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  1. spoonbill questions

    Start around Bridgeport and work your way up stream
  2. First Taneycomo trip is finally here

    If you can get out in a boat you’ll have more access to where the fish are. That’s a pretty good stretch of water where you’ll be staying. The creeks are holding a few fish right now too. Watch Phil’s One Cast for daily updates on the bite and water conditions
  3. Duck boat, mud motor, and trailer

    LOL! Yup that was fun!
  4. Duck boat, mud motor, and trailer

    Yeah, I’m kinda on the fence about this. Wouldn’t hurt my feelings not to sell it.
  5. Ok guys, I’ve decided to let the duck machine go. It is a 13 foot 8 inch long by 48 inch wide modified John boat with 212 cc mud motor on home made trailer. I modified the bench seats in the John boat so that you can lay out in it. The motor is strong enough to push the boat and two men over brush and all kinds of stuff. Only need about 3 inches of water to run in. Wood in transom will need to be replaced but still strong enough to run it now. Pretty neat boat to duck hunt out of if you have a place to hunt that has ducks. Haven’t been any numbers of ducks to hunt in my area for a few years now and started chasing the walleye instead. asking $750
  6. Gone fishing tomorrow

    Well, I guess I’ll give me my own update.... fished KDock to Beaver from 9 am to 4 pm. Jerk baited roll offs all the way up and only one smelly fish. Jigged brush piles and bluffs all the way back down with only one keeper crappie. Water temps 39.5 in the morning and 42 when we quit. Wind out of the east and cold all day.
  7. Anything other than Trout ? Help !

    Good water depth. Stay a little closer to the bluff sides. Reel good bluff just down from there that I’ve seen a lot of bass caught on this time of year.
  8. Gone fishing tomorrow

    Still wondering?
  9. What Ever Happened to Terry Beeson???

    He still lives in the area and chimes in on FB every now and then. Does a lot of traveling with his job.
  10. Gone fishing tomorrow

    Well, how’d you do?
  11. Gone fishing tomorrow

    I caught 8 of them stinking bass and 6 crappie today throwing mega bass 110+1’s looking for Walters. Stayed in 22-27 fow and threw up on the edge of the flats. Caught fish around k dock, snapp, and Beaver. 6-8 seconds between twitches.
  12. Most were caught on jigs. Mega bass caught more fish on Monday than Tuesday, but the jig out fished it big time. I believe the 20 inch brown down by Monkey was caught on a pink power worm.
  13. Walleye

    I use mega bass 110+1’s. I work my way up stream slowly. Very slow! I stay in 27-30 feet of water and cast up on to the flat fishing the roll off of the old river channel. Concentrate on the upper and lower ends of the small creek cuts. Work like rps said. Phil audio recorded and posted on here a walleye seminar with Buster Loving a few years ago on walleye fishing Upper Bull Shoals. Lots of good info there. I’ve been trying to dial it in 4 years now. I have good days and bad days but I’ve been starting to have more good than bad.
  14. Newby to Taneycomo

    Tinsel in a white or grey and white jig can help sometimes. You never really need more than an 1/8th ounce jig unless flood gates are open. In that case we do double up on 1/8th jigs. Straight line jig fishing can put great numbers in the boat. Below the trophy area, the pink power worm on a 1/100th ounce jig head under a float can put a lot of numbers in the boat too. With higher flow rates, try a jerk bait. It can be fun.
  15. Wind speed

    I fished it yesterday in a 17.5 foot aluminum G3. Big waves in areas. A good spot lock on the trolling motor was the only thing that made it possible. Getting boat back on trailer in the waves was a little challenging. Had one chance to get it right.

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