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  1. the lake is going down, but real slow. temp is too. sugarloaf marina has this info
  2. lonkm


    how do you cook them. they taste like dog food. might try them, the bull isnt producing.
  3. lonkm


    what do you do with trout after you catch them
  4. lonkm


    Any body using slow death this year.
  5. lonkm


    which tastes better? White crappie or black crappie?
  6. Two more feet and the Bull will be full.
  7. lonkm


    looks like I am going to have to travel. This end is muddy.
  8. lonkm


    Is any one catching much from the Bull? I see several a few boats go by but they dont stay long. With the lake this high I guess it will be hard to find fish. Most likely lots of trash too.
  9. if you still have it--- what price range?
  10. I am poor. Looking for a 9 or 10 Helix SI g2n.
  11. what size Lowe? Mine is a 17.5 Stinger
  12. how do you make whites taste good? I cut all red meat off and soak them in salt water and they still taste strong, are strippers good to eat? are they strong too?
  13. great mess of fish. great supper coming
  14. Was there a tournament yesterday? Was a lot of boats coming out of there. No reports yet.
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