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  1. On March 29 I watched the morning TV weather report and they said the rain and possible storms would be in the early evening. Decided to make a longer unto the Big Creek area. At noon, I commented to my partner that the shy was getting pretty dark. He checked the radar on his phone and said there is a storm about to be right on us and that we needed to find shelter. We tied up inside an empty dock stall and within minutes the head rain came and we had a couple of lightning strikes so close that it made the lights on the dock flicker. We were there for 2 1/2 hours. I called two of the other boats in our group about the impending storm, and because there were closer to our resort, they both made it back in time before the lightning hit there.in Michigan, we can see the storms coming about 30 minutes before they hit. Not that way on Table Rock.
  2. The Megabass Magdraft is a good one for about $12 in the 6 inch size.
  3. Has anyone previously fished in the KVD Big Bass Bash? Do you have to weigh-in at the Long Creek Marina or are there more than one place to Weigh-in? We are staying at Oak Hill Resort in Little Aunt's Creek and driving the boat that far is a long ways and trailing that far looks like a 60-90 minute ride.
  4. I like the one I bought last fall. The mini computer makes a low whining noise when you cast it.
  5. As far as A Rigs go, do you or the fish prefer blades or no blades on your A Rigs? I usually like the blades, but some very good Tournament fishermen in Michigan like Blades for Largemouths, and no blades for Smallmouths.
  6. Will they be able to weigh in 12 inch spots if they weigh at least one pound?
  7. Two years ago, up here in Michigan on Lake Huron, a guy on Youtube took pictures of 10 smallmouths that were between 5.5 and 6.5 pounds. I asked the same question, "How can you justify risking the lives of these trophy fish by keeping ten of them in the live well to take these pictures? I later found out that the live well pumps had stopped working, and half of those fish died. Idiots!
  8. Are those Meanmouths?
  9. When you say ice jig, are you referring to the Jigging Rapala? It used to be used for ice fishing for walleyes, but it works great on open water walleyes and bass up here too in Michigan.
  10. I have fished both Bull and Table Rock the past five years in the Spring. The bite on Table Rock was great this year during the first week in April, but we did have a few cold days. Catching 50 fish a day is not too bad, and the number of smallmouths sure has increased. I still haven't caught a smallmouth like the 4-6 pounders we catch up here in Michigan. I don't think I would like to be here once the big boats came out to play. Bull is great if you want to get away from people. If given a choice, I would still take my trip to Table Rock in the Spring over one on Bull Shoals, I would love to be able to stay two weeks each at both lakes.
  11. I have had good customer service with St. Croix rods as well. Same with G Loomis.
  12. Yes it was my Ultrex that broke a steering cable. We missed about 2 1/2 hours of fishing time trying to fix it. I just got it back today. We have winter storm warnings going on through Sunday, with the possibility of 1/2 inch of freezing rain.We were able to use the Spot Lock to help us fish, but we felt we could have won if the trolling motor hadn't broke. It was a fun trip and we caught a lot of fish, just nothing huge.Looking forward to the ice melting off the northern Michigan lakes so we can fish for the big smallmouths that live there. If you have never fished Michigan, you should give it a try. A lot of great fisheries. Hope to be able to visit Table Rock again next spring. I have been coming there almost every spring since 1980. Good luck with your fishing the rest of this year.
  13. Until your steering cable breaks. I just got my Ultrex back today.
  14. I agree it was one of the better fishing weeks I have had in 38 years of visiting the rock in the spring.I brought a newbie to Table Rock and he said he now understands why I come back here every year.We were catching 30-50 fish every day and weighed in three limits in the Aunts Creek Buddy Tournament, fishing with an Ultrex with a broken cable after 11:00am the first morning. Two of the guys from our cabin caught 6-7, and 6-2 Largemouths.
  15. edyer

    Fear Not

    I caught this 6.14 the same weekend as the KVD Big Bass Tour last year. It was during the Aunts Creek Resorts Association Tournament.
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