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  1. Kindof skeptical of the theory I brought a spider from it's very extreme northern range if it even makes it up this far that somehow survived being packed and unpacked on four previous gravel bars just to show up on the fifth... We floated Whitten to 142. Got three or four in the 16-16.5 range but yeah, tough is a good word.
  2. Got done with the five days with the brother this morning. On the gravel bar, a bit above 142, this morning and packing up. Shook out/off my bags before packing the tent and sleeping bags etc and a black widow fell out! That's a new one. We had set the tent maybe 15 foot or so from the tree/willow line. I guess it wondered down from there? The bags were all kept outside the tent like I always do. Can only imagine if it hadn't dropped out and come home with us or possibly decided to wander about the car. Might have been interesting. On a related note we saw last night a wasp dragging a paralyzed spider to it's hole. Didn't see the actual attack but the dragging was cool. Weather was great. Fishing was ok at best. Lots and lots of casts for the fish we caught. My brother & I both noted the fish we caught just didn't seem to have any girth on them.
  3. My wife & I floated with them in Mid-September - Boiling Springs down to Ross - and had no issues at all including their driving the car down to Ross on time to meet us on Sunday. Now we weren't high season and went in on a Thursday, but perhaps they are finding their legs a bit.
  4. Echo Al's comment on dry shoes/sandals for camp. I suggest two 18' or so lengths of rope - one to each end of the canoe. Here is my list - refined over many years (the time I forgot matches...). My wife & I use a canoe - and we load it heavy.
  5. steve l

    Olliefest XII

    Always love reading the prelims and reports from Olliefest.
  6. Had two raccoons get into a fight over our garbage bag one night on the Jacks Fork. That was pretty funny. Was raided one night on the Eleven Point where the raccoon(s?) ate my oatmeal packets that had apples but didn't touch the other packets.
  7. By semi-popular request, from the original trophy presentation in 1998 and then from this year's presentation. The top ten fish by weight make up the scoring creel. As with that other great trophy the winner's name (and winning creel) is added each year. The plate you see on the original was moved to the new when it outgrew the space. And...gotta love the Data photo bomb! Trophy has been the subject of keen competition and much trash talk over the years.
  8. My brother thinks he might have (somehow...) left our fishing trophy behind at the 142 access. Anyone happen to find? It's kindof hard to mistake. Found at 142!
  9. steve l

    Old pic

    And one was planned for the Jacks Fork (I think)?
  10. Thanks for the report, and interesting. What did you think as far as gravel bars? Any new or old ones now gone? Any other changes of note?
  11. With the JF closed the wife & I needed a back-up. We decided the Courtois as Plan B, and we were pleasantly surprised. Echoing Oz Hawksley, a clear water gem. And only 100 miles from St Louis. Rented from Bass River Resort - I give very high marks to the service. Traveled Berryman to Scotia over three nights. A bit short for that time but we slowed the trip down to account for it. Saw very few people, which was unexpected. I thought we would see many. I suspect had we gone a week or two later the number of people would have been higher. The river was flowing nicely. Fishing in general was good and one stretch we paddled back up we caught or had hits on every cast. I really enjoyed the top water bite. My wife caught her personal best 17 inch 2.7 lber. Had to portage around two trees - I suspect they will be cleared before long. Add the two low water bridges and that meant a lot of loading & unloading the canoe. A lot of trees in the water meant we lined quite a few times. Overall reminiscent of the upper JF in spots. A bit too many dirt/mud banks in my eye to give really high ratings for scenery, but not every stream can be the JF.
  12. Check out Brian Sloss on Facebook. He has some pics posted.
  13. Nice! Trying to figure if the reference to the the green hole at the base of a cliff is Stinking Pond? The third drawing could be if you take into account artistic license?
  14. That might be a post just to a bit of trolling and it might be perfectly legal but it's also selfish and greedy.
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