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  1. streamcreeper


    Ok thanks.
  2. streamcreeper


    How's the food at the lodge? I been hundreds of times but never eaten at the lodge.
  3. streamcreeper

    All Up And Down Outside Montauk

    Brings back memories. Good job and nice pics.
  4. streamcreeper

    Wow, River Peaked At 2200Cfs, Now At 632Cfs

    Its about darn time. The river could really use it
  5. streamcreeper

    Fishing Report

    A 15" brown had taken the minnow while I was bringing it in! Does that count as live bait fishing??? I don't know-it was certainly not intentional. I was kind of relieved when the brown got off before I brought him to net. [/quote Thats interesting last time i was down on the upper current i was nymphing big hares ears.. for some reason catch a good amount of browns on this set up. I hooked a nice 15 to 16 inch brown but the crazy part was he still had a sculpin lodged in his throat. I will have to post some pics. would any of you consider sculpin patterns the best way to take browns on the current. I allways see lots of them down there.
  6. streamcreeper

    Current Report

    i agree with that. On my last trip it seemed as soon as the sun hit the water i was getting fish on brassies and the like.
  7. streamcreeper

    Ed Story's Shock Rig

    please elaborate
  8. BOY..bring that SEEEAAAGAARRR

  9. streamcreeper

    How Are The Crowds Below The Park

    its going to be packed every week until catch and release season
  10. streamcreeper

    Fall Trip 9/11 - 9/12

    thanks i appreciate that
  11. lookin for danny ray cirus and bobby zoogular so i can go to the boulders

  12. streamcreeper

    Fall Trip 9/11 - 9/12

    nice pics ..and how do you edit them to look like that.im trying to learn to take better pics. i took all of the pics in trizkids last post but i bet i could edit them and make them look better
  13. streamcreeper

    Not A 'solid' Day, A Great Day

    That one brown has got a real nice red belly on it. On a side note last time I was down on the current I caught a small wild rainbow wich still had par marks and white fin tips. I had heard that the rainbows could reproduce naturally but it was cool to catch one and see it with my own eyes i have a pic an ill post it when i find time...
  14. streamcreeper

    Heading Down...

    i tried tellin my wife the same thing but she just wasnt havin it
  15. streamcreeper

    River Monsters

    another cool fishing show to check out, is seasons on the fly they show new ones on versus mondays at noon.

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