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  1. Due to high water we will cancel the June 15th Crappie Slammers Tournament. Thanks for your understanding. Brad
  2. Sorry for the delay, I've been out of the country the past several weeks. The entry is $25 per person, you can have as many as you want in the boat, the boat will weigh 7 fish for the team total. Most people fish with 2-3 per boat. Thanks, Brad
  3. Currently it's 22' plus!!! It is raining with more rain in the forecast - doesn't look good for a while. Hopefully the Mississippi gets down quickly and all the lakes can start releasing water to ease things. It will be an interesting next few months on the lake. Hopefully the officials can chime in and let us know what they are anticipating. Brad
  4. Tournament Rules 1. Participation is open to all. Entry date and time will determine boat position. 2. Tackle and Equipment: All artificial baits, lures and live bait may be used. All fish must be caught on rod and reel. 3. All participants are expected to follow high standards of sportsmanship and must comply with ALL Missouri Department of Conservation laws and regulations. Participants are allowed to fish anywhere on tournament lake except 10 yards from another competitors boat. Participants must fish with at least on foot on the boat. 4. Final results and prize money will be determined by the pounds and ounces of each boats catch during the tournament. Only crappie will be weighed. A 9” minimum length on each fish with a boat limit of 7 fish. The penalty for a short fish will be the loss of that fish plus 6 ounces. Any crappie that appears to have been mangled, mashed, mauled, altered, frozen or iced will result in immediate disqualification. 5. In case of a tie the winner will be determined by the biggest fish, if a tie still continues a coin will be flipped. 6. Check in late penalty: Participants who are not in the official check-in area at the appointed time will be penalized 1 pound per minute to be deducted from the team’s total weight. Any competitor more than 15 minutes late will be credited with no weight. 7. Unless previously stated any violation of the above rules, with tangible proof, will result in immediate disqualification.
  5. Crappie Slammers Tournament Series Lake Pomme De Terre Pittsburg State Park $25 per person 7:00 AM to 1:00 PM April 20th May 18th June 15th July 20th Aug 17th Sept 21st Oct 19th Come on out and have a great time!
  6. It's good! Timber and brush about 10-15' deep. Any color of jig will work - not sure about those pesky minnows though!
  7. Crappie Slayers Tournament Series Pomme De Terre Oct 21, 2017 1. Wilson/Wilson/Foxx 7.42 2. Wilson/Wilson/Presley 6.53 3. Shockley/Richardson/Willis 5.97 4. Wilson/Minica 5.28 5. Brownfield/Mikey 4.99 6. Hall/Reth/Dame 4.79 7. Sprague/Matthews 4.28 8. Farrell/Farrell 4.26 9. Bacon/Bacon 3.94 Big Crappie 1. Shockley/Richardson/Willis 1.73
  8. Crappie fishing is excellent. We had two limits Saturday. Fished both arms of the lake, found them on trees in 10-30 fow about 10-14 feet deep. Most are around 8.5 - 9.5" . We probably had three or four shorts for every keeper. We didn't fish around the Wheatland area but it has been real good over there. Brad
  9. I haven't even added the points up! Congrats on the win - still waiting to see your dad give you guys your dollar!!!!
  10. Crappie Slayers Tournament Series September 9th, 2017 Lake Pomme De Terre Weigh 7 Crappie 1. Wilson/Wilson 7.27 2. Bacon/Bacon/ Runyon 6.93 3. Hall/Ray 4.79 4. Brownfield/Mike 4.71 5. Logan/Anderson 4.63 6. Wilson/Presley 4.54 7. Sprague/Matthews 4.14 8. Wilson/Minica 4.13 9. Shockley/Richardson/Thomas 3.74 10. Akin/Campbell 3.66 11. Goodman 2.06 Big Wilson/Wilson 1.38
  11. Crappie fishing is fantastic. The keepers are starting to show up, although there are still a ton of shorts. Just posted a report with pics. Brad
  12. Had a great trip on Pomme yesterday. Fished in the evening and had two limits in just over two hours. Fished standing timber and brush (found a few new piles!) with jigs. Jig color didn't seem to matter much although blue and pink worked well (two of my favs, I'm sure you can tell if you read my reports). Fished everything from 6' of water to 50' of water, there are crappie everywhere. Probably had 3-4 shorts for every keeper. Here's a few pics for you to enjoy. Brad
  13. Crappie Slayers Tournament Series Pomme De Terre Pittsburg State Park Sept 9th 7:00 AM to 1:00 PM $25 per person The fishing is great right now, come on out and have a blast! Brad
  14. The fishing has been fantastic, although the vast majority are between 8.5" and 9". You can literally catch 200 + crappie per day. The way this is setting up ANYONE can win. All it will take is one or two good crappie with the rest of your bag. Brad
  15. Skyline Alumni Crappie Tournament Fundraiser - 8/26/17 Pittsburg State Park Lake Pomme De Terre 7:00 AM - 1:00 PM $60 per boat - up to 3 people Weigh 7 Crappie Pay Out based on number of boats. Come support this great cause. The proceeds will be used to fund a scholarship for a 2018 Skyline graduate. You can register the morning of at the ramp. Please arrive earlier enough to enter and launch your boat. If you have any questions please let me know. Thanks, Brad
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