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  1. Flysmallie

    Smallie Talk

    Probably been through a hundred bags of Zoom trick worms. Less than five have been a color other than bubblegum. I like to have a color I can see.
  2. Flysmallie

    Short float with a new toy.

    At a grand each I think I would do a better job of keeping it dry. I’ve seen a bunch of reports of them crashing into water but haven’t seen a single one where it couldn’t have been avoided.
  3. Flysmallie

    Logperch at Last

    That would suck. I have mine in kind of a transition stage. I need to swap out some fish. My current gills have grown large and boring so my plan is to take them back from where they came and replace them with smaller guys. Plus whatever else lives in Wilson Creek close to the house. And add a few craws. They do a good job of keeping things cleared up. They get a lot of live food. Worms mostly.
  4. Flysmallie

    Short float with a new toy.

    Now I'm trying to figure out how to add a speaker to mine.
  5. Flysmallie

    Short float with a new toy.

    Still haven't figured out how I feel about that. But I can guarantee you that I will send mine up at least once at the beach to see where the troughs are in a couple of weeks. Not spotting fish but spotting the places they are most likely to be. Probably no different really.
  6. Flysmallie

    Finding Joe Brooks

    We just cut the cable. Our service ended on the 12th. Have just the local stations and whatever you can find on Youtube, Netflix or Amazon Prime. Saving about $140 a month.
  7. Flysmallie

    Ban all Bassboat's

    Yeah I know about the night one. 25 years ago the now gone MSWP had radar guns in their boats. At least the one I had dealings with did.
  8. Flysmallie

    Logperch at Last

    Very cool. I've been wanting a logperch for my aquarium.
  9. Flysmallie

    Short float with a new toy.

    I like that guy! Thanks for the link. I think I'll try to keep from fishing with my drone. It would be a blast but I'm afraid I'd crash it into the water. Mine's not as powerful as his Mavic but it was only about a third of the expense too. Dude makes good videos.
  10. Flysmallie

    Ban all Bassboat's

    As someone that has driven a fast bass boat and loves it, I never understood why there wasn't a speed limit?
  11. Flysmallie

    Smallie Talk

    You should have swam back to the truck and grabbed some more. My favorite bait of all time. Get some bigger hooks. You won't find me near the water without a bag of bubblegum Zoom's. Last year somewhere on that river on a Zoom.
  12. Flysmallie

    Smallmouth on a Fly Rod

    I use to pity those types of people but I'm sure they have something that drives them. That's all anybody really needs. Something that you enjoy and drives you to excel in. Some find that in a career, some in music, some in gaming, others in the outdoors. Whatever blows your skirt up. But when I'm at the beach in a few weeks you'll find me every morning on the beach at 5am with a flyrod in hand. My pool time will be spent napping.
  13. Flysmallie

    New Missouri wake law

    That depends on who you ask but I'd like to see less people plowing into bluffs.
  14. Flysmallie

    Smallmouth on a Fly Rod

    Nice! I thought I was the only one that worked with idiots.

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