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  1. He won’t have to worry because censorship like this will be the end of it anyway. Oh well. All good things come to end.
  2. Douchebag move if you ask me. This has always went on and all it ever took was Phil saying cut it out. Censorship never makes anything better.
  3. I still want to know why I can't sell my vote.
  4. I'm not here to defend Wrench but I can assure you he has the stones as you call them. What you get with Wrench online is what you get in person. No more, no less. Some of you might hide behind the safety of the internet but he doesn't. Again I'm not defending him. He and I have had some serious differences in the past and it was way more serious than this crybaby stuff. But at least with him you get what you get no matter if you are online or right in front of him. I used to use gauge height and it worked for me. Then I used CFS and that also worked for me, but it took me a little to get used to. Saying that either is superior to the other is pretty childish. It's like the Chevy/Ford debate. Use what works for you and leave everyone else alone to do what works for them.
  5. I think it just depends on what you are used to. CFS works for me.
  6. Flysmallie


    You obviously need some schooling in electronics. If you can’t deploy it and explode it quickly you will never have control of it long enough to fly it into anything. The technology you are dreaming about would not be easily possible. And it would be way easier to find than a truck that was dropped off out front. You are talking cruise missile technology. That guy from North Korea has unlimited funds and he can’t pull it off.
  7. Flysmallie


    You don't have to be rich or have any technology to do that. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oklahoma_City_bombing
  8. Flysmallie


    Agreed. The F22 is a beast. But it's still limited by the fact that you need to keep the pilot alive. Drones can be much more maneuverable than any aircraft that has a pilot inside. The technology is there to make drones the most feared thing that has ever been in the sky. Let's just hope nobody decides to use that against us.
  9. wimp. Besides you can walk down the beach and catch just about anything you want without getting your feet wet. It looks like a vast amount of nothingness but that is far from the truth. Pretty much the same as fishing a flat around here.
  10. I hope I don’t go to the AFC Championship game Sunday.
  11. I have the choice of going to the office or sitting at home pretty much whenever I want. Either way it’s going to involve the same amount of work.
  12. That’s why you just throw them on ice. No need for a livewell,
  13. I don't. I fish a ned rig on the rivers a lot and tie straight to braid. Even in the clearest streams that Missouri has to offer fish continue to hit it.
  14. More of the James River. Most don't think much of it but it's one of my favorite places in the world. Also on the James. You have been warned.
  15. Little Sugar Big Piney Finley River James River Lil Sac River Bull Creek Niangua River NFOW James River Lil Sac Bryant Creek
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