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  1. Flysmallie


    Help me figure out the big jacked up 4X4 that never leaves the pavement and then we can work on the powerboat deal.
  2. Flysmallie


    The otters???
  3. Flysmallie

    2 drownings at Castlewood

    That's it. The Meramec River is racist.
  4. Flysmallie

    Carl & Alex do America

    Very nicely done video by those guys. Love to see people doing what they love to do. Those guys love to carp fish and at least one loves cinematography. Only made it thru the first 25 minutes but I will finish it.
  5. The entertainment value would be out of this world with the two of us along but I'm pretty sure that about 3 days into the trip you would send us both into a gas station for whatever and when we came back out you and Pat would be long gone.
  6. Beautiful fish. I might know where you can get a personal photographer to tag along and document your experience. And he's not afraid to get up at 4am to go fishing. He will probably be up taking a leak at that time anyway.
  7. Flysmallie

    Otters terrorize trout anglers!!

    I've had two come within 5 foot of me. Both 5 to 6 feet in length. The first time I ran one way and it ran the other. The second time was just like the first time.
  8. Flysmallie

    White Bass control needed

    My wife pretty much hates all fish. So a couple of weeks ago I grilled her a steak that she wanted while I fixed myself some blackened red snapper on the grill. Guess who didn't eat her steak??
  9. I can't believe you dirtied up the General Angling Discussion forum with this. That looks like a whole lotta fun already. Motroutbum always seemed like a cool cat.
  10. Flysmallie

    The 8 year old mind and fishing

    Nope. This town is full of MU goons.
  11. Flysmallie

    Trout for Sale - $4 each!

    Looks like he has dropped the price to $2.
  12. Success is in the eye of the beholder. Another 15 incher to me might be the fish of a lifetime to somebody else.
  13. Flysmallie

    Best Angler in the world contest

    Well it would show who was the best in that 5 day period. Nothing more. Why don't you set it up and see what happens.
  14. Flysmallie

    fish kill

    Just curious, what is considered the end of the tailwater?
  15. Flysmallie

    Otters terrorize trout anglers!!

    Yeah that's what they always sell these kids on. But It's a good experience for her and she will come back with a better appreciation of what she has.

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