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  1. This will be our 2nd year for our Cape Fair Sunday Bass Tournaments. These are open buddy tournaments with no membership fees and 100% pay back. We register at the marina store starting at 6:00 am with tournament take off at 7. We have some great sponsors again this year including Ulrich Marine, Extreme Outdoors, Sport Boats USA and Joe Bass Tackle, Branson West Marine and Ozark Chevrolet. If you like fall and winter tournaments please come fish with us.
  2. It's been crazy down there. We have been getting down there about 5am to get a placce to park. Then leaving before noon. We must have meet 20 boats headed that way Saturday about 11:30, couldn't figure out where they were all going to park? I guess that is the only place on the lake pleasure boaters think they can pu in? It is crazy busy down there any more.
  3. I will be at Cape Fair in the morning, I'm running a new ZX225 Skeeter, Red, Black and White. Plan on fishing till about noon or so, depends on when and how many big boats get out tomorrow. It's a zoo up there of an afternoon.
  4. The 10XD will work, I did throw one some but the fish were not that deep. And at $15 a pop vs $5 for a 6XD you really don't want to throw a bait that will run 20+ and hang it up and break it off. We did loose a few 6XD's to stuff you couldn't see under the water. The 10XD really works good when the fish are way out off some of the long sloping points and you can't get to them with any other crankbait. That would normally be the case now if the water was a normal pool.
  5. Most everything we caught was 12-13' of water. So the 6XD was on the bottom. I don't know if there was any water running Saturday or not? But for the most part everything was on the down current or down lake side of a point. The fish were really schooled up, if you got one to bite it would fire the entire school up. My partner had 3 doubles on one crankbait. For the most part we were throwing it on 12-15# fluorocarbon line, 7' 10" Bass Pro Cranking Stick and a 5.1:1 reel. They were not on every point, you just had to look for them, but it didn't take but it din't take long to find out if they were there or not. I also used the new 8XD some and caught several on it. It will get down to 20', and I was using it out deeper to see if I could get a better Largemouth bite when we were catching Kentuckies up in the shallower water. There is no magic to it, you just have to have the right equipment and hit points till you find them. Once you do its a ball.
  6. I think they really work, my Skeeter came with them, and I know a lot of Pro's use them. We also used the G Juice which is supposed to be made to use in conjunction with the Oxygenator. I'm sure othere products work just as well. But I know several guys that have used it and swear by it. We kept ice in the wells as well. I guess it all helped, they were very alive to weigh.
  7. I'm not a Ned Rig, finesse, shakey head drop shot fisherman. I will if I have to but I grew up power fishing in the James River. I don't do real well if I have to fish that other stuff, I know there are times when you have to but if they will bite something else I would much rather do that. This same bite has got to be going on in other parts of the lake as well i would think? Kings, Long Creek, up the White. Just need to look for it.
  8. Thanks, we caught all of them on a 6XD and 8XD. I know the Fann's said they caught some on a shallow running crank and a jig, but we stuck witht the deep one all day.
  9. My partner and I eneded up winning the Joe Bass Saturday. We had 18.60 lbs with a 6.06 for big bass. We did go to the James River. I was up there Friday and you couldn't get above Cape Fair. Saturday morning the wind must have changed direction, you could get all the way to Bear Den. The bite was to say the least was Phenomenal. We had some where areound 70 fish with maybe 25 keepers. That bite hasn't been like that for years up there. And because there was still quite a bit of floating stuff it kept the big boats away, it was like fishing on a week day instead of a week end. 2nd place also came from that area, the Fann brothers had 18.21 I think and I believe 5th place was up that way as well. It was a day every bass fisherman dreams about, numbers and quality. The only draw abck was it was so hot. We had all the fish we weighed by 10:00 and really had to work hard to keep them alive till the weigh in at 3. But the Skeeter live wells work great, kept the aeator and the Oxygenator going all day and they survived just fine.
  10. 11.80 was last place in teh money, we had 11.60. Just like everyone else needed a 3# bite but never got it. Weighed 2 largemouth and 3 spots. Caught 40-50 fish on topwater and shakey head, just never got a good bite.
  11. It's still a month a way. Never now what the weather will do between now and then, Bull could be 20' high like it has in past years? Headed down there tomorrow, not Thedosia, I think we will go to Buck Creek. Fishing should be really good!
  12. Seems like just over 100? But I bet there will be 100+ this year. I have talked to several people that say they are going to fish it that haven't in the past.
  13. We are boat #17. Look forward to this every year. White River does a great job putting this on!
  14. Love my new Skeeter ZX 225. This is my second Skeeter, had a TZX190, for an 18 1/2' boat it had a great ride, but this New ZX is Awsome. Dry, rides great, and plenty fast with the 225 SHO.
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