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  1. My dad and uncle were catching the crap out of fish on Lake Lawtonka using a paddle tail grub on a jig head with the paddle cut off. Smoke gray color. For some reason I remember that very well. That was 1977 or 1978.
  2. Flysmallie

    What's Cooking?

    Usually have pancakes every Sunday. The youngest loves that. During the week we are barely home enough to fix anything that takes any kind of time.
  3. "Faulkner is cauc-asian" - well, they got that wrong because you're obviously white.
  4. But I will add that my mom had surgery to fix a problem that she had all her life and it almost killed her. And truthfully with the quality of life she has now it would have been a better option.
  5. If I would have taken the best dog that ever lived to the vet for her regular checkups she would still be here today.
  6. I've taken a lie detector test before and I will never take another one. I had to take one when I was a lot younger. Someone was stealing a lot of product from a store that I worked in. The whole process was very intimidating but I knew I was innocent so I had nothing to worry about. I failed it miserably. Luckily the real thief broke down and admitted to it. But that doesn't remove the fact that I failed even though I had nothing to do with anything being stolen. Never again.
  7. I don’t have one of those. Been stuck with the same hottie since 1986.
  8. Beautiful work! That purple would be the shiznit on Stockton.
  9. Wow. Maybe I should get back into repairing boats.
  10. Or join PETA and quit fishing. They have 100% survival rate if you stay home.
  11. Meguiars Dual Action Cleaner/Polish M8332 is the best stuff ever made for polishing boats.
  12. I used to do a bunch of those in my younger days. It’s not hard to do. If you decide to take it on yourself let me know and I can get you going in the right direction. The main thing you have to figure out is if there is enough there to be able to make it better. That depends on how bad it is and the quality of the original finish. You would be surprised at how bad some of the boats that I started on were and most of them looked brand new when they rolled out of the shop.
  13. I think I was looking at him backwards. No telling. They have found just about everything that swims in that lake plus some gators.
  14. Flysmallie

    Cast iron

    Things like this are the reason I don’t carry walking around money. I’d buy all kinds of stupid crap.
  15. When does she not?? Well come over and we will go white bass fishing.
  16. That's not hate, it's called capitalism. The American Dream. MAGA!! Plus you never take me in your boat.
  17. Suits me I'm easy. Freaking love that movie. I have it on Beta (yeah remember those). VHS, DVD, Blu Ray and I think on LaserDisc. I'll have to dig those up.
  18. Do I have time to buy it from you and mark it up to him??
  19. Oh yeah I do that. My wife is going to flip out when she figures out I’m starting a new project that I probably won’t finish.
  20. You guys are killing me here. I have things to do.
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