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  1. motoman

    Bus on Beaver Bridge

    I would sure hope so. Such a huge weight discrepancy betweeen bridge capacity and vehicle weight should be an enormous red flag to that driver. 🤦‍♂️ It’ll be interesting to hear if there’s any damage to the bridge.
  2. motoman

    Bus on Beaver Bridge

    I have no clue how something like this works; but is there no wrongdoing against the driver of that bus? Damage or no damage to the bridge?
  3. motoman

    Bus on Beaver Bridge

    Holy cow that’s unnerving!😩
  4. motoman


    I wonder if fish get ‘trapped’ in a similar fashion to carbon monoxide poisoning in humans. Not the kinda thing that’s easily detected; just kinda start getting sleepy and it’s downhill from there?
  5. motoman

    Missouri school start?

    Our kids start back tomorrow here in st.louis.........woohoo!:-P
  6. motoman

    Kimbering Docks?

    That’s like somebody buying a house on a golf course; then complain about their house getting hit with golfballs. Maybe those folks living on a golf course should post signs saying, ‘No golfing within 500 yards’. Pretty absurd. Public water is just that, public. If we obey all those stupid signs and buoys people put out, trying to prohibit use of public water; half the lake will eventually end up off limits. If these dock and slip owners want to catch someone damaging their property; then they need to make the effort to catch them. Don’t paint all anglers with such a broad brush. Some of us show absolute respect for the water, fellow boaters, etc. And yes; our family owned lakefront property for years, with a dock, etc. Sure we would find lures snagged on things they shouldn’t be, it stinks; but it kinda comes with the territory. I wish I had such problems to worry about now. Life must be pretty darn good when you have to complain about someone fishing your dock or slip........sheesh!
  7. motoman

    No running lights on Trailer problem?

    Those grounds can certainly cause some funky behavior. - I had trailer light issues years back; similar to what you’re saying. After much troubleshooting I found that the wire harness for the trailer was not actually grounded to the trailer; thru the electrical system. The lights were trying to ground thru the trailer ball, to the truck. So, I found the white trailer ground wire; bolted it to a bare metal spot on the trailer with some dielectric grease and no problems since.
  8. motoman

    Retirement on the Rock

    Congrats there Rod!..........definitely exciting times for yah.🎣
  9. motoman

    4/29 - 5/1 report........kinda

    No hard feelings about Nebraska folks. Strange they’re so crabby, even towards folks from their own state. - Guys are certainly always catching them somewhere. I wonder what the true percent of those heavy bags were actual bed fish/sight fish plucked off their beds?.........cause even mixing it up and trying things and places we typically don’t go, yielded nuttin. Reason I bring up bed fish; is years past; guys I’ve known who brought in big bags and have no problem saying how they caught them; after game day, mention their yearly largemouth bed spots, paid off. mixermark, it’s funny you mention fishing history. Midway thru our first full day; we quickly realized, our typical bags of tricks and usual haunts, weren’t gonna cut it. So we pulled out the stops and tried everything but the kitchen sink, in places not associated with spring fish. But again, this is all coming from a guy who only gets down to fish the rock once/twice a year anymore..........so take it for what it’s worth.🤗
  10. motoman

    4/29 - 5/1 report........kinda

    That’s what my buddy and I kept telling each other, “at least we’re not working!” Daggum.........I understand it’s fishing and all, but fishing this time down was just awful..........I just hope this is us paying our dues for the next time we make it down.........sheesh!🤦‍♂️
  11. Stayed in Kimberling City for our annual trip I take down with a buddy every year. Arrived with excitement and anticipation.......which was quickly squashed. Nice weather though, that’s about it. Rock snot was a pain, but nothing we hadn’t dealt with before........when we were catching fish. 4/29 got a few hours in; caught 4 fish a few hours before sunset; all were decent keepers. Swimming the grub. Nothing on Ned. Just got out a little deeper from the snot to catch them; like other years with rock snot. 5/1 - Buzzed around with the big engine a bit looking for fish and less rock snot........struck out on both counts. Out from sunup to sundown; with only about an hour and a half break on land for lunch then dinner........mealtimes were our only salvation from the Table Rock beatdown we took. No matter what we threw or where or how deep or how fast or slow; not much to show for it. Just a handful of small fish. Wispy clouds, blue skies and warm temps with wind. 5/2 - lather, rinse and repeat.........same story as above. Dissappointment and heartache. Cloud cover rollled in mid-morning, with with slight wind; made no difference, our beloved Table Rock still kicked us in the teeth. We caught about as many fish total, in the few days down as we have in just an hour most years. We still made the best of it and had a good time. Laughing at our misfortune and making fun of ourselves; frothing the water. The front deck of my boat looked like a yard sale. Piles of tackle, that did nothing for us. So I’d switch out and drop the non-producing lures at my feet, to be cleaned up later. The trip highlight was good food at local eateries and good stories to match.:-) Nebraska B.A.S.S. federation qualifying guys down (or something like that) where we were staying. That bunch really stayed to themselves. Any other time at the rock; anyone that comes into the dock will start a friendly chat with other folks at the dock; not this bunch. So I surely didn’t go out of my way either. Tough times we’ve been down on the lake; even misery loves company and a little moaning and groaning takes place on the dock about tough days with other anglers. We didn’t even get so much as a friendly glance or smile when I would try and make eye contact to guys walking right by on this trip. Certainly not the norm at Table Rock. Strange...........oh well. Good luck to anyone else on the water; hope the fishing improves for yah!
  12. motoman

    Windier Today on the Upper End.

    Thanks Neb, that 1/16 ounce Ned was indeed, much easier to keep out of the snot than heavier heads. Although the wind sure made it tricky to throw..........but, Gonna try a lighter keitech tomorrow too. Glad it’s just not us tangling in the stuff.:-(
  13. motoman

    Windier Today on the Upper End.

    Nice report rps; we fished Kimberling City a few hours tonight and struggled. Stupid moss/rock snot stuff is all over. Guess we gotta travel to get away from it?........is this stuff everywhere? - We didn’t venture far; cause we got a late start today.:-(
  14. motoman

    Evinrude Motors

    That’s a good point; I forgot about the ‘new’ boat angle; you’re exactly right; Merc doesn’t leave much choice at all. :-(
  15. motoman

    Evinrude Motors

    Aw man; that stinks for Nick..........that’s some pretty crappy shenanigans indeed. - This might be a dumb question; but any idea if he will buy another Mercury after this one? (I would hope not:-)

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