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  1. ALL of them leak at some point and that point isn't determined by a price tag. I do like my Simms Aquaseal brand though.
  2. Seems weird that we didn't used to have that many before Live PD. I've watched several and thought they could have been stopped a lot sooner than what they were but we gotta keep those ratings up so they get the cash. Saw one Saturday night. Right in the middle of town. 4 or 5 cop cars chasing a couple of guys on motorcycles. Not a single Springfield Police car involved. All were Greene County cars. That's not normal but it won't end until they kill somebody.
  3. Or you might fly thru the intersection of Kearney & Glenstone and kill a family of three. https://fox2now.com/2019/08/05/driver-charged-after-3-die-in-wreck-during-springfield-police-chase/
  4. My right one has been opened up a few times and the latest doc says the shots probably won't work. Most of the time it's fine and just aches a bit here and there. But sometimes it just quits wanting to bend or the pain is so much that you can barely walk. Then for no reason the pain will just be gone and it's all fine again. Might last a couple of days, might last 20 minutes. If I were you I would do anything to put off surgery. At 17 it wasn't a big deal. At 47 it sucked.
  5. Yep. I'm about sick of the LivePD douchery. Saw them Friday night with a guy pulled over. There were 4 cop cars there for one guy. And since the 3 media guys were standing around talking I don't think that type of police coverage on that dude was necessary. But Greene County is getting that paycheck!!
  6. Replacement or repair? I'm to the replacement stage but I don't wanna. When I was 17 a doctor told me I would need at least one knee replacement at 50. I thought he was a crazy old man but here we are.
  7. Oh this is easy. ZERO @Chief Grey Bear and I were going to do the James from Springfield Lake to Table Rock but we have never got around to it. But That still wouldn't be all of it. I'm close on a bunch but most of that is water that I would just be floating to say I've done it so I'd say it will probably always be zero.
  8. But that's what Orvis told them they needed to do.
  9. I had one stop me once when taking off for a tournament out of Hwy 83 Marina on Pomme de Terre. Had to check EVERYTHING on the boat to make sure it was all legit. All this while all the other boats continued to head out to start their day. I was held up for at least 20 minutes but it felt like hours. I wasn't real happy about it but I also knew I had it coming too. Sometimes payback is a beyotch.
  10. I'm not sure that the current lake levels would allow it, been a while since I've seen Pomme, but the bank just a bit to the north of the ramp is pretty soft.
  11. So you are saying that the same guys that said there were no lions in Missouri for years are the people to believe? The same people that can't find bigfoot? (It's aliens by the way. That's why they don't find any dead ones, or where they live. Look at UFO sightings in relation to bigfoot sightings.) And also the same people that can't find the Ozark Howler? I think I'll believe the guys I know before I believe the government.
  12. Well measure your head and tell us the distance from the corner of your left eye to the corner of your right eye. Super nice fish. I bet he pulled a bit.
  13. Just jacking with you of course. I was sitting outside a music venue a couple of months ago talking to a drummer in a band. He told me and the kid, “all music speaks to someone”. Smart guy.
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