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  1. Flysmallie

    What's Cooking?

    My Chinese recipe connection fled the state. Have you tried asking the favorite place in town?
  2. Yep it was just a black snake. He got it down and sent it on its way. He has several living around his house and shop.
  3. Vernon I’m really not trying to torment you but I had to share this. My buddy texted me this pic a few minutes ago. Little visitor when he was headed into his house.
  4. I have no idea what the benefit is to them but that's where they get the info.
  5. By turning in the warranty information to get paid they are reporting. Places like Carfax aren't expecting every shop to report the work performed. They get that info from warranty claims and insurance claims. Joe the mechanic isn't expected to call and tell them they changed the spark plugs.
  6. Flysmallie

    What's Cooking?

    You know I'm just jacking with you. I love putting your meat in my mouth. Congrats buddy!
  7. Nice. Stockton has to be the best spinnerbait lake I have ever fished.
  8. Flysmallie

    What's Cooking?

    If there were only two entries how'd you get third??
  9. It's a good time! There are lots of rattlesnake festivals all over the southwest each year. Where else can you eat fried rattlesnake?
  10. Here's a good place to do it. https://chickasawcountry.com/blog/your-guide-to-the-waurika-rattlesnake-hunt-and-festival
  11. You gotta bang them around if you want to catch fish.
  12. Take those cranks up there after Thanksgiving and you’ll get plenty of love. My dad used to call it Cranksgiving.
  13. Why do the wings have to be grilled or smoked?
  14. The cool thing is they will rattle before you step on them. You’ll need some fresh underwear but you probably won’t get bit. Growing up in Oklahoma I have had a few encounters.
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