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  1. You weren't alone.
  2. Notropis, thank you for that informative and encouraging reply.
  3. To quote Lee Corso ... not so fast! 😆
  4. And all of this pressure is on a lake that doesn't receive supplemental stockings of bass. Allowing that I'm no biologist, I do wonder what effect the sudden rise in water level will have on the spawn. A certain amount of light is required for the eggs to hatch, so if the beds built on the deeper limit of the light requirement now have 6 more feet of water over them, are they ruined? There were definitely a lot of fish on beds when that big rain hit last week.
  5. Does this mean Mizzou people are smarter than Duke people?
  6. Lots of information there Ben that can be extended way beyond the Indian Point docks. Thanks for being forthcoming with it and keep catching them. Just go easy on the color descriptions, especially where watermelon-red is concerned. Vernon is pretty sensitive on that topic, since he contracted with Waste Management recently to haul off all of his wm-red soft plastics after Dastardly Dave told him they were no good. Although not yet confirmed, sources have reported that a Waste Management truck visited Dave's house very recently under the cover of darkness.
  7. I bought two of the 4000 size Pflueger presidents last September and loved them right up until they snapped in two where the stem of the reel seat goes into the reel housing (photo attached). This happened with both reels within a week of each other. Took them back to Cabela's and exchanged them for the new Pflueger Summit XT. Hope to have better luck with these. Incidentally, both failures occurred when I was setting the hook but I'm not a prolific rock-the-boat type of hook setter. Besides, you can't jerk overly hard with 6-pound line. Anyone else had this problem?
  8. Good job adjusting from your earlier strategy, Big C. It's definitely a gravel deal during the spawn, then they'll start moving back to those 45-degree chunk rock banks and later on to the bluff ends and long runouts. When that happens, just look for Babler in his pretty new Phoenix and you'll be in the right area. Also, thanks for talking to those kids. Let's hope for the best, or at least that they don't haul any more short fish out of there.
  9. Super report Dave. Thanks a ton.
  10. Top shelf people all the way. Kelly recently helped me get a very scary warranty issue resolved.
  11. I think if I was serious about buying that sort of technology, I'd have to give the Garmin Panoptix a look. It's a bit newer and pretty darn good from what I've heard ... if you are tekky enough to make it practical.
  12. Congrats Carl. Keep chunking that varmint.
  13. I thought Dave might be here on vacation but I could be wrong.
  14. Can you draw these people a map to Bella Vista? And tell them lunch is on me. Troon Golf has already taken over gol operations in Hot Springs Village and it is high time that our totally inept POA turned the BV courses over to some golf experts.
  15. As one who is working to start my own guide service, I would disagree with any kind of reduced rate. I believe you should charge the going rate and build your business and reputation by putting people on fish and not by catering to the "anything to save a buck" crowd. That way, you cultivate a relationship with the other area guides and can then hope to get overspill/corporate group business from them. Besides, from personal experience years ago, these clients who are price shopping are generally a major pain in the butt and rarely consider tipping. Just my 2 cents worth.