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  1. A few more bows on the sculpin flavor and a brown on the rainbow flavor this evening.
  2. You just can’t see it in the picture, they have a pearlescent blue hue under the chin just for you.
  3. Caught some nice bows this morning on both the sculpin flavored and rainbow flavored baits. Been trying to get the next batch of sculpin flavored done for over a week now. They should be ready to fish tomorrow.
  4. Nice fish! Looks like little to no fog too.
  5. Had some clients that wanted to try for bigger fish this morning so I put them on the sculpin signature series. They landed a dozen or so bows, hooked up and lost 4 big browns and landed one brown at 23.5 inches.
  6. Travis, im having a hard time finding the time to paint them for me. I have 6 half way painted for over a week now.
  7. Sounds like a plan joeD. I would be happy to show you Lake Taneycomo. I’m booked pretty solid through October, so it would have to be after that. Just let me know when you would like to go.
  8. Sculpin flavored bait worked well this morning.
  9. Thank you Al. That is a highly valued comment.
  10. I bet he is a blast. He sure is pretty entertaining on here.
  11. What have you contributed to this post? Advice? Encouragement? Tips? How to properly hold a fish????
  12. Year they are. Bout the size of a good sculpin
  13. Low pressure stippling, stencils, and shading were fun techniques to learn on this one. Will be fished this week.
  14. Yes. Just got to have enough weight above it to get it on the bottom
  15. 6 and 8 mm beads are pegged on your line 1 1/2 inches above a size 6 octopus hook and drifted under an indicator or polish nymph style while fly fishing. They can be fished on a drift rig system while boat fishing with the water running. I have found the yellow colored ones work the best for browns. I also paint or highlight them with different fingernail polishes. TroutBeads.com carries quite the selection if Phil does not have what you are looking for, although I gave him a pretty big assortment that I had left over from guiding with them in Alaska.
  16. Ok. Here’s the first of the sculpin series. They are much more difficult and time consuming than the rainbow. Pretty happy with the look though.
  17. I see this one swimming around every now and then. It’s 36-38 inches long and I’m pretty sure breaking the 30 pound mark.
  18. Wanted to see if joeD looked at pictures like he reads
  19. Think I’m about to run with this one
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