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  1. Evinrude Motors

    Crappiemaster; that 92 looks in great shape. Not sure who told you parts are hard to find for the Evinrude?...........but, don’t believe them. I had an 86 150 Evinrude for years; just sold it 5 years ago and handled all maintenance myself. Never had an issue finding parts. I’m guessing whoever told you Evinrude parts are hard to find, drank the Mercury blind-loyalty Kool-Air too.:-(
  2. Evinrude Motors

    VERY good point about the mechanical and computer worlds colliding.:-)
  3. Evinrude Motors

    Had 2 over the past 15 years. If it’s new enough, have a service center pull a detailed engine history printout and see everything it’s done every minute of its life. Have the service center run the ole compression test too. Great motors if you do your homework and spend a few bucks upfront to see what your getting into. - I preferred to pay a few bucks for engine history and compression test on the front end; as opposed to being a cheapskate and end up with someone else’s problem after an uninformed purchase. - As mentioned above; you might be able to do better on the price because of the blind loyalty for Mercs in our area too.
  4. Missouri Water Patrol

    Well done there!..........good thinking with the pix and video. Too many stories like this on the internet with no evidence. If water patrol responded, and there was no evidence; that's a tough case to make. But, clowns in that wakeboat cant argue video taken minutes earlier. - Nice to hear water patrol sharing a common interest too!
  5. Anyone heading to Houston?

    Only flat bottom?.......I'd think any shallow draft boat, capable of hauling 4+ people, would be appreciated; considering the scope of the disaster.(I'm just thinking out loud here though)
  6. Tandem Axle Trailer - Question

    I don't think the Trailer Valet would have enough grip to overcome the force of trying to push the tires of the Trailer sideways; to get that 90 degree spin you need. But, if you're able to spin a single axle trailer 90 degrees, you may be able to get by with just 2 of the wheel dollies; on the rear axle. Because, once the rear axle is on the casters; it should not be too much different than the single axle you have now? (Besides the initial shove to get the Trailer rotating and the dolly casters on the wheels pointing the correct direction)...........maybe a little extra weight of the entire setup and some slight resistance from the rolling casters, compared to your single axle would be different.(just thinking out loud here)
  7. Tandem Axle Trailer - Question

    Dang, that's awesome.........I have an Ameratrail myself and different boat manufacturer; which is why I need the wheel dollies. Jacking my tongue sky-high, still leaves the front wheels firmly planted.:-(
  8. Tandem Axle Trailer - Question

    One of the axles has to act as a pivot point. And if you try using the front axle as a pivot point; and you swing the tongue one direction or the other........without the dollies under the wheels; the rear axle wheels would just drag/scrub.......if that. - For my application; I found it best to have the dollies under the front wheels. Then moving the tongue any distance left or right; the whole trailer pivots like a single axle would. Otherwise; the 4 tires wont budge left or right. Also; you can find harborfreight 20% off coupons online all the time. So that saves a bit. - Our garage is a 3 car, but not very deep. It has a double door and a single. My truck won't fit in the garage anywho; so the boat goes in there. I back the boat into the double side; and turn sharply to get the outboard in the back corner (of single door side) and the swing-away tongue at the edge of the double garage door. Leaving plenty of room for our other car to pull in the double door side. (Hopefully that makes sense) There's just too many sharp angles to make just backing it in; believe me; I've tried.:-( - The only application I can think the Trailer Valet not working real well for is if you have a bit of an angled drive you would have to crank it up or if you had a loose surface to maneuver the Valet on. The Valet tires bite plenty, with good grip on a flat, smooth garage floor and even our very slight incline drive. But, they show a video on their website with a sailboat being cranked up a steep drive..........i don't know anything about sailboats; I'm guessing they're pretty light. Cause I'd be a bit uneasy cranking a heavy bassboat on a steep drive. - Checkout some of the Trailer Valet videos online; it's a pretty awesome product. I have no interest in the company or their sales; I just wished I would've found it years before I had; and saved my back from having to muscle our heavy boats around to fit in the garage.:-(
  9. Tandem Axle Trailer - Question

    My tandem axle is a breeze to move around into the tightest spot in our garage, one man, any direction with these three items. - A pair of Harbor Freight wheel dollys. https://m.harborfreight.com/1250-lb-Capacity-Vehicle-Positioning-Wheel-Dolly-61917.html - and a Trailer Valet (best money Ive ever spent and the best dang invention since sliced bread!).........so easy, our 8 year old girls can maneuver our 21 foot fiberglass bass boat with a 225HO into the garage. https://www.trailervalet.com/?gclid=CjwKEAjw5PDLBRD0rICj35CtqS4SJACH7bsyV6yY8Pkf9HhoH_mJVAtRfx-tSKJZXZwC4kUDexCraBoC28Dw_wcB
  10. Tan-Tar-A Resort Sold and becoming Margaritaville

    Lol.........my thoughts exactly!
  11. COE Private Boat Dock regulation change

    Maybe I've had a long day and am misreading this part.........."Existing licensed electric lines providing service to private floating facilities will not be renewed after December 31, 2027".........would this mean the large commercial docks (and smaller resorts) that are not affiliated with state parks would have to remove shore power? - And to the OP's original question. I would think a pretty serious array of solar panels would be needed, and a significant sized battery pack also for a 20 slip dock. But someone smarter than I will be along shortly. I just have limited info from what I've been researching about Tesla related stuff the past 6 months. (Model S, solar shingles, powerwall, etc) - As for those huge commercial docks with the offshore style cruisers; I can't help but think there will be serious outcry from those folks who like to leave those barges plugged into some serious voltage and keep things running. Cause solar panels and battery packs for those docks would have to be massive.
  12. That's what I was trying to tell them.........but did they listen?........NO!
  13. Forget the drivers age...........12 people on a 20 foot boat?!??..........i can't even picture a 20 footer with that kind of capacity rating..........I'm not sure a 20 foot tri-toon can handle that.:-( - And I'll certainly email my legislators on this matter, like I have in the past; but I'm not holding my breath that it will make a difference. Especially if we have people representiting us in government like that clown Rocky Miller in that video. Not wanting to 'shoot the goose laying the golden egg'; clearly that guy can't see any further into the future past the end of his nose.:-(
  14. Total shame; but you're right.:-( - We came down for a few days and stay for the fireworks on the water tonight; and thankfully we are leaving in the morning. (Fireworks are right at the end of the cove we stay in; idle along shore out to watch, then idle back in) Prior years haven't been terrible; but there's a 30+ Foot long, catamaran style hull; huge chrome engine exposed with straight open pipes; on a trailer looking to be hitting the water tomorrow. Offshore looking thing that from all appearances, will absolutely splinter any thread of tranquility left down here the next few days. Whatta shame. - But to kinda get back on topic.........I'm not sure what can be done until those who can effect change; put their foot down. - And I love in that article how the state rep says something to the effect of, "...the time to limit the size of boats has passed".........no its not; yah dope! Do your job and drop the hammer NOW. Quit sitting on yours hands and take action. - And for the specific incident of the water patrol not pursuing the boat owner that directly caused damage to a dock because of his boats wake; isn't that like me doing donuts in a gravel parking lot, slinging gravel and damaging other cars, but not being at fault because I didn't directly ram into any cars?!?!?.........my brain is having trouble processing all the nonsense in that article.

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