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  1. Deadstream Netboy getting ready to draw now
  2. Spent about 5 hours in the wind and rain looking for them yesterday, managed to get one nice one in the boat not even 10 minutes in. Dragged crawler harnesses in 18-25 fow. Caught a keeper and a short crappie, couple blue gills, a small channel, a yellow perch, and a few short stinking bass. Quite the challenge in that wind. Ran into Paco out there. Good to see him again.
  3. That’s not the contest point. That was won on a trade deal that ended very well for the both of us.
  4. I know a spot close by that holds some turkeys. Fish all night, hunt all day.
  5. They are hand crafted by natives made from various materials. One is fossilized walrus oosik (baculum), carved caribou and moose antlers, fossilized walrus rib bone tipped with mammoth ivory and bone, fossilized walrus jaw bone and ivory, diamond wood, and one mammoth bone. Then there are 2 sculpture made of whale bone, baleene, and polar bear hair.
  6. I can not even begin to say how lucky and proud I am to have this work of art displayed amongst my most prized possessions. I have a collection of ulu’s (native Alaskan knives), one for each year of guiding up there, a native Alaskan artifact called a bear whistle, and a claw from a brown bear and the only partial point I have found, with Marty’s signed point right in the middle of them. Thank you my friend!
  7. Uncle Brother Dave has started painting lures too!
  8. Way to go Uncle Brother Dave and Aunt Sister Jenny!
  9. List for drawing: Flysmallie JestersHK (sharing the love and removing himself from the list) Quillback Johnsfolly Snagged in outlet 3 nomolites Terrierman Travis Swift Ness dnj21 better half of Johnsfolly daughter of Johnsfolly Brother Dave Any more?
  10. Man! That’s one of the original 3! Sure you want to fish it? I would!
  11. I just got 8 more sculpin flavored UMP606 blanks from wlure.com painted, signed and clear coated. This has been, by far, my best blank to fish Taney when the water is off, and my favorite paint scheme also. I was reading Marty’s (Billethead) thread on knapping and saw where he is having a drawing, giving away a point he hand crafted to interested individuals. What a great idea! I am not interested in selling any of these lures because I just can not ask enough to make them worth my while trying to make money on them. I have had many inquiries about selling them and have turned down offers to do so. I do not mind giving one away though. So, just like in Marty’s thread, if you are interested, put your name on the list here. On Friday, October 12, I will draw a name and the winner will get one of these sculpin flavored UMP606’s that I have just finished painting.
  12. Me too. I want in. Great idea that I could try in another thread.
  13. One of my most memorable hunts was at FG. It was the last day of the season and all the water was locked up tight except the blind we got had a 20 foot circle of open water right in front of it. Had to walk across the ice to get to blind. I was able to stay on top, but my buddy kept breaking through and it was a struggle to get back on top. I finally had to grab all his gear and go get the decoys set up while he struggled to get back on top of the ice. After gettting everything set up and about 15 minutes before shooting time, I went back and helped him bust 3 inch ice all the way to the blind. We had every duck in the county trying to land on that open water. Great hunt!
  14. Way cool Marty! This, I truly do envy.
  15. Some of the blanks that I have found to work well on suspending and catching fish are as follows. The best producer so far when the water is off is the UPM 606 from wlure.com. It is 3 1/4 inches long, weighs 1/4 ounce, dives 3-4 feet, has great action and suspends well. They have a pre painted on clearance for $.99 right now. I just ordered 40 of them. They come with eyes, split rings and hooks. Heck of a deal. https://www.wlure.com/products/fishing-lure-minnow-m606?variant=21060865542 For deeper water I like the megabass 110+1 knock off from Predatorbassbaits.com. This one suspends well also, it’s supposed to dive 7-9 feet, but I think it only goes 6-7 feet deep. Their site is a little difficult to navigate, but pretty good blanks.
  16. Nice start Seth. Hope you bust a big boy tomorrow.
  17. A few more bows on the sculpin flavor and a brown on the rainbow flavor this evening.
  18. You just can’t see it in the picture, they have a pearlescent blue hue under the chin just for you.
  19. Caught some nice bows this morning on both the sculpin flavored and rainbow flavored baits. Been trying to get the next batch of sculpin flavored done for over a week now. They should be ready to fish tomorrow.
  20. Nice fish! Looks like little to no fog too.
  21. Had some clients that wanted to try for bigger fish this morning so I put them on the sculpin signature series. They landed a dozen or so bows, hooked up and lost 4 big browns and landed one brown at 23.5 inches.
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