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  1. I don't know but I always keep a lot of 1/8, 3/8 and 1/4 in my tackle sleeve.
  2. Those sliders look great! With those I'd just use a a swimbait jig head. I used to fish slider style all the time. I guess it is time to get back to em. Thanks The swimbaits we were using were the 3 and 4 inch storm wild eye. I didn't mention it the 1st post but red craw rattletrap caught some smallmouth as well. Good luck out there. I haven't floated since this trip and I don't think I'll be going any time soon. I will have to live vicariously through you.
  3. Good looking trip and great looking fish
  4. I think most put in at Hootentown. 21 miles back to Galena. The canoe companies don’t like going above there unless you are just floating back to Hootentown. Kenny at highway y canoe shuttled us. 👍
  5. sorry I didn’t do better with the walleye pics
  6. I need to take a course of fish photos from you. I’m hideous!
  7. looks like I hit max mb on photos. I will add more later.
  8. We had a great time on the James! 1st 15 miles were loaded with hazards but it got more manicured once we were in waters “normal people” canoe. Fishing was slow day 1 and 2. Quality over quantity. Texas rig tubes were the 1st lures to work. Then crankbaits took over. Anything craw crank they were nailing. We met some great people at the Finley. We were out of ice as it was our 3rd day and lots of people were willing to donate ice to our 4 day trip. A couple boats got paid very well for their surplus ice🤨. We caught 2, 4 lb largemouth, 3, 3 lb (ish) smallmouth and probably 2 dozen 2 lb smallmouth. 40 1 lb class mixed bass. 1 goggle eye, some beautiful sunfish, 1 sucker, and a 3 ft “gwar” as my Canadian buddy Josh called it. Catch of the trip went to Josh with the massive walleye on day 4! I will definitely float this trip again. More photos coming.
  9. My 2 friends and I were down the last weekend in April. Floated Hootentown down to Galena. They were in 1 canoe. I floated solo. We caught about a dozen goggle eye on various lures. They caught some sunfish. We mostly caught smallmouth as a whole. Between the 3 of us about 50 in 2 days. Firetiger swim baits took the prize on most and biggest. Quite a few in the 2 lb category and not many under 1 lb. I used the firetiger, white spinner, Ned with hi def craws 😁, senkos and a couple of other craw lures. I cast way more than most of my fishing buddies so I out caught them about 2:1. If I had stuck with the swim bait it probably would have been a much more successful trip. I am headed back down Friday-Monday with another buddy. Floating Tailwaters access to Galena. Can’t wait to get there.
  10. That was a great read. Thank you for sharing. If he is as passionate about hockey as he is about fishing, then the sky is the limit for him. He sounds like a rare breed that will succeed in everything he does. Be proud of him and be proud of yourself as well. You have had a permanent impact on his life. Congrats. As the father of a high level high school soccer player, I struggle often with some of the decisions my daughter makes both on and off the field. I want so much for her, but I want her to make her own choices for her future. Mark
  11. Good morning all, We are planning a float trip for Friday-Sunday. We are considering: Gasconade Big Piney Niangua James Been on USGS site (a lot) watching levels and flows. I need some input from anyone closer to the rivers on clarity. We don’t mind high rivers but we are looking to avoid muddy water. How are these 4 looking now? Thanks as always for your input. Mark
  12. That is 1 heck of a log. Awesome video. Thanks for sharing
  13. Good stuff JD. congrats to you all. Best looking 7 pounders I’ve seen
  14. Good stuff! Thanks for the report
  15. Best of luck and definitely hope you do well!
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