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  1. stinger160

    Fenwick Casting Rods

    I have two fenwick HMG casting rods, 5'6", pistol grip handles. Great for jerkbaits (no slapping the water with these babies) and spinnerbaits for short accurate casts around cover, docks etc. Rated for 1/4 to 3/4 oz lures. The last time I looked at Cabela's these fenwick rods retail for about $100. I'd like to sell both for $125. both are in great shape. Would like to sell in Kansas City area but willing to ship for the cost of doing so.
  2. Fyi, phone number is 816 813 1001

  3. Never been in the water, like new. Got this as a present for my brother and he didn't use it. Came back to me and not my style. $150, New on ebay list for 299. Not able to post pictures, but if you are interested text me and I'll send you some. I'm in the kansas city area but could send for mailing costs.
  4. stinger160

    2017......Stockton Fishing Year in review.......

    I am so jealous!!!! Way to go
  5. stinger160

    Air Rifle

    Love the out of the box thinking here. Makes the shooting a lot more fun, but watch those gut shots dinos! can't add much technical knowledge to the conversation. i've been using a cheap daisy powerline 880 to deal with a squirrel/pest problem. In the first year, I killed 77 and scared a bunch more. I was surprised how accurate the little gun was. Now considering upgrading but haven"t pulled the trigger yet. Probably will be looking for advice from you guys!
  6. stinger160

    JigFest 2017 - Let the bragging begin!

    sorry for the late reply. It was a great trip! Ditto on all that has been said. Thanks to Ham and Brett for quiding this newby to some fish! And to Quillback for organizing everything and the cooks, we ate like kings.
  7. stinger160

    Official Jigfest #4 thread

    I'll be down thursday afternoon, fishing friday and saturday.
  8. stinger160

    Jigfest lodging thread

    Could someone send me the name and address of the lodge?
  9. stinger160

    Official Jigfest #4 thread

    A fishing equipment question. What line and pound test should i set up for? I usually use 10 lb braid with a leader on most of my spinning outfits. do I need to go as low as 2 lb test for this type of trout fishing?
  10. stinger160

    Jigfest lodging thread

    Quillback, thanks for organizing the lodging. $80 for three nights is a bargain!
  11. stinger160

    Official Jigfest #4 food thread

    I'll keep an eye out for what others are bringing and then fill in the holes as needed for side dish, drinks etxc.
  12. stinger160

    TinBoats Tourney Results

    ketchup, how do you guys handle the waves in stockton in a 16 or 17 foot aluminum boat? I've got a lowe 16 stinger 160 and frankly, being out on stockton is a scary thought. Am I just a chicken or can my boat handle more than I know?
  13. stinger160

    Jigfest lodging thread

    count me in for thursday thru saturday night
  14. stinger160

    Official Jigfest #4 thread

    newbie here, followed this event the last three years, now I want in!!!!! Pure rookie fishing for trout, and boatless trailer trash so will be looking for a ride. Help!
  15. stinger160

    fishing report

    Followup to a request for info earlier this week. Partner and i did a short float today, from kerr to james river outfitters. Caught 15 plus including a couple of nice ones, all smallmouth. a few perch as well. most on crankbait or ned rig. water was moving fast so a little tough to fish with any bottom stuff. water still had good color but rolling pretty good. thanks for all the good info from those who responded to the request!!!!!!!!!!

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