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  1. I'm very picky about my bass leaders. I also use the same leaders in salt water but bump up the pound test. Not for turning a fly over, just too keep those bastards from cutting it so easily. "Turning over" most bass flies is a joke. I carry two spools of leader material with me at all times. One is a 330ft roll of 8lb test and the other is 10lb test. I pull off what ever length I think I need at the time and put a perfection loop in one end and attach that to the fly line. On the other end I tie that to the fly. I know it's difficult to grasp but it's worth the extra effort. Keep
  2. Has anyone ever really stolen a fly pattern? I like those heads though. Used to catch a bunch of fish on a diver using those heads.
  3. I wasn’t a fan either until Trigg changed my mind. They have worked pretty good since then.
  4. Some old school foam divers. Very cool. I should fish these more like I used to. (I should fish more like I used to) I'm lazy and just buy the preformed heads though. I like yours.
  5. I've been there. Are timing was horrible because it was smoking hot but we had some fun.
  6. We don't need boat mechanics doing it either but here we are.
  7. Everyone is sick of it. Some of you have never seen Jesus but you worship him. To say something smells funny because you haven’t seen it is absolutely retarded. You guys have to quit listening to politicians for medical advice. That’s just ignorant. I mean seriously listen to what’s coming out of your mouths. Maybe when you see someone taken down by it you will understand. But I don’t think some of you are even that smart. I don’t live in fear and hide in my house from it. But I do try to protect myself and I don't ridicule people that are really afraid.And I darn sure don’t chuckle
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