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  1. Best way keep hands warm?

    Another good way of conditioning is to never turn the heat on and windows down while riding around in your vehicle and keeping the house thermostat set right around 38 degrees. Just enough to keep pipes from freezing. Me, I’m a little more into comfort. I’ll use a hand warmer.
  2. Let someone know where you'll be.

    Find Friends. It’s an Apple app
  3. Let someone know where you'll be.

    It’s gps based so it does work as long as a satellite or two can be linked. No phone service where I hunt and she can pretty much see which tree I’m in.
  4. Let someone know where you'll be.

    Yeah, it’s kinda like remembering to bring the keys for the boat on a fishing trip, or even putting the plug in before launching. They only work good if u remember to install them correctly.
  5. Let someone know where you'll be.

    My wife also tracks me with the phone gps and no, it’s not like a stalker kind of thing. It is in case of an emergency or a situation like this thread discusses. It has come in handy more than once! I was navigating through the woods by google maps to get to a turkey hunting spot last spring in the early dark hours of the morning and happened to drop my phone by accident in between spot location checks. I walked around for hours looking for it with no luck. Went home and borrowed the wife’s phone. Pulled up the app and walked right up to it. Hope that is the worst situation we ever have to use it for.
  6. Best way keep hands warm?

    A good warm and fuzzy hat goes a long way in keeping my hands warm. Just picked up an early Christmas present from Home Depot that I got to field test while bird hunting in Kansas this week. Made by Milwaukee power tools, a 12 volt cordless battery heated jacket and hoodie with 3 settings, pocket hand warmers, heated chest and back areas. Batteries lasted about 3 1/2 hours on high and supposed to last up to 6 hours on lower settings. Absolute game changer! It was like wrapping a heated car seat around me! Can’t wait to use it on the water while fishing for walleye this winter.
  7. JigFest 2017 - Let the bragging begin!

    Looks like I might have had an impeller shift. Looking into damages now. Was gonna replace that last year but never got around to it.
  8. JigFest 2017 - Let the bragging begin!

    And u guys thought you were eating walleye......lol!
  9. JigFest 2017 - Let the bragging begin!

    I had a blast again this year even with boat issues. Fishing was second to friendship, food and stories. Nice to see some new faces and old ones. There were lots of things going on behind the scenes and I think a review of the name of this gathering might be in order. Next year.....Jig Fest/ Gig Fest?????? I hear Billethead might a few pictures that he has been holding back?? all in fun gentlemen
  10. JigFest 2017 - Let the bragging begin!

    Stinking bass
  11. Official Jigfest #4 food thread

    15 packages that will feed 2 or more each and 20 crappie fillets
  12. Official Jigfest #4 food thread

    Sounds like it is all under control then. I’m getting hungry thinking about all this. The wife did make a big batch of chocolate and caramel chip cookies, but unfortunately, I don’t think they will survive tomorrow mornings drive....
  13. Official Jigfest #4 food thread

    That should be enough tarter. I’ll pick up some cocktail then. Might pick up the fixings for hush puppies just in case
  14. Official Jigfest #4 food thread

    Was someone bringing hush puppies, taters, and onions?
  15. Official Jigfest #4 food thread

    I got the walleye and some salmon from Phil loaded in the cooler. Fixin to head to store and get Andy’s corn meal, cocktail sauce and tarter sauce for fish fry. Also bringing a few snow goose brats and snow goose summer sausage for interested folks to try.

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