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  1. How many people usually show up to the tying demo? Is there a list of materials needed or can we just get them there? Duckydoty
  2. jdavis What did you end up going with. I'm fixing to gear up also and interested in what worked out for you Duckydoty
  3. I sent an email yesterday and I also forwarded Phil's email to another global forum. Hopefully we will get some help from these people too because quite a few of them travel down this way to fish Taney. Duckydoty
  4. Most swaps have at least one fella that drops or does not meet the guidelines. I wouldn't worry about it too much and just keep the bonus flies for yourself. Thats part of the benefits of hosting a swap Only one out of 15 not complying is pretty good and you cant hold everybodies hand. Thanks for hosting the swap and I cant wait to see what we end up getting. Duckydoty
  5. I just got back tonight from below the dam. I didn't do very well, but there was a guy right at the stairs below #2 with a lighted indicator doing real well. Water was way up when I got there at 7:30 and dropped to the bottom of the step when I left at 10:00. I have not done well the last 2 times that I have gone in the evening. Brian, Is downtown the landing? Are there public docks to fish from down there and do many people fly fish in that area? The wife does not like to fly fish very often and might get into sitting on a dock fishing with jigs under a bobber or something like that while I flyfish. Duckydoty
  6. This one don't care either. That's the only way I can get my son to go with me is if he gets to jig fish. A jig is pretty much what I'm throwing with the flyrod anyways. A big rabbit strip leech with dumbell weights for eyes. I just like the way it drifts better with the flyrod. Duckydoty
  7. I should have mine in the mail Monday. Send me an addy Duckydoty
  8. I was out there last night and the fishing was good. Used a black and purple bunny strip leach. They ran the water for about an hour 11-12 I think. The fishing was good till the horn blew, then I decided to move up to chute 1 while the water was up, by the time I got there the water was dropping already. I went back down to the rebar hole and caught 3 more trout. I fished till 2:30 and decided to quit then cause things slowed down about then. Caught one rainbow that measured 18 1/2" caught 2 browns one about 13 the other about 15" Duckydoty
  9. Hey guys, Just a few suggestions to make it a little easier on the swap miester 1. Send in all flies with toe tags on each hook stating the tiers name and name of the fly 2. Also send a self addressed return envelope with postage already paid/stamps attached 3. Pack fles in a crush proof box such as an altoids can, your new selection can be returned to you in the same box Duckydoty
  10. Hey Terry, I just moved to the Springfield area also. My wife is a realtor and after a little checking out of the markets and schools in the area, we decided on Nixa. Its a nice location and a growing market with pretty good schools. We enrolled the kids in a few summer school classes just so they could get a feel for the new school and meet a few kids over the summer. They both enjoy it much more than they ever expected. I would suggest the south side of Springfield or Nixa for the better schools and real estate prospects. Send me an email if you would like my wife to do some searching for you or send info on the area. We'll have to get together and do some fishin some time Duckydoty
  11. Thanks Phil, Been to your place a few times, You got a nice place going there Duckydoty
  12. I've done many swaps on other forums with swappers all over the world. I'm new here but would like to jump in on the swap if its OK. I'd like to tie a bunny strip leach that I like to use on Taney Duckydoty
  13. I'm new to the Nixa area and like hitting Taney. Looking for some less beaten paths also. Duckydoty
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