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  1. One day, I had that 500 yard slot to myself. Bill comes down and lands a monster, very next weekend there were 25 boats in that slot. It has slowed quite a bit now though. Kinda back to normal.
  2. I have fished the orange next to the pink. Some days the orange out fishes the pink but most days pink.
  3. Incredible fish Bill but don’t cut yourself short. It was 40.4 pounds which means it was 40 pounds 6 ounces. Two ounces larger than Rip Collins fish out of the Little Red. I can not think of a better deserving fisherman for this to happen too. Congratulations Bill Babler! Job well done.
  4. Late Fall/Winter.... hands down....Buster. I learned everything I know from him. I only guide trout. Walleye is my fun time.
  5. We use a 6 ft Lilleys’ Landing 30 year commemorative rod made for the resort in Harrison, Arkansas
  6. I thought I saw you sliding by in the fog yesterday morning
  7. Jerkbaits, crank baits, jigs, and drift rigs with shad flies or big scuds.
  8. There might have been a few caught this morning. Might be a few to be caught. Tested a few new things out. Some passed the initial evaluations, some didn’t pan out. Company was incredible. I can tell you, my wife and I are having ribs tonight. The BBQ sauce will be savored! There is also a new addition to the mantle, a place where truely treasured items are displayed .
  9. Marty and I are fixing to go sore lip as many as we can in about an hour. They might be a little tight lipped tomorrow...... lol!
  10. Lilleys sells some pre painted lures that are the same blank that I custom paint.
  11. Here is the sculpin and the juvenile rainbow SS (signature series) on the WLure UPM606 blank.
  12. I’m painting up a batch of the SS right now. Looks like they are still working.
  13. That is also the last couple of days of king season. The Naknek has a pretty good run of kings!
  14. I don’t think or feel like I’m a pro. I do know how to help people catch trout and enjoy doing that. I’m just a guide.
  15. We boated a few good ones this evening
  16. I think they may have reacted good
  17. Ryan Titus will be fishing with me in my boat. I’m pretty sure we are going to be targeting crappie and walleye. I usually catch a bass or two by accident doing that.
  18. Gates did open about noon today. No units running and 2 gates open 2 feet. Ryan and I boated up for the one cast just as they were opening. Fish floating everywhere. Bass, gizzard shad, crappie, drum, threadfin shad, and a couple spooners. We caught a few on white and the water was real dingy. Had a 2 hr trip from 4-6 pm this evening. Went back up to dam and caught a bunch on white 1/16 jigs from cable to outlet 3. Bite slowed way down any further down. Fished the tennis court flat and caught bunches of fish on sculpin and ginger 1/16 ounce jigs and sculpin jerks. Not seeing any shad down that far.
  19. And don’t forget the winter trout programs for the city parks in urbanville. 25 pounders all winter long in them little ponds.
  20. Fished with the Billethead today. We put the “Ham” to them!
  21. Come on wrench, don’t hold nothing back. Tell us how you really feel.......LOL!
  22. He was looking at the adipose fin to see if it was clipped. They clipped that fin to mark them as trips.
  23. Looking forward to seeing him again!
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