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  1. We use a 6 ft Lilleys’ Landing 30 year commemorative rod made for the resort in Harrison, Arkansas
  2. I thought I saw you sliding by in the fog yesterday morning
  3. Jerkbaits, crank baits, jigs, and drift rigs with shad flies or big scuds.
  4. There might have been a few caught this morning. Might be a few to be caught. Tested a few new things out. Some passed the initial evaluations, some didn’t pan out. Company was incredible. I can tell you, my wife and I are having ribs tonight. The BBQ sauce will be savored! There is also a new addition to the mantle, a place where truely treasured items are displayed .
  5. Marty and I are fixing to go sore lip as many as we can in about an hour. They might be a little tight lipped tomorrow...... lol!
  6. Lilleys sells some pre painted lures that are the same blank that I custom paint.
  7. Here is the sculpin and the juvenile rainbow SS (signature series) on the WLure UPM606 blank.
  8. I’m painting up a batch of the SS right now. Looks like they are still working.
  9. That is also the last couple of days of king season. The Naknek has a pretty good run of kings!
  10. I don’t think or feel like I’m a pro. I do know how to help people catch trout and enjoy doing that. I’m just a guide.
  11. We boated a few good ones this evening
  12. I think they may have reacted good
  13. Ryan Titus will be fishing with me in my boat. I’m pretty sure we are going to be targeting crappie and walleye. I usually catch a bass or two by accident doing that.
  14. Gates did open about noon today. No units running and 2 gates open 2 feet. Ryan and I boated up for the one cast just as they were opening. Fish floating everywhere. Bass, gizzard shad, crappie, drum, threadfin shad, and a couple spooners. We caught a few on white and the water was real dingy. Had a 2 hr trip from 4-6 pm this evening. Went back up to dam and caught a bunch on white 1/16 jigs from cable to outlet 3. Bite slowed way down any further down. Fished the tennis court flat and caught bunches of fish on sculpin and ginger 1/16 ounce jigs and sculpin jerks. Not seeing any shad down that far.
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