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  1. Get rid of some of those dinks and fish like that will be more common.
  2. Sure I would have. Taking care of and doing things for myself is easy. When you are responsible for 56 and their families it gets a little tough.
  3. I’m lucky enough to be able to work from home for the most part. Unfortunately my people can’t so I do feel some responsibility to be with them at times. I do have to be in KC next week. At least I can get in and get my stuff done and then get out. But you still gotta stop along the way to eat and pee and get gas. Might just take food with me next time.
  4. Nice fish. Those are great spinnerbaits.
  5. Yeah I’m going to have a heart attack or mental breakdown before this is all over. Tomorrow’s fun is cutting hours and furloughs. We are essential but our customers are starting to close their businesses.
  6. Yep Ness nailed it. Any kind of sports and your small camera sucks. Or low light. Or a subject more than 10 feet away, Or something for prints. But they have come a long ways. Like I said I’ve been doing a lot of video work with an iPhone and most of the time I get really good results. But I need more to get the quality I want. For most people that camera is going to be perfect. But I ain’t most people.
  7. Smart phones are pretty darn good but zero comparison to a real camera.
  8. Unless you creating some large prints or really cropping it down you aren't loosing anything. And if it's just for pics top post then it's great. Mine again was more for the video aspects but I'm kicking out some quality stuff with an iPhone right now so I can't justify the extra expense. My goals are small with good video. I have big meaty hands but for videos it will be on a gimbal. My biggest thing I guess is figuring out what lens I want. I know what I want but I'm not paying 2K for just a lens. I still like Sony. Or the Nikon Z50 is an option too and would allow me to use some of my older lenses. I don't need a expensive lens for my outdoors stuff.
  9. Sweet! Been hearing good things about them. Let me know how you like it. About 6 months ago I almost pulled the trigger on a Nikon Z6. Something came up and I backed out and I'm really glad that I did. It's given me time to research this whole mirrorless thing a bit more but I have a hard time making up my mind. Was planning on full frame but now maybe not. Was going to go Nikon, then Sony, maybe Canon, Hey look Fuji has some cool stuff, wait maybe APS-C, then I start looking at lenses and finally I walk away for awhile. Plus my needs have changed in a year and video capabilities plus expensive glass are going to weigh pretty heavy on the decision. The journey continues.
  10. I had to make a 500 mile round trip yesterday to check on things in some of my stores. It's really weird out there with a lot of places closed and very little traffic. I could get used to everybody staying home and out of my way.
  11. Good evening Captain Stubing. How are Gopher and Doc?
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