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  1. Yeah I don’t see any pics. But thanks because that info will keep me home tomorrow getting things done and not pissing off the Queen.
  2. Relentless Search for whites

    I'm sure if you would come over this way they would quit biting.
  3. Those are some nice hangers!! Very cool.
  4. Relentless Search for whites

    The whites made another appearance at Fried Friday at work.
  5. Anybody been this week?

    There is always a bunch of trash there under the bridge. I don't understand the ignorance of some people. This is how an access gets closed.
  6. Opening day 2018

    Nice job Griz!!
  7. Whites

    No they haven't all spawned in the rivers. By the looks of the ones cleaned last week they have a while to go still.
  8. Any sign of Whites?

    Anytime. I know the feeling. I only have a decent trip every few years and I live close to many choices.
  9. Any sign of Whites?

    Come on over and I'll show you some.
  10. Any sign of Whites?

    There is still time and the water levels still look good.
  11. Release boats?

  12. Release boats?

    What is a truth verification test?
  13. Bass Fly Swap 2018

    Have you tried crushing them up and snorting them?
  14. Custom painting lures

    That's what yellow ochre is supposed to look like. Just a dirty muddy yellow color. But that name will throw you.
  15. Slonch Donkey Streamer

    Nice fly. Too much of a commitment for me but I bet it catches some fish.

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