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  1. No DVR here. If you miss it you just miss it. Just like the good ol days. Well except there is nothing worth watching anymore.
  2. You guys probably won't like this one but it is very new. The video was just posted about 20 minutes ago, I know that because it's my video. This young lady is a friend of my youngest daughter and I.
  3. And then of course Toto repaid the favor and covered a Weezer song.
  4. Well a 12 pack and a sandwich wouldn’t fit in the smaller one. I actually hate that cooler. Need to find something better for the kayak.
  5. Lots of times. But she's wrong because I do it based on service and friendliness. There's a whole list of ugly ones and dudes as my defense. Weird thing is she doesn't care if I "over tip" them. The wife would claim that service and friendliness is not the reason I "over-tip" my favorite waitress at our Mexican lunch spot. She would be correct.
  6. Intelligence? Sorry, you lobbed that one over so I had to smash it.
  7. My buddy just bought a kayak and wanted to do a little after work float. We put in at a bridge and took out at another bridge. That's the stretch I would recommend. But since it was 4pm before we left Springfield it was a short float. First fish was a healthy 14 inch beauty on a PBJ ned. A few minutes later out in the bright sun and horrible heat I had a really nice fish take a spook. I thought I had a solid hookup and she was staying down mostly and then it just came undone. What I saw of it looked like a really nice green fish. We didn't catch anything bigger than 14.5 maybe. But we caught a lot of fish. You could pretty much catch a fish anywhere you wanted to throw a ned. I kept after another spook fish but other than a couple of dinks it never produced. Left the big kid camera at home but here are a couple of cell phone snaps.
  8. Used to be a bunch out in front of 83 marina. Hell of a good place to throw a top water early or late. I caught 3 bass between 5&6 pounds in the coves right across the lake from the marina in about 15 minutes on fall afternoon. That was just stupid.
  9. He has delicate hands.
  10. That name sounds familiar but the Steadmans were my connection to the lake. Friends with my dad and some of his friends from before they came to Missouri. I stayed at their house a lot or they would let me have a cabin in they weren’t full. Charlene would always save me back some biscuits & gravy on tournament mornings. She would even bring them out to the boat. Great people.
  11. LOL. That’s okay you were already past all the good water. That last part gets hit pretty good by the locals.
  12. Glad you had a decent time. What section did you float?
  13. I used to fish all of those when Gene & Charlene owned the marina.
  14. Well I have one of my employees that has lost an uncle to it, another whose wife has been in ICU for 2 1/2 weeks because of it. I've been fortunate that none of my team has caught it but several of my counterparts around the country have had people get it. It's not a whole lot of fun and it is real. I bet if Trump said that a mask was a must there would be a ton of people wearing them. But they won't do it when a doctor says it's mandatory. And please stop with the pictures of Nancy Pelosi. That lady might just be the dumbest person in all of government.
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