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  1. Do you mean prince of Wales island below the ABC islands, other than that I'm confused. Thought PEI was in the other country.
  2. Kayser there's some carp on the nade, you'll have to drive by the house down to Nagagomi. I've never seen any numbers except May when they are spawning. Other than that never seen any close, and you'll probably be gone for summer before it warms up enough.
  3. Very good summation and information Duane. I can't find faulty logic or disinformation or even disagreement in any of what you said. Not bad for a Newbie
  4. I agree good looking dog.
  5. Good loooking roost, If you only hunt the field in the morning they should keep returning. Depends on how cold it stays and if they are feeding once or twice a day. The best situation is the field being downwind on the day you hunt. Shots don't carry far to the roost in a stiff breeze. They will feed more staggered on a warm morning as welll and leave the roost earlier. Good shooting
  6. Phil you are a fisher of men Fair winds and calm seas Sean
  7. Local coop has rocksalt for 7.00$ a hundred weight. Way cheaper and more effective than oildry or kitty litter. The next guy will have a dry ramp. Just sayin. Plus works on your driveway just avoid it if you want green grass come spring.
  8. Good shooting D. Arrgh I wonder some times how I ended up so far from any big water. It's 2 plus hours to any birds from the middle of nowhere and days like today I get to set and read about other guys having a blast. I love shooting Gaddys only duck that can peel off and move backwords. Keep hammering.
  9. Nephews been hammering the Whitefish through the ice. They are worth the effort. Haven't had any since Canada, There is some good eats. Would like to smoke them myself. Better eating than the bay walleye's in my opinion. Perch are gone but the whitefish are back. Times change.
  10. The Brule is in the far norhtern Wisconsin almost to Daloot, The Muskegon in MI is 10 hours from my house here in central MO. The Brule is 41/2 from my folks so probably 15 hours from here. The fastest way would be to go up 35 but o straight shot. It's classic shield trout water less gravel and faster than lower rivers. The fish are smaller coming out of a colder lake but it's a pretty river and used to have a good run of coasters in the fall. It fishes well in the summer on dries as well. Lot's of people there on the opener if the regs are still the same, WI is more fond of regulations, but theyve lost alot of trout water in recent years. I fished last summer at home and there are no wild trout left in creeks I grew up riding my bike to in NE WI. I've got a 2lb brookie mounted I caught in my front yard and nobody's caught a trout out of the little peshtigo in years.
  11. The grand is urban fishing below the dam, the rogue has park access in town the others run heavily through national forest like much of the ozarks. Access is seldom a problem if you stay away from the PM and the club and flys only water. The big (Manistee) is hard to wade much below the dam but is full of chromers below the salmon beds. I'm telling you it's on this year. The only problem with the big is crowds nad the canucks with their spey rods and palm reels. The best fishing happens now till the first hard snow, takes the water awhile to cool off.
  12. Some good fisherman up north have described this year as the perfect storm of chromer fishing. A couple reliable buddies are having 100 hookup days on several michigan streams for fall Steelies. Perfect turnover winds, lots of rain (not enough to blow the rivers) and less salmon competition has led to serious numbers of big fish in the rogue, grand, little, muskegon and more. If you have the time go. Fall fish are 3 times the fight of spring fish and they are the 5 yr olds that will spawn in March before the main run. There are lots of 13-15 lb. fish being caught. For all you fly guys a single egg pattern behind the salmon is killer as well as a bead. I wish I could go this is the best it gets in the midwest. If you have the ability go before the water cools and hang on with 12 lb. tippet and watch chromers flip against a cold blue sky. Good luck if you get the chance.
  13. Anglo American announced their pullout from a partnership with Northern Dynasty in the development of the Pebble Mine. Northern Dynasty stock has tumbled and there are doubts they have the money to move forward without the backing of a partner such as Anglo. Good news for those concerned and connected on here to the Bristol Bay watershed. This is a big hit to those that would like to see the mine developed at the detriment to this great river system.
  14. Put in on Private above Riddle, Nobody hardly at all on the water. River has changed since the flood lots of new sycamores in the water. Fishing was good after the rain. Crazy how few people were out for this weekend.
  15. You must stay in the water still. I made some calls for you this morning (going to school in Ann Arbor) leaves me area contacts. There is no real reason to leave the water it's a fairly large river (Think lower Current) in the flies only and deep below the flies with boat only access. Some of the others I mentioned are worth the adventure from a fishing standpoint. One other thing of note if you take the train tracks out of town in Baldwin (Hard to Miss) There is a Bronze monument where the claim is the first rainbows were stocked east of the rockies by train back in the day. Interesting piece of history if your a trout buff. It's very sparse grey hackle and shwiebertesque. Used to be a seperate secies of grayling in that country before the logging. Visit the fred bear museum and spend some time in grayling and fishing some of the other rivers as well. Other than skeeters it's cool classic trout water. If you've got time hit the pidgeon or Maple at night and skitter mice or other hair bugs in front of the log jams. You won't land many, but the strikes will fill your shorts. Gotta fly to King Salmon on Monday and am hoping the King run rivals last year. Never seen so many 40 plus fish in the Naknek as last year. But that is different fishing. Have a fun summer.
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