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  1. Lop-headed dog ????

    That's the weirdest thing I've ever seen.
  2. Tent Mattress

    This is where I get lost. I'll take the barge down the river and live it up on the weekend. Is it a lot of extra work? Yep. Is it worth it? Depends.
  3. Hooks for senko type worms

    If you have a lot just pulling off it's the rod or line or both. I have fought this particular battle for too long. And I was stubborn to give up on the rod. But after losing a big fish on Fellows and a big Smallmouth in a float I made a change and instantly things got better.
  4. East of the bridge. But there are good fish all over that lake.
  5. FAMOUS LAST WORDS (Trophy Carp Regs)

    Pretty soon you carp guys have to realize that you are trying to answer questions that don't seem to exist. Slow learners I guess.
  6. FAMOUS LAST WORDS (Trophy Carp Regs)

    But you are the only one HERE that seems to feel that way. It's not a "haters will hate" thing. It's a Carp Diarrhea thing that everyone is sick of. If you want to be an ambassador of the sport you would be better off just shutting the F up for awhile. But I don't think you have the intelligence to understand that.
  7. Somebody Stole a Shipment of Bass Pro Guns.

    Don't worry our government is not moving forward on ANY new gun legislation. Not as long as the NRA is still cutting them paychecks.
  8. Nothing to be said....

    We have a license systems for cars and look at how people drive. It wouldn't change a thing.
  9. The fishing in Fellows is just fine. It's a good lake with some nice fish.
  10. Tonight at the Vise: Share Your Creations

    I'm not a real fan either but they work. Especially in the salt.
  11. Photographing Trophies at night

    I use the Adobe Lightroom app but I have Lightroom on my computers and pay a monthly subscription for everything. I don't know if you can just use it stand alone without an account. But there are many good apps available. Adobe, ACDSee, etc.. Find one you like and learn it.
  12. Somebody Stole a Shipment of Bass Pro Guns.

    Well this will never end then.
  13. Photographing Trophies at night

    And that's a very nice fish. I'm jealous of that.
  14. Photographing Trophies at night

    You know another thing you can do is a little post processing to correct your shots. Now this isn't the best example since the shot is out of focus but 30 seconds in an editing program can bring out the detail and true colors.
  15. Photographing Trophies at night

    Nope it's just a camera on a phone with a bad flash. In great light they do a good enough job for most people. In low light they just can't make it happen. It's not the fault of the equipment, it's just not made for that. There's a reason that I carry a smartphone and two other cameras when I fish. A decent point and shoot with a good flash and some post processing will get you some good photos.

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