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  1. Do you know the length from back of motor to front of trailer, need to know if it will fit in my garage. Transom solid I guess? Type and thrust on trolling motor?
  2. Just the couple around 19 inches. All were nice chunky fish though, looked to be feeding heavy on the scuds. Steve cleaned some for us and belly’s were full.
  3. Six of us got 42 trout during the heavy current event. Bottom bouncing with grey scuds. Three young kids including a six year old all scored multiple trout with a couple of nice 18 or 19 inchers among them. Us older folks managed a few too. Great time to be remembered often!
  4. Planning a day trip to Bucksaw area. Any updates on recent fishing success and what might work this week?
  5. My brother and I will be taking one of his grandkids to fish lower taney in a couple of weeks. Looking for any info you're willing to share on what we should be trying, fishing mainly for bass and crappie. Maybe some trout if they are to be found there as well. staying at Edgewater Beach Resort for approximate locale we'll be fishing.
  6. I have two LMS 520 finders, transducers and cabling for sale. Also, network cables to connect them. $250 for all shipped. I can send pictures via text if interested.
  7. Looks like graphmasters is all humminbird
  8. Long time fisherman but never really used my electronics much. I committed to doing more with some new equipment I got last winter. Looking for someone that can provide both an expert eye on my installation and train me in how to setup and use it. Found some in an internet search but they are too far away. Anyone know of someone in Missouri, Arkansas or Kansas?
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