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  1. This is a great little rod especially for casting lighter stuff. I carry two of them all the time and this one just waits patiently on the rack. Great shape. It’s used but probably only been out a few times. $150 if you grab it locally. I’m in Springfield. ($255 new)
  2. Flysmallie

    Blown River Backup

    Weak effort Harps. It's like the flies you tie. The bisque was superb as usual though.
  3. Flysmallie

    MDC Rant

    Just read every third word.
  4. Flysmallie

    under wader pants?

    They have waders with zippers for those that can't plan ahead.
  5. Flysmallie

    Blown River Backup

  6. Flysmallie

    Bridge Weight Limit

    Last weekend it was still closed. I got a look at it and it’s a joke. Looks temporary. I think they are just hoping to eliminate it.
  7. Flysmallie

    Blown River Backup

    I checked with the others and they got theirs. I think your wife saw what it was and set it on fire.
  8. Flysmallie

    Blown River Backup

    Thanks man. There's one in this month's River Hills Traveler too but you need a subscription to see the whole thing. http://www.riverhillstraveler.com/absorbed-by-an-ozarks-river/
  9. Flysmallie

    Blown River Backup

    Thanks to everyone. I appreciate your kind words. Maybe when my stuff get's to the level of things seen in the fly fishing film tour I might be happy.
  10. Flysmallie

    What's Cooking?

    darn!!! We just had beans, fried taters, and cornbread.
  11. Flysmallie

    Hitting creek Monday

    Good luck!
  12. Flysmallie

    under wader pants?

    Under armor under non insulated. My feet and legs are never the part that gets cold. Whatever is above the water line is going to be the coldest.
  13. Flysmallie

    Blown River Backup

    I usually set some kind of goals for myself in the New Year and this is probably the first year that I haven't. They never work out anyhow. But end of last year and this year have been good so far. Did some freebie photography work (all of my work is freebie work) for some cheerleaders and was given some pretty substantial paying business off of it. Won't come till August, but it's still coming. Getting into videos for something other than the training videos I spend most of my days on might have the same benefits later on. And I've done a little writing other than procedure manuals and training materials. http://www.riverhillstraveler.com/it-wasnt-about-the-fishing/?fbclid=IwAR2FZUyqXgsrgUKDc3fEp3KJMJEAsMub9TZUvtssm0htzyxZMXV44_EHyng All of that has made me nothing but it puts a smile on my face.
  14. Flysmallie

    Blown River Backup

    Me mostly. Thanks Wrench. I appreciate it.
  15. Flysmallie

    Blown River Backup

    Thanks Marty.

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