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  1. Heck, I thought 35 feet was beating the banks for BB!!!! 😁
  2. It all comes down to paying attention, slowing the heck down in potentially dangerous situations, and using COMMON SENSE. Of course, it's impossible to use something you don't possess.
  3. Hey Steve, sorry you had this encounter. I fished derbies for 40 years and still fish one occasionally, but the disrespect shown by SOME (that means NOT ALL) tournament anglers for EVERYONE else on the lake is one reason that Donna and I decided that we'd rather fish for fun than money. For us, the two just were not synonymous anymore. Hope your rig is running good now and that you are finding some fish to catch. Fall fishing is coming soon.
  4. Everyone should show respect for the position of POTUS, regardless of your personal feelings about the man. If you don't like the man, do your part to vote in someone else. But don't disrespect the office -- that rubs a lot of us the wrong way who put our lives on the line for this still-great country.
  5. Thanks, Edwin. Appreciate your thoughts and words.
  6. It's a looooooonnnnnggggg way from Kim City to India. Just sayin. :)
  7. You guys are all too much. There can't be an internet group like this anywhere. Love you all. Thanks once again for the thoughts and prayers.
  8. Perhaps it wasn't the single act of tying up to the buoy, but the culmination of a summer of disrespect from self-entitled Richard Craniums. Shoot, make that years of disrespect. I know Spoony and can vouch that he's not the violent type ... I'd like to have some of his patience.
  9. ^^^ Bingo!!!! I don't see any of it as wrong or unfair. It's just a different means to the same end. I fished Central Pro-Am for 8 years and qualified 7 of those years for the championship. Not bragging, just saying that to underscore the fact that I could probably count the fish on one hand that I caught in all of those years after seeing them on my graphs. It's not easy going offshore and finding fish in open water, then figuring out how to catch them. Neither is it easy to eyeball miles and miles of shoreline and be able to pick out the relatively few productive stretches and know how
  10. My dad and I used to troll open-water creek channels in summer months on Lake Ouachita with Cordell Hot Spots, Big-O's and sometimes mid-size Hellbenders for bass and crappie. We caught a lot of fish that way and many were big slab crappie. We had no depth finder back in the 60s and early 70s.
  11. A reputation like Lund's isn't earned easily. I've never owned or even drove/ridden in one, but to be around as long as they have, they have to be darn good boats.
  12. Appreciate you guys' kind comments and yes, bo, knowing they are with Jesus and that we will see them again someday is quite a comfort.
  13. He is now subject to the age-old 90/100 Rule .... women control 90% of the money and 100% of the nookie. 😄
  14. Thank you guys so much. Been a bittersweet 60th birthday, as I lost my father late Tuesday night. He was 91, suffering from dementia and very ready to meet Jesus, but it's never easy. The birthday wishes were a nice surprise. Appreciate you guys.
  15. Good solid report. Thanks for sharing!
  16. What the heck is that carpet/floor covering on his front deck? I'd get dizzy looking down at that and fall out of the boat! 😂
  17. How many would you like and in what colors? 😃
  18. TR is presently 10 feet above summer power pool. That puts a TON of primetime shallow cover in the water and you better believe there are a lot of bass in it, including some big uns. Bill is right on in saying the biggest numbers of fish are out deep. But don't stay home because someone told you shallow fishing isn't worthwhile. Wherever there is food, cover and oxygen, there will be bass. GREEN LIVES MATTER.
  19. I think the ones of us on here who do both --- you included, Jerry --- know better than that! I'd have to buy a lot of Pro-V1's to even add up to what I have invested in crank baits and jerk baits!
  20. BPS in Rogers is giving more and more display space to their crappy store-brand stuff. Especially lures. Can hardly find any brand-name stuff in decent colors, and seems like they are constantly eliminating more brands. I do most of my shopping at Hook Line & Sinker. Johnny neither needs nor misses my money.
  21. Redfin thru hardwood treetops very early in the morning. Perfect casts way past the target are critical.
  22. In that case, I hope you find great success with all species. Thanks for practicing catch-and-release and for passing the wonderful sport of fishing along to your kids.
  23. Crappie are going to be scarce in mid-June, especially with the flood conditions, and most members of this forum don't kill our bass, particularly since all 3 species must be a minimum of 15 inches to keep. When you say "mess," I assume you were referring to sawing the sides off of them.
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