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  1. Went back yesterday to release about 200 baby trout from one of our Trout in the Classroom tanks. It will be interesting to see if any survive. Anyway, fished the Watts area with my Dad. I caught about 2 to his 1. Between the 2 of us, we caught close to 100 fish. You'll have to search for them, but when you find one, you'll find that it's a pod of them.
  2. The LIR is fishing well, again. The water is still a bit murky but is beginning to clear up. D.O. levels are improving and trout are putting up a good fight, when hooked. #14 - #16 Mayfly patterns like PTN, GRHE and Soft Hackles are all working. #8 - #12 Olive Wooly Buggers drifted or stripped are working. Micro Jigs in black or white and Mega Worms in white or pink are working in the right spots and right conditions. If you are not keeping fish, please practice good catch and release techniques. i.e. wet your hands before handling fish, de-barb hooks, etc... Also, if you are interested in joining our Tulsa area club, see our website at TU420.com
  3. DaddyO

    Just funny stuff

    LOL. The Darwin Force is strong in this one!!
  4. DaddyO

    12/8 LIR Update

    And, the river seems to be in good health with lots of bug life. I've been hammering them on a 1/100th Black micro jig. I've caught lots of fat trout in the past 2 trips.
  5. DaddyO

    Kelly Galloup's Nancy P

    You have to tie it before you know what's in it!! I'm Punny.
  6. DaddyO

    Night Fly

    Must've just missed you. We were fishing between outlets 2 and 3 using black and natural hibernators. The fish kept us interested until we got hungry.
  7. DaddyO

    Streamer Swap

    So.... Are we gonna do this or not?
  8. DaddyO

    What's Cooking?

    Any of you guys ever do a Low Country Boil? If so, How would you do it if only cooking for 2 people?
  9. DaddyO

    Streamer Swap

    I'll play. I like the Single hook option. But, why limit it? Why don't we just submit our favorite streamer?
  10. DaddyO

    Fishing report July 1-15

    I've never seen lights on a drift boat. What about 1 man pontoon boats. Are they required?
  11. DaddyO

    Striper biting yet?

    Water is still stained. There are lots of Striper, White Bass and Trout in the river. A Black Wooly Bugger has been the ticket for all three species.
  12. DaddyO

    computer question

    Go to Internet Options in Control Panel and on the Security tab, click on Restricted Websites in the Internet Security Zone, and then on the button labeled “Sites” . Check if the URL of the website you wish to access is listed there. If yes, select the URL and click on Remove. You’ll be prompted for confirmation. That done, the website should open without any problems on any of your browsers.
  13. DaddyO

    computer question

    Can you ping www.ozarkanglers.com? What browser are you using? IE or Chrome or something else?
  14. I got mine today, also. I can't wait to try these flies. Good job guys and a big Thank You to mic for being the Swap Meister, again!
  15. Nick W's street number is 225

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