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  1. Flysmallie

    Dirty water

    That would be correct.
  2. Flysmallie

    Full of dinks.

    No wonder I'm an effing genius.
  3. Flysmallie

    Dirty water

    That looks very interesting.
  4. Flysmallie

    The Praying Mantis

    I was attacked by one while pumping gas several years ago. It wasn't one of my finer moments.
  5. Flysmallie

    The Praying Mantis

    And it was a blood bath.
  6. Flysmallie

    The Praying Mantis

    I hate those things. Usually see some around the house but haven’t seen any this year.
  7. I had the chance at one of the biggest 8 pointers I have ever seen on Wednesday. Luckily I saw him and jammed on the brakes. He was standing on the center line of Hwy 13. I was lucky to spot him in time to slow down and get as far to the left as I could. I went by him at less than 20 mph while he just stood there and stared at me like I was an idiot. Never freaking moved.
  8. Flysmallie

    Who likes lily pads?

    I agree that it needs to be managed with some harvest on the bass. Do it right and it won't diminish the fishing but it will help the quality of fish. And like Wrench said, nothing is going to die off. If you let it go it will just be more and more each year. But rather than trying to eliminate it I would cut some lanes in it. This creates some lanes to cast and it also gives the bass places to stage. I've seen it done many times on ponds when I was a kid.
  9. Flysmallie

    Looking for fall bass

    Stockton is one of the best fall spinnerbait lakes in the world.
  10. Flysmallie

    2018 CT Carp Classic Open

    Well that’s cool. They abuse other fish to catch a carp. Great idea!
  11. Amen. If you are that hungry give me a call and I’ll make you a cheeseburger.
  12. Flysmallie

    Eleven Point Everything

    Agreed. Nobody go there.
  13. Flysmallie

    2018 CT Carp Classic Open

    Do they donate the meat from these tournaments?

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