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    Champ188 got a reaction from Ham for a article, Baxter area Friday   
    Fished 7:30 to 4:30 Friday out of Baxter and had a pretty decent day. Ended up with 20 fish on the nose, with 15 keeps. Nothing real big but lots of solid fish up to 3 pounds. 
    Took one of our local high school fishing team members and he did most of the catching. Pure fun sitting back and watching him catch em for the first time on a Ned. 
    It was one of those classic Table Rock days where they should've been chasing a moving bait but instead they were glued to the bottom and were only receptive to dragging presentations. Had several nose-bump a jerk bait but only one taker. Nearly every fish came from 8-15 feet and having timber present was a very big help. Not a must, but close. Everything was either main lake or in the front half of creeks. 
    Interesting side note ... we caught all brown and spotted fish and a couple of meanmouths ... but NO green ones.
    Water temp was 52-54 everywhere we went. With the full moon, the afternoon bite was definitely better. 

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