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  1. duckydoty

    July 7th 2018 Report

    Still catching good fish early and late on the jerkbaits up in the Trophy area. Been seeing one really big brown that has given me a few good chases between the Narrows and Lookout. Rusty midge and crackle backs are a good way to catch numbers of fish up in the Trophy area. Scuds producing well in the moving water around Lookout. The jig bite on a 1/32 sculpin and ginger has been good both early and late all up and down the lake. Quality fish are being caught from Cooper Creek on down to the Landing on the power worms and power baits. Only 2 units came on for 3 hours yesterday and the fishing was fantastic during the flow. Lots of boats came in with limits, stating they caught them while the water was running.
  2. duckydoty

    June 30th. Lake Taneycomo Fishing Report

    Some pictures of this last week of early morning fishing
  3. duckydoty

    June 30th. Lake Taneycomo Fishing Report

    Jerkbait bite is still good early from Rebar hole to Trophy Run. Launching boat at 4-4:30 am at Hatchery launch and done by 8:30-9 am. As soon as fog lifts the bite is gone. Still catching browns and walleye on the 90-95 mm suspending jerkbaits up there. White has been the best color. Catching some big whites, spots and them brown bass things too along with really aggressive or really nice sized bows. 1/32 sculpin and ginger, or sculpin and peach jigs fished straight lined and fast on 2 pound test will catch all the trout you can shake a stick at in that area too before the fog lifts. Evening bite has been very good on jigs from the dam down to Lilleys’ as the water is falling out. Had 4 guys out last evening and at 8 they decided they wanted to keep some fish. Jig fished the flats between Fall Creek and Trout Hollow and everyone had limits in 15 minutes. Fish early, or fish late. Enjoy some AC during the middle of the day
  4. duckydoty

    Flies & Mini jigs

    I have to agree. Those look real good!
  5. duckydoty

    Which Flyline

    Brand does not really matter but make sure it’s a full length fly line. A good line will cost between $60-100 dollars. Yes, over line by one weight class especially if it is a fast tip. Not so much if it is a softer medium action rod. Long leaders, long tippet, and soft casts are for spooky fish.
  6. duckydoty

    Which Flyline

    My opinion ( and it’s not really worth anything) is fly line is the most important factor in the equation. Any rod, cheap, expensive, new, used, or custom made can throw a good well matched fly line. Even the best rods will struggle and create aggravation trying to throw a cheap, unbalanced, and unmatched fly line. Over lining by one weight can make for a more forgiving learning curve and a weight forward line is easier to learn on
  7. duckydoty

    Jerkbaits for Trout

    Second cast yesterday morning and found these here this morning All on megabass jrs
  8. duckydoty

    Jerkbaits for Trout

    It is almost right across from Garfield’s and only comes out 15 feet or so. Lots of stumps in front of it and behind it. If you stay casting distance from the bank you will be in about 15 feet of water.
  9. duckydoty

    Jerkbaits for Trout

    Try that with 4 units and flood gates open. Most lures are lost on fish. Hard to chase them down. Usually get everything back that is snagged on bottom if 2 units or less running.
  10. duckydoty

    Jerkbaits for Trout

    I definitely loose money with Ryan and loss of baits due to line breakage or hook cutting for easy removal from fingers. I average one or two lures lost per trip. Not a bad cost for a chance at a fish of a lifetime.
  11. duckydoty

    Jerkbaits for Trout

    Some more pictures of the fish the morning I had the pleasure of fishing with Ryan and Ryan. Some of the megabass getting ready to be tuned
  12. duckydoty

    Jerkbaits for Trout

    I just wanted to hear you scream a little louder......LOL! Not haven fun till someone bleeds!
  13. duckydoty

    Venting a little......

    Gotta love a little pump dump! Clears bears out of a fishing hole real quick.
  14. duckydoty

    Zzzzzziiinnngggggg goes the drag!

    Awesome fish!

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