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  1. How many would you like and in what colors? 😃
  2. TR is presently 10 feet above summer power pool. That puts a TON of primetime shallow cover in the water and you better believe there are a lot of bass in it, including some big uns. Bill is right on in saying the biggest numbers of fish are out deep. But don't stay home because someone told you shallow fishing isn't worthwhile. Wherever there is food, cover and oxygen, there will be bass. GREEN LIVES MATTER.
  3. I think the ones of us on here who do both --- you included, Jerry --- know better than that! I'd have to buy a lot of Pro-V1's to even add up to what I have invested in crank baits and jerk baits!
  4. BPS in Rogers is giving more and more display space to their crappy store-brand stuff. Especially lures. Can hardly find any brand-name stuff in decent colors, and seems like they are constantly eliminating more brands. I do most of my shopping at Hook Line & Sinker. Johnny neither needs nor misses my money.
  5. Redfin thru hardwood treetops very early in the morning. Perfect casts way past the target are critical.
  6. In that case, I hope you find great success with all species. Thanks for practicing catch-and-release and for passing the wonderful sport of fishing along to your kids.
  7. Crappie are going to be scarce in mid-June, especially with the flood conditions, and most members of this forum don't kill our bass, particularly since all 3 species must be a minimum of 15 inches to keep. When you say "mess," I assume you were referring to sawing the sides off of them.
  8. I'm with Bill … sounds like a great trip to me. There I go with my low standards again! 😄
  9. Good ol' Johnny is always in the neighborhood anytime something like this goes down.
  10. Rain = why we have GoreTex 😆😂
  11. Could not agree more. Thus, JM's latest "outreach" into golf. Just one man's opinion. I'm sure others will counter that Johnny is doing unfathomable good for the sport.
  12. Said a mouthful right there, bo. If you don't understand the ways of the creature you're trying to catch, no amount of technology is going to do it for you. I'm still running 998 and 958 Birds on my boat and am more than happy with them.
  13. I actually casted this rod several times at an OA spring tournament a few years back.. Amazing how it will zing that little varmint out there. Don't recall which reel Randy was using on it at the time but the rod was really impressive.
  14. 😆😆 How the heck do you even do that?
  15. I use the Pro Guide group 27 lead-acid batteries and have had zero issues in nearly 20 years.
  16. Hey Dave, would love to have seen you guys but glad you had some fun pulling on those big pond fish. Hope you'll get down here this fall. You both look great!
  17. Nicely done, my friend. As usual. And a great report! Glad you got into them.
  18. To quote Larry the Cable Guy … now that's funny I don't care who you are. 😆 As for Dave's sweet wife --- like many of us, he's a charter member of the Outkicked My Coverage Club.
  19. Agreed in full. They should come a dozen to the box, like Pro V1's. 😆😂
  20. That would be a hard NO, buddy 😆😂
  21. A great day for sure! Nothing like that blade bite when they are really chomping it, and they do love it on the upper end of the Bull when that water gets high and dirty. Congrats on a memorable day!
  22. Congrats on a very good day with your dad given the current conditions, but I also have to agree with Greg on hauling fish around for a end-of-day pic. I think we can all agree that the pics are nice to have on the forum, but why not take individual fish pics and release the bass where they were caught? Soon, we will have fish on beds and in that case, a livewell ride will mean a bunch of wasted eggs. Just my opinion.
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