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  1. I would buy one loomis, Falcon cara , etc rather than getting 2-3 cheaper rods. It's hard to go back to cheaper rods once you use a nice one.
  2. You will have to file a lawsuit to get good title if they have been ever titled before. Costs about $800.
  3. I hate to talk you into spending more but a cara falcon Rod is about as good as it gets.
  4. Length limit is only 12 inches on spots in missouri on bull shoals. I just looked it up on mdc website.
  5. If it was me 1. Smoke grubs 2. Green grubs 3. Wiggle warts 4. Mega bass plus 1 5. Jigs 6. Senkos 7. Spook or sammy 8. Worms- soft plastic 9. Ned rig 10. Spoons
  6. I would like to see zones on some lakes. On stockton I would make one arm of the lake regulated for big fish and one with the current regulations. Ie the big sac below the mile long bridge would be crappie over 12 inches walleye over 18 inches and bass over 18 inches.
  7. I did well on the wart and the megabass plus 1 this weekend in stockton. It's time for the jerkbait bite to start. Heavy sack with 8 plus keepers and a few keeper eyes.
  8. How is the fishing been on pomme?
  9. I'm thinking about taking a week long trip first week of October. Anyone ever been there? How is the bass fishing? Crappie? Thanks in advance!
  10. This is why I always use a lock on my receiver and hitch. $12 worth of security plus it keeps the hitch locked down in the off chance it would come lose.
  11. Stop. This is uncalled for.
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