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  1. Good to hear. It's not everyone for sure. But there's just enough of them to make things dangerous and miserable out there some days.
  2. Think I'll stay down here and fish Bella Vista lakes or Beaver for awhile. TR sounds like a tough proposition right now.
  3. Not all shallow water is created equal. It has taken me 20 years of fishing TR to learn enough spots with enough variety to consistently catch fish shallow. Deep water is the same .... can't just stop in the middle of the lake and expect to catch anything. It's all relative.
  4. Gotta love late winter/early spring. All of the cocky little wannabe's come out running and gunning, nearly killing anyone who gets in their way, not to mention cutting off anyone who dares to be where they want to be. And it's not a matter of not knowing any better; it's a matter of not giving a crap. Most of them will be on the golf course after they bomb out in the first couple of tournaments. Unfortunately, I'll encounter them there, too. Sorry to say, but the more people let them get away with that kind of behavior, the worse it's gonna get. Chunk a spoon or a Whopper Plopper at the
  5. Great news about your success, Bill, and yes, it pays to go see the best in cases of major surgery. Donna and I both used Dr. Jason Cook in Tulsa for our kidney cancer and have never once regretted it. If you have good insurance, it costs the same for a hack or a top-shelf surgeon. I'll have the latter, please and thanks.
  6. Here is my 2 cents worth on the shad kill --- from a totally different perspective than Babler. The older members here know that I'm a skinny-water guy (not to be mistaken with a skinny guy, which I'm not ). For years now, and for multiple reasons, Table Rock bass have been living more and more offshore. And why not? There have been shad by the truckload swimming around in the middle of the lake. The spots do this by nature, but I believe a lot of the LM have joined them. Smallmouth seem to be everywhere but they are their own species. With fewer shad out there to gorge on, my hope
  7. We have a TV in our exercise room. Sure helps pass the time on that stationary bike!
  8. Thanks, Mitch. Appreciate the post. I would love the little Yum Ned Craws except the colors SUCK, especially the green pumpkin. Remember the little army men we all used to get in plastic sacks of 50? That's the color of their GP. It's opaque and looks kind like baby spit-up. Great mold, just need to step up the color game.
  9. That little Stik-O craw looks like it might do the trick.
  10. That's a Saturday night clubhouse leader right there. It does really lend itself to being trimmed down and it's also very slim and low profile.
  11. Hey guys, I'm looking for very small soft-plastic craws (about 2 inches, pincers and all) and thought some of you stream fishermen might be able to point me in the right direction. I don't mind pinching off a bit of the body but I need the pincers to be significantly smaller than a Zoom Lil Critter Craw. These are for trailers on some very small jigs I make. Might even share a jig or two if you're extra nice. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  12. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! 😁
  13. I had one of those Zell rods ... darn fine topwater rod.
  14. I've seen a lure change make a lot of difference in bed fishing, especially if you've been sitting on a fish for a while. Many times, the first or second pitch after the change, the fish will inhale the new offering.
  15. Fall rate is definitely an area where I can see the line size making a difference. Obviously, there is less drag on light line than heavier line, thus producing a faster fall. I've seen this make a big difference when flipping a jig or shaky head on boat docks in warm months.
  16. I love the old All-Stars. Owned quite a few. They were very good rods for their time. Still are, although I don't have any left. I do still have a couple of Castaways, which I always believed were All-Stars wrapped with another private label slapped on them.
  17. Couldn't agree more. Love those spotted fatties. Except when they swim around Babler's boat in 125 feet of water all day long. I can't see that spots are pushing out the largemouth. They are opportunistic feeders who will target shad, crawfish or anything else that swims by and looks like they could swallow. But we sure don't seem to have a shad population problem. I think the largemouth are suffering from the lake's old age and natural loss of shallow cover. They don't seem to be as nomadic and adaptive as the spots. Also have to agree with the Texas stocking deal ... if and when
  18. Champ188


    Don't feel bad, Fishrman. Dang near happened to us, too. We caught one non-keeper LM on a Ned and that was all she wrote. Threw that jerker until my arm nearly fell off. Couldn't even drop-shot a fish off the SK bridge. Barely marked any bait there. How sad is that?
  19. Champ188


    No one zeroes in Beardsley. It's so good in there that you are awarded a bonus 4-pound smallie upon entering. Just appears in the livewell.
  20. Great to know, Bill. Headed down that road myself before long. Gotta get the gal a new hip first.
  21. One of the greatest things about this forum is our ability to "agree to disagree" ... and most of the time with no flaming arrows launched. I was fishing buddies with one of the BASS originals, Ricky Green, during the 80s and he showed me one day just how many bites I was leaving behind on bluff walls during the summertime. I was fishing Trilene XT 8-pound mono (no fluoro back then) and he was also using XT but in 2-pound test. Same lures (1/8 shaky head worm), same everything ... but he caught a dozen fish behind me in an hour while I caught one. Blame it on the difference in abilities
  22. You let that dang walleye go right now, old man. That's a spawner. 😁 😆
  23. Donna and I are gonna try the Footjoy winter golf gloves today. Will report back on how we like them.
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