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  1. Looks like the long hole below the cable at the dam.
  2. Hey Try Delaware access to hwy M bridge, although hwy M is not a public access there is a place to park immediately accross the bridge(small white bldg)i've never heard of anyone having problems, i,ve caught some great smallmouth on this stretch, but never any goggle eye. If you want both try the upper Flat Creek around Mcdowell to stubblefield access, again at mcdowell this is a low water bridge you can park on the west side(where the locals park)there are some nice goggleye on the upper flat creek. BTW where in SEMO are you from(Girlfriend is from fredericktown) Maybe we can get together and do a float. Gregg
  3. I'm in, something articulated.
  4. 20lb backing, 3" piece looped thru eye of trailer hook, thread base on lead hook, super glue, tie down backing to lead hook, trim excess. I color the backing with a sharpie to match the color of the fly. Backing is extremly flexable giving the fly extra movement. Gregg
  5. I,m looking at wade fishing flat creek this Sun. 7-24 and am wondering on access points. Gregg
  6. I love this, "I would be surprised if either our congressmen or senators think they are equipped well enough to draft legislation that would solve a problem like this." Read more from this Tulsa World article at http://www2.tulsaworld.com/sportsextra/article.aspx?subjectid=25&articleid=20110714_29_B2_NOSUBS306242 Why do we elect these people if the are not equipped to do that which they were elected for, solving problems. Just my 2 cnts
  7. http://cgi.ebay.com/MAYFLY-TRUE-ROTARY-FLY-TYING-VISE-ACCESSORIES-/190531330049 Check out this vise, I bought one at the SowBug last year and love it. Dont have any trouble with hooks from #1 - #24. Only thing I did was put a new thumb screw on the bottom of the jaws to make it easier to tighten the jaws. Gregg
  8. Hopper have pics. of you're other boats you have built?


  9. I believe that if someone interferes or harrasses with a person fishing within the banks of a stream or river that has been accessed by way of a public boat launch put in by the Missouri Department of Conservation, then the harrasser/interferer should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. The state of Missouri has laws in place to keep this from happening and yet it still happens all the time. The only way to stop this type of harrassment and intimidation is to punish the law breakers. This stream, Shoal Creek, has obviously been deemed navigatable by someone in the higher powers of the states government, or the MDC would not have put in, not just one, but five public boat launches on the stream in order for the public to navigate, explore, fish, and clean up trash and debris on the stream. I, Gregg E. Welden, strongly demand that something be done in order to correct this wrong doing and to insure that it does not happen again
  10. I think the same float in October would be great, since it appears through chiefs research we were perfectly legal. Other than Mr. "D" Prater's herasement the outing was a great success in my opinion. Gregg
  11. BBreaker, PM me, I fish over there quite often, probably not as much as zack, or come to one of the Oklahoma fly fishers meetings Oklahomaflyfishers.org, third tuesday of the month @7:00 pm fulton learning center, web site has directions. Gregg
  12. What is the best CFS for floating the James in a canoe, never done a spring float on the james and plan on floating this weekend. Gregg
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