedguard and a great keeper that will hold the bait firmly in place fish after fish.
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