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  1. I need to learn everything about doing this. Where to troll, flats, banks, etc. What type of cranks. How deep, speed,etc. Thanks in advance.
  2. lonkm


    I am waiting to get healthy and cooler temps. Hopefully the eyes and crappie will be hitting then.
  3. Fishing must really sick, N0 0ne bagging about how good they are, when they catch lots and nobody else does.
  4. Lets just say a guy was thinking about going nite fishing for walleyes, where would be a good place to start and what type of lures wold he use.
  5. lonkm


    How do you cook trout so they dont taste like dog food?
  6. lonkm


    How do you cook trout so they dont taste like dog food?
  7. you can put in at Beaver off the road on the east side.
  8. surprise!! they contacted me. after some going back and forth they told me what to do. i now have contour lines and depth. that is it. think i will try fishidy. lots more i
  9. lonkm


    what brand of line counter reels. would you recommend them to someone else?
  10. lonkm


    do you long line or planer board troll? cranks or jigs for crappie long lining.
  11. how many find fish before you wet a line? seems to be the thing to do with fish finders these days.
  12. dont bother with this app. i paid my 30.00 dollars and got a google earth map of my lake. no contour lines, no depths, anything. ask them for help several times. got nothing in reply. money down the tube. Fish Smart.
  13. lonkm


    how many drop shot for walleyes thinking about trying it
  14. visiting with a fella who had a line in. he was fishing with a worm on the bottom on the road that leads to the parking lot. he caught a nice fat 18 inch walleye in about 6 or 7 ft of water.i thought they would be out deeper. shows how little I know
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