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  1. I bet he is a blast. He sure is pretty entertaining on here.
  2. What have you contributed to this post? Advice? Encouragement? Tips? How to properly hold a fish????
  3. Year they are. Bout the size of a good sculpin
  4. Low pressure stippling, stencils, and shading were fun techniques to learn on this one. Will be fished this week.
  5. Yes. Just got to have enough weight above it to get it on the bottom
  6. 6 and 8 mm beads are pegged on your line 1 1/2 inches above a size 6 octopus hook and drifted under an indicator or polish nymph style while fly fishing. They can be fished on a drift rig system while boat fishing with the water running. I have found the yellow colored ones work the best for browns. I also paint or highlight them with different fingernail polishes. TroutBeads.com carries quite the selection if Phil does not have what you are looking for, although I gave him a pretty big assortment that I had left over from guiding with them in Alaska.
  7. Ok. Here’s the first of the sculpin series. They are much more difficult and time consuming than the rainbow. Pretty happy with the look though.
  8. I see this one swimming around every now and then. It’s 36-38 inches long and I’m pretty sure breaking the 30 pound mark.
  9. Wanted to see if joeD looked at pictures like he reads
  10. Think I’m about to run with this one
  11. JoeD, Heres a few pictures of browns from a guy that doesn’t fish enough posted for a guy that doesn’t read enough.
  12. I’ve got some 3 inch blanks that run 4-5 feet deep and suspend.
  13. Moving on to a sculpin flavored bait, I have been working on some new techniques with the air brush and trying to get color schemes down. That’s not easy being red/green color blind to an extent. Been practicing on plastic spoons and I’m up to my 6th attempt. Getting closer but not quite there yet.
  14. I want to know how the contents of the special delivery pan out also!
  15. The size looks good. I too am interested in the swim baits but feel like I’m chewing on enough right now. Did you paint?
  16. He might have made it home with a set of 6 or 8
  17. You are correct about some things never changing. Not selling any, just building my stock up and learning to paint. I have a few ideas on some sculpin flavored ones that I might give a try at in the future.
  18. I used 4 pound mono for the smaller baits and 6 pound for the larger. Typically when chasing the browns, both day and night, I’m pretty aggressive with the retrieve. Slowed it down this morning a bit to play with the rainbows.
  19. We had some fun this morning and the storms stayed just far enough away to allow us to fish from 4:30-9 am. No monster browns landed but we did land a bunch of fish. I did loose one lure to the face of a big boy this morning. DJ is mad at em like I use to be🙂
  20. I guess you missed a post where the first fish caught on one was a 20 inch brown. But then again one would have to read all 7 pages first....
  21. Ok guys, Pete is out. Anyone else wanna get up early?
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