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  1. Skunked

    Still better than sitting at home.

    When I was young there was a large group of us that had BB gun wars on a regular basis. Most of these turned into fist fights at some point with someone getting mad and storming off to their house. And the next day we would do it all over again. It's the over-pussification of America that has created these retards. Oops. Sorry. "Special" people.
  3. River boat tournament

    Table Rock regulations begin at Y Bridge in Galena on the James.

    strong = wealthy Which tells you all you need to know about American politics.

    I think it's the whole one kid shooting another that's sad. And that we have become so complacent with the whole thing. Doing nothing is still not working.
  6. Trolling rod holders

    I've done it quite a bit. It can be frustrating at times but also a lot of fun.
  7. Frogs, yes or no on the rivers?

    It’s true that it is hard to make them walk in current but that’s not the reason I just hop them around things. And honestly it’s more of a hopping them through things. First I fish the thick cover because that’s where the frog killers live. Second. I have yet to see a real frog walk the dog when swimming. It’s more of a scoot, scoot, pause action. WTD is a great technique that catches fish. But it’s far from being the only topwater game in town. And yes Andy, a Smallmouth will crush one.
  8. Everybody deserves a dog

    Never really new for sure. We guessed she was 6 to 8 months old when we got her. Just like we never really knew what she was. Lab/basset mix is all anyone ever thought. A year ago she was the healthiest thing around. A tumor came up this past summer and it didn't look good so we had it removed. Another larger one came up around Thanksgiving and it was just gross. Chunks were falling out of it. Had it removed but we knew they couldn't get it all. More started appearing and then she lost use of one back leg and struggled with the other. Came home one night last week and asked my wife why she wasn't in the garage. I had been keeping her in there when it was too cold outside and always at night. Wife had let her out earlier in the day to lay in the sun and when I went out she was just sitting in the middle of the backyard and couldn't walk anymore. On another note. If you live in Springfield and need a good vet you should go to Route 66 Pet Clinic on West College. Dr. Becky is a great person and kickass vet. https://www.route66petclinic.com/
  9. Everybody deserves a dog

    I will at some point. I think I'll just come get you and take you fishing for now though. If you are good I'll even rub your belly on the way home.
  10. Everybody deserves a dog

    We have a 17 year old weiner dawg that's not going to make it much longer either. She's been a good dog too but it won't bother me with her. Also have another dachshund that is 4 or 5 years old. We aren't really sure on her age since she was a rescue. And we are pretty sure she must have ate some paint chips when she was younger.
  11. 1st Blown engine

    I always tried to tell my Dad that I wasn't WFO when his boat would throw a rod too. It sucks. Sorry.
  12. I have always felt that way. My little sister and I go round and round about her not letting her son have a dog. They got him a fish instead. A fish? Really? She had dogs when she was growing up. His dad had dogs too. But they are much too busy being uppity to own a dog I guess. Nine years ago my middle daughter wanted her own dog. We had a dog but she wanted her own. She saved up her money, sold drinks and snacks at garage sales, sold some of her toys, until she had enough money to rescue a dog. Her dog. Funny how her dog became my dog over time and was the best dog I not only ever owned but also the best dog that I ever met. She let me do stupid things to her. She loved car rides. And getting ice cream. But last night I took her on her final ride home. Going to miss that one. And I'm getting really tired of cancer But I still think everyone deserves a dog. And there is no place better to get one than from a shelter. If you think you deserve a dog then let me suggest:
  13. Frogs, yes or no on the rivers?

    Obviously you haven't seen/heard me do a cannonball off a bluff.
  14. Frogs, yes or no on the rivers?

    Here is the one I've been using for the past few years. It's an H2O from Academy. Yeah other things might work but I can safely put this where you aren't going to put a regular topwater. I more concerned with getting it up in the laydowns and wads more than any weeds. And I really don't care if it walks the dog all that well because that's not the way I have been fishing it. Twitching, pausing, crawling over logs......has created some exciting moments.
  15. Frogs, yes or no on the rivers?

    Yes they work. Dedicated setup not required.

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