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  1. Fishing From The Bank?

    Women get to decide too much. Any decisions by them on boats is now void.
  2. Streamers at night trophy area discussion

    I ran across one of his videos the other day. He is thorough, I'll give him that. Uses all the cool words too.
  3. Tonight at the Vise: Share Your Creations

    Yes but we took a boat to this spot. Not that you can't get into the same thing walking a bit.
  4. Gigging is great!

    That one I will agree with.
  5. Howdy

    I just use B10S in size 2, 4 & 6. Mostly 2's.
  6. Tonight at the Vise: Share Your Creations

    They like wiggle minnows.
  7. Bucket List Fish

    Tarpon and Redfish fisherman need boat mechanics too.
  8. Just funny stuff

    Many years ago I had been fishing a ledge around Aunts Creek on Table Rock with a jerkbait and getting some really crazy results. The jerkbait would scrape across the top of that ledge just before it dropped off greatly. On one of those scrapes I somehow snagged a huge rock, must have weighed 27 pounds, just as the bait was at the edge and that rock tumbled off the ledge and headed for the bottom. Rod doubled over, drag screaming, this is a huge fish. YUUUUGGGEEEE! I was so disappointed when I finally figured out it wasn't a fish.
  9. Bucket List Fish

    Was on a boat with a guy that caught one around 125. Eat your wheaties.
  10. Buzzbait prep.

    I recently bought the Strike King Tour Grade buzzbait and it works really well. I think the blade is more like the one Wrench is talking about. When I was a kid my dad helped me setup a buzzbait spinner in the bed of his pickup. It was a crude piece of crap made out of wood that would probably hold a dozen buzzbaits but I never had more than a couple. They would spin for the 20 miles out to the farm ponds we fished. That was in the late 70's.
  11. Huge Brown Caught!

    fishin pole
  12. Those Europeans........

    Well stop it please. I'm trying to get rid of bows not add more stuff to the collection.
  13. Howdy

    Probably not well. The thing is the fish are rough. You catch a 18 inch ladyfish and the line will be frayed up about 24 inches. They are hard on line. They usually aren't that skittish. I've used 20lb flouro with decent results. Braid works too but it doesn't turn a fly well. There are some wire leaders that look promising but I haven't tried them. I usually carry a few extra leaders and a half dozen clousers. Head in when those are gone. They are hard on flies to. I've only had a few fish take me into my backing. Those all came in two days on the beach. And those fish were into the backing almost immediately. There was no slowing or turning those fish. It was just a whole bunch of hoping that I didn't lose my fly line. Still have no idea what any of them were.
  14. Howdy

    Ladyfish are everywhere and are pretty much considered trash fish. But they put up a hell of a fight and aerial display so I still like them. I've never been truly redfish fishing but have caught some off the beach. And that was all on a clouser. Tan and white is a killer. Your biggest point of concern is going to be a leader. Those fish are hard on things. All of them.
  15. Bucket List Fish

    Agreed. Yesterday on my lunch hour I ran out to Fellows to catch some bucket fish. Had a freaking blast doing it too. They decided to live in a nicer environment for the winter.

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