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  1. Fishwrench to the rescue. Drove to his shop this morning, turned out to be a loose connection and maybe a sticking part. Anyway, I'm back in business, thanks Wrench!
  2. so far, checked the battery and connections and they look good. Still doesn't engage. Looks like a trip to fishinwrench is in my future.
  3. The alabama rig fish were off the bluff ends, holding at about 30 feet over water that could be anywhere from 50 to 90 feet. the jerkbait fish were along big chunk rock banks, just straight runs, boat was in 30 plus feet of water and casting to the shoreline. Needed trees around to get a bite.
  4. Dave (DWiebenga)and I fished 7 hours thursday and about 5 hours Friday. Thursday was a bust, crazy wind and cold. We have a small aluminum boat and just couldn't fish well with the wind. Caught two sub legal spots and that was it. Friday was much better, caught around fifteen, mostly spots and a couple of largemouth. alabama rig was the best deal on bluff end points. Four or five of them on steep banks, big chunk rock on a jerkbait. A few squeaker keepers in the bunch with most really fat 13 - 14 inch spots. And they were fat! Big bellies and spitting up shad. Dave will likely be along shortly and can add a few pics.
  5. I love Sunday Morning show too!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Guys, thanks for the kind words. Mopanfisher, my chemo and bone marrow transplant will happen at KU's cancer center. I live in Lees Summit mo and they have a clinic real close where the chemo happens, then the transplant at the hospital downtown. We've had a couple of people with great experiences through KU so that's the plan.
  7. This post caught my eye. Not a regular poster, only get to the ozarks a few times a year. But read you guys exploits everyday. Just found out I have myeloma, a cancer of the bone marrow. Will limit my fishing time for the next 7 or 8 months while I have chemo and a bone marrow transplant. So need something to keep me sane. Thinking about and planning fishing efforts is that thing. My goal is to get back on the water asap and meet some more ozark anglers. Got to go on jigfest two years ago and met Ham, quillback and billethead. So that's my baseline. Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Fishing this afternoon and on the fourth time starting engine, won't turn over. I can hear a whirring noise like the starter is turning but is not spinning the motor. Previously today it kicked right over. Any simple stuff I can try to diagnose? I'm not a mechanic by any means but can follow instructions. Motor is a 25 horsepower four stroke, 2006 model.
  9. Wrench, just got my scope per your recommendation. wow, what a difference! bright, clear image and cross hairs I can see. Just need to get it sighted in and the squirrels will be in trouble. Thanks for your help.
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