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  1. Thanks guys for the comments, regardless how many fish or how big, a bad day out there beats any day here at work. Gavin I am def going to try some terrestrials up on top, thinking with being so low and clear opposite bank with a terrestrial might be one of our best bets in certain areas. We shall see, I will let you guys know how it goes. Thanks as always!
  2. Two buddies and I are heading down 2nd weekend in Oct, staying at reeds and fishing out side of the park. We are thinking about trying parker out for the first time, as we have fished baptist, tan vat, and from line down many many times. Hows the water down that way, is there a good amount of runs or holes to fish? We drove down once, but didn't get to fish it. Thanks guys any suggestions or other access that may be good this time of the year would be great. As always we C&R and just out for some time away.
  3. Hey guys, its been awhile since my last post on here. I am looking for a few decent spots to put my little 14ft jon boat in. I dont mind eletric only lakes. I live in the st. Louis area, any suggestions would be great, my Dad has been wanting to spend some time with me on the ole job boat and looking for areas. I mainly practice c&r. Thanks in advance guys!
  4. I have a 2 year old pair of cabelas waders I bought as a spare. They came with felt sole on the boots and I was wondering if anyone knows where I can purchase replacement rubber soles to put in place of the felt. I have google searched lightly and have found nothing really more than companies willing to charge to do it for you, around $80. Which is just under what I paid for the waders. Any info would be great, Thanks guys.
  5. Heading down next week, anyone been on the river lately?
  6. or reeds cabins right outside the park, they have a few cabins open during the winter, plus I dont know about countryside inn but I do know (correct me if I am wrong) that most of montauks cabins do not have a stove microwave fridge ect. in them and reeds has all of that.
  7. saw two that size last year at the first boulder set below the wire, there were back in a drain ditch right off the stream.
  8. I fished down from the park sat morning, even though there are no cicadas in the water they still were willing to strike.. I decided to tie on a cicada pattern around 10 while i was walking back up and I had 7 strikes, only managed to hook one though on it...which is my fault for getting to excited and trying to set hook to soon. but they will take em right now for sure.
  9. Gavin do you have more info on this troutbust? where are u guys putting in at to float?
  10. Wondering how crowded u guys think it will be with the troutbust going on, also anyone been there in the past day or two are the cicadas starting to take off witht his warm weather?
  11. Gavin, have any of the trees in the boulder area up from tan vat been moved or completely washed out?
  12. im pretty sure if we go back about 9 pages of nit picking this all started because a fat rainbow was caught and kept INSIDE OF THE PARK. Thats what they are there for. Anyway, I will be posting a report from last weekend in a day or two with pics and all, a little something for all you boys on here that appreciate em. If you dont appreciate em, please do me a favor and everyone else on here that looks forward to reports and pics, and dont even open my post, cant take all this nonsense.
  13. trizkid


    camp grounds dont look to booked up at all...we are staying at reeds and are the onlys ones so far this weekend staying there..i know there is a rally car race in salem this weekend...hope that draws the crowds away from the stream. I plan on fishing outside the park most likely from the wire down to tan vat
  14. trizkid


    heading down to fish this weekend....anybody seen the water since all this rain. I noticed the gage has shot up pretty nice...do you guys think it will be muddy? i hope not.
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