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  1. Fished from 10 to 5 yesterday fishing main Lk points from Big M to Kings River. Caught 20 bass with 10 keeps...all 2-3 lbs, no kicker fish. Caught all on A rig and did find spots loaded up on one point out deep.
  2. Nice report...luv the spoon bite! Main lake or back in creeks? Thx
  3. Got out yesterday from noon till 4ish. Caught 8 with 5 nice keeps all on chrome mcstick. Fish were on chunk rock points with wind....finding the wind was not tough. Best LM was 3.5 lbs...mostly spots tho. Water was 52 degrees...
  4. Unfortunately....it's a megabass
  5. Fished Mon and Tues afternoons from 2 to dusk... Sun was pretty darn cold but the bite was on. Started half way back in viney and a wart with no luck. Moved to main lake and 45 degree chunk rock and stickbait and got bit. Sun caught 10 with 5 good keeps, Mon caught 4 with two good keeps and a nice smallie too. Water temps at 52-54 up here.
  6. Fished from Viney to Rock yesterday afternoon. Great wind on main lake and back in the creeks. Caught two on spoon in front of Viney and had 5 on Megabass 1/2 way back in creeks on channel swings. Water is very clear and temp was 47 to 49. Fish were all 14 to 16"...
  7. Fished from 9 till 2 today from Rock Creek up to Pt 25. Tough bite...bout 10 fish with two keeps, 1 LM bout 18" and 1 KY squeeker. LM on PBJ 7/16 Aikens on windy main lk point and KY on jig spoon.
  8. Looks like a spotted possum from the Turkey Mountain area. Probably off Timber Dr...
  9. Good Friday was good. Caught nice keeps from viney down to pt 23. Warts and stick baits fished on main lk and 2nd points. Got a free original wart, nice natural green craw...caught 4lb on 78 pointer and it had the wart in it's thoat. Good rig bite too, centipede dragged slow. Wind positioned fish on inside of pts... Happy Easter
  10. Fished Monday afternoon. Water temps 46-48 degrees, pretty consistent between creeks and main river. Fished from 2 till 6 pm, with about 12 bass, 4 keepers. Mostly KYs and a few LM. Did best from the mouth of creek to half way back. Fishing sticks on bluffs and bluff ends and warts on gravel and chunk.
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