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  1. Flysmallie

    What's Cooking?

    Congratulations! I’m waiting on the official weight from the doctor next week but I’m a ways behind you. This week has been bad for me. Spent the week with 20 store managers. We eat, we train, we eat, we train, go to dinner, have a few beers, and then repeat the next day. Hard to stick with it when I try so hard to make sure they are well fed but it’s only a temporary setback.
  2. The one that I'm talking about was caused by the locals. There were no out of state tags, just a lot of trash and under age drinking.
  3. We have done this to ourselves. Used to be a great access on the upper James but because used it as the local party spot and dump it was closed off to everyone.
  4. All of them are gamefish except carp.
  5. But still they are ugly trash fish that will live anywhere. Carp fishing might be the worlds most popular fish but here in the USA it’s a bass that wins.
  6. Sounds like a trip for some guys on OAF to me.
  7. Some of those cars are not allowed to have ethanol because it absorbs moisture and you can change compression ratios with it. Not huge changes but still they monitor that stuff. And yes ethanol will go fast. Look at the Top Alcohol cars in NHRA. But their fuel is checked too. I happened to be at a race where a team was almost disqualified for having too much H2O in their alcohol during a pass. Only thing that saved us was the drum of fuel had just been purchased at that track from their approved vendor. But I have no idea why regular people with regular rides care. It’s a clean burning fuel that isn’t hurting anything.
  8. The ethanol is added later. There are places to get non ethanol fuel. My dad had a friend that owned a dragstrip that complained about how hard it was to get ethanol free fuel in Missouri. You can be pretty much guaranteed that if someplace is selling it as racing fuel it’s going to be ethanol free.
  9. Picking up poop in the backyard. Maybe I should show y’all my best two.
  10. If we talk the Chief into coming he can make us some delicious BBQ.
  11. I can hopefully make that work. I will know for sure by the end of next week.
  12. You have to plan ahead with important people like me.
  13. Bring that jet ride over to the James and I bet you leave with a bunch.
  14. Nice write up Champ. I don't do the lake much anymore but I think I'll show one of these to a river smallie.
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