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  1. Good luck! I love fishing out of a kayak.
  2. I'm sorry. Did you want to attend the Missouri High School State Cheer competition?
  3. It's all part of the stupidification of America. You aren't a true American unless you are so offended by something you can't continue life acting as an adult. Most of this is learned from the politicians. The more you ignore their ignorance the better off your life will be. I recently had a guy try to get me to sign a petition outside a Walmart in St. Peters. I asked him what it was for and he told me to sign it and he would explain it to me. Uh, No.
  4. Watched Moonraker last night. Seemed a lot cooler when I was 10.
  5. I like bead heads. They look clean and nice. Just have to make sure you use the correct size.
  6. Yep. It’s a really good movie. With three daughters you can’t avoid all of them. Liked the Hunger Games as well.
  7. I enjoyed Ready Player One. And everything else on that list.
  8. This is not a discussion on color. It's about technique.
  9. I'm thinking ned rig. But I'm also talking moving water too.
  10. Do you need to know the colors I would prefer?
  11. I’m not watching anything with love and story in the title. I can’t stand that stuff. Remember taking my wife to see The Bridges of Madison County. I almost chewed my arm off and ran away. Worst movie I’ve ever sat through.
  12. By the time the air bag deploys your “negotiating” options have expired. They have had some issues but they have saved lives.
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