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  1. For sale. Minn Kota 80 Tiller Cost 1000 new. Bought it with my new boat to save room on deck, could not get used to. Used 3 times on short day trips. 700.00
  2. Second that, Lakewoods Resort, Protem Missouri, Buck Creek Marina is just around the corner
  3. "Hotdawg" Tim Curtis out of Bull Shoals Boat Dock, not only puts you on fish he also teaches you what to look for and how to do it on your own.
  4. Paid current price, but came with 10 year warranty, not the current 5. It is titled 2019
  5. Mine got titled as a 2019 w/ a 10 year warranty, not the 5 year. That 10 year ended this March. ??
  6. Fishwrench, sorry it took a few days to get this to you. the model number is E60DPJLAFC . My concern is , could it be a remanufactured engine? Why did it take so long to find its way to a boat? Thanks Jak
  7. I am at work today but I can get the model # . Thanks for the info. Any tips for break in , other than what the book says? Thanks!
  8. I bought a new Evinrude E-tec 90/60 Jet. Filling out the paperwork at the dealer , on the title application it shows date of manufacture as 12/2016 but it will be titled as a 2019??? Is this normal ? Dealer said it is normal, I dont know, any input appreciated. Thanks
  9. Would getting around in a 17-52 w/ a 90/60 jet be do able? Thanks for input.
  10. Over the winter my on board charger gave it up. I always top off the batteries with distilled water before winter and leave the charger on all winter (had a Promariner charger that had, would condition , maintain ect...) After finding that the onboard charger quit, I tried charging the batteries with a portable charger for deep cycle batteries and the full charge light wont come on (I have charged each battery for 3 days on 10 amp charge) Are the batteries shot? How do I check to see if they are shot? (they are 3 years old and have been taken care of, always kept topped off and kept on charge) Thanks in advance for any help. Scott
  11. Yes, they were the best, Ozark Smoke best color, I still search ebay for them. Found a few packs 3-4 years ago.
  12. I bought a few from Denny Dennis Sporting Goods a few years back.
  13. Ramps in good shape, looks like they just worked on the one closest to the main channel.
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