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    Don't keep smallmouth. Keep the spots. Ask why and it is likely you will be inundated with information about spotted bass taking over. If you keep one, you are keeping a precious jewel and preventing fellow anglers from enjoying it. If I am off base, it was the mention of a limit that sparked my fear and love for a species I don't get to chase on the regular.
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    streamcreeper reacted to Joe C in Little Piney Beauty   
    Caught this little trophy on a home tied pheasant tail jig.  Just a tad over 12 inches

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    streamcreeper reacted to jackdizo in Little Piney Beauty   
    Nice Fish, That creek is amazing. Thanks for sharing.
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    streamcreeper reacted to Sharps4590 in Little Piney Beauty   
    How can one not love the Little Piney and the beautiful fish that live in it?  Well done, sir!
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