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  1. Near perfect condition Predator 4 Blade Prop DT 23 F B 3 for Mercury Yamaha. No chips or damage. This prop had very low hours but boat is no more. We just moved and I found this in the moving process. I paid originally $500. Make an offer. Can be picked up in NWA or shipped via UPS for actually shipping cost. Let me know if you have any questions or need additional pics via email jlshack2@gmail.com Larry
  2. I fly fished the shoal about a mile below the twin bridges near Riverlyn on Sunday. The channel there is less 15 yards wide and a tree is completely across the channel. You can easily wade across the channel there and the water at the top of the shoal less than a foot deep. A couple of kayaks portaged around the shoal but it was not navigable via boat. I talked to one fisherman that put a boat in on Saturday at Blue Springs and could not make it up even to Walkers Bluff due to low water on the shoal. It looks like the river is up a couple of feet today after the rain but falling fast. There were a half dozen fisherman on the shoal Sunday and no one was having any success. We have lived in Goshen 12 years and have never seen the river this low in the spring at white bass time. Larry
  3. Lshack2

    Rim Shoals

    How difficult is it to run from the lower portion of the Rim catch and release back to the boat ramp on minimum flow? I know a lot of gravel filled in on the river right side of the first island.... thanks
  4. I fished a couple of hour before dark around twin bridges. It was a interesting evening with two keeper walleye?, one Nice 15" KY and a dozen +whites in various flavorels from 3+# sows to long skinney males, to a few 8" knot heads . Also caught a couple of 12" crappie. For Me the bite was best after the sun got off the water and the wind calmed some. All came on clouser Minnows with some combo of chartreuse. Water was 62 and a bit of everything was moving on up. Larry Shack
  5. I fished the twin bridges area this evening and caught a few small males and not where you would expect them to be this time of year. I hope that Hoglaw is correct and we are still early in the run. It was 29 degrees this morning in Goshen which doesn't help things a lot.
  6. Lshack2


    I am with Hoglaw, primarily a fly fisher so spring fishing on the river is about the only chance I have to realistically catch a walleye. I carry a stringer and tape measure and almost all the fish that keep are males in the 18" - 20" range. Each year I seem to catch a couple that are clearly bigger females that go back in the river to do their thing. I figure AGFC has put some science into the four fish limit over 18" to sustain the population. I don't keep bass nor trout but Sunday had 2 walleye over and 8 keeper crappie all on Clouser Minnows... our family had a fish fry tonight....and didn't feel bad about it at all!
  7. I fished the White at Goshen above the bridges on Monday before the rain. The river has changed a lot post flood but zero'ed. I threw mostly Clousers in standard colors Water temps remain in the low 50's so it may be a littl early. Very little boat traffic, a little disappointing.
  8. I would echo the stop by McLellans as they are good guys and will get you set up. I like a 6 wt rod and fish sink tip most of the time until the very end of the run. The White is typically wadeable but it is currently almost 7 ft above pool which means most of the common gravel bars are completely under water. I also fish Clousers most of the time with chartreuse if the water is off color and blue / white or grey / white if the water clears.
  9. I just shipped four dozen of my Taney favorites to Phil.
  10. I am in for one and maybe two sets of flies. Any suggestion of what fly type of fly box works well? Larry
  11. i fished the same area from 6:30 until dark thirty and it was very good... probably 25+ whites, one hybrid and a four crappie.... I fished the same area last night and zeroed.. Very strange year, I do think some are locked on the spawn, but most caught tonight were males.
  12. I fished a couple of hours last night on the white above twin bridges. I fished primarily an outside river bend tailout and had a great evening with a real mixed bag. Caught my first hybrid of the season, two short walleye, a half dozen whites and 10+ crappie.. All on a clouser all on a 25yrd stretch. You gotta love spring on the White.
  13. So I made a deal with my wife I would start exercising if she would try fly fishing and after six months exercising she tried fly fishing on Monday... She caught this rainbow on one of Brett Raders # 18 scuds on 6x tippet. I think she is going to retire after one day on the river and I am not going to argue....
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