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  1. fishing report

    Followup to a request for info earlier this week. Partner and i did a short float today, from kerr to james river outfitters. Caught 15 plus including a couple of nice ones, all smallmouth. a few perch as well. most on crankbait or ned rig. water was moving fast so a little tough to fish with any bottom stuff. water still had good color but rolling pretty good. thanks for all the good info from those who responded to the request!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Fishing reports?

    Great info! thanks guys, will report when i get back.
  3. Fishing reports?

    Going on a float this friday and was wondering if anyone has been on the river recently or before friday. Looking for some advice on what to throw, first time on this river.
  4. Scuppper Woes

    thanks yaknar i'll check withthem
  5. Scuppper Woes

    sounds like you are a regular on the James. I'm planning to float soon. Any advice you'd give me? I'm primarily fishing. need a shuttle and a place to stay for a night or two. suggestions?
  6. Late report

    Fished last Thursday afternoon and Friday. Thursday was good, three hours. And four fish including two over four lbs.. Most on jerkbait and one on arig. Water temp 50- - 52,. Windy! Saturday focused on musky and zeroed. Bluebird skies and no wind. Did catch a couple bass on jerk baits but that was it in 8 hours of casting and trolling. looking forward to get back on pomme!
  7. New Branson State Park water problems

    If this is true, has it been reported to DNR?
  8. Lew's SC600, the big round reel

    Do you think there is an advantage in fishing from the kayak vs a bassboat in terms of catching fish? Stealthier make a difference?
  9. SK Report 11/17-11/19

    Update on the hook encounter - just pulled my one stitch out. I know, what a man right! No infection so that is good. After Bill's experience I want no part of that.
  10. Shell knob report 4/15 -4/17

    I'll add one more to this weekends reports. Did pretty good every day with a mix of bass, shorts and a few keepers. Arig caught my best, then swimbaits. Most pretty deep, 10-15 feet down over deeper water. Caught a limit of crappie in the kings river as well, in the brush lining the shore on small jigs. Fishing buddy dWiebenga caught a few big ones, 13 -15 inchers. I stuck with the 10 inchers. got to meet up with champ188 and Donna. Had a nice chat and heard about mr. Bill's saving a life on a guide trip. Way to go bill!
  11. Ouch

    I'm in the same boat. Just had an attack a couple of weeks ago. Only relief, iv pain drugs. Took two days to get rid of the thing. Found out I have another stone in the other kidney. Now I'm afraid to be anywhere without being in easy range of an ER!!!!!
  12. O A F One Bass Tournament- news & results

    thanks to all!!! Great day to fish, good food and a chance to meet the oaf group, can't get much better than that.
  13. White River Walleye or Bust

    Bill, care to weigh in on how I might use your thoughts and translate to small public lakes in the Kansas City area. Fishing has stunk the two times I've been out. Both lakes are old with no timber in the water. Bottom with a few exceptions is largely flat. Where do you think the fish might begin staging in this situation? Another question. I'm using a lowrance lms 520. Just not seeing any fish. Upped the sensitivity in deeper water but other than seeing an occasional hump or brush pile, no fish. Am I expecting too much from an older unit with limited technology? Or am I missing something?
  14. its almost time....2016 redfishing trip

    Thanks flyfish, checked out his website and sounds like an option. What time of year do you think gives us the best chance at getting into them?
  15. its almost time....2016 redfishing trip

    Thought you guys could help me out. My son and I want to tangle with some of those redfish. Started by looking at Louisiana but am open to other places as mentioned here. Do you have any suggestions on locations and guides that you'd recommend? We're working kind of blind here so on the ground knowledge of good guides would be a huge help. Would like to use fly rod and kayaks if possible but our main goal is to get into the reds, action first and foremost then focus on the big guys. Thanks in advance!

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