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  1. I know. Dropshotting is torturous.
  2. In my opinion - line tie, degree of angle of the line tie, hook shank style, gap, bite angle and head design are the most important elements of a jig. Those features all make a difference in hook-up ratio, how well they come through a particular cover and fall rate. Which again is why I stick with Bo's NuTech design. They are well thought out with purpose and that logic is built into his jigs. On top of that he has his two independent arm weed guard design which is the best in the business if you ask me. Reduces snagging, increases positive hook ups (roof of mouth in the hard mouth plate near
  3. Give NuTech Jigs a look if you want to keep things local and Bo is also a member here on OA. Bought them a few years back and haven't bought any other jig since. Great product that is quality and flat out WORKS. Tackle Warehouse carries them.
  4. Answer to this during summer months is get out early and then off the water by 10am. Then night fish later on.
  5. Our's is not intended to be a navigational aid. It's just a visual reminder to boaters not blow past our dock to the back of the cove or create wake to destroy our dock. Nothing more.
  6. Our place is across from State Park so the people renting boats there aren't usually aware of boating safety or regulations. Ignorance of the law isn't a good excuse but it's understandable. But these people aren't usually blessed with common sense either. So instead of tying up to a tree or dropping anchor they'd rather just tie up to a buoy floating in the middle of the cove. These are the same people that think it's a great idea to just shut it down and have a picnic in the middle of a creek's main channel with heavy traffic where people are trying to tube/ski. Assuming all the peopl
  7. THIS. We have a single buoy at the entry to our cove/dock. It has to be replaced every couple of years due to people tying up to it and breaking the chain. Then just the abuse it takes from nonstop wake during the summer/boating months. So if you want to know WHY they can't or shouldn't (aside from the COE making it illegal)tie up we can show you the cost of a new buoy, the registration/permit tags, the 100 feet of chain and the price for the dock company to come out and sink another concrete anchor. So yeah.....swim all you want but don't tie up to the friggin' buoy PLEASE. Perhaps
  8. Little early reminder that Elites are on St. Clair starting next week. More smallmouth action! Get those lineups set!
  9. Just a heads up to everybody that Elites start again this Thursday morning 7/30 on Champlain. So get those lineups set. Should be interesting to see if the northern smallie specialists reign supreme again. Good luck!
  10. Rick Clunn. Old fart still can wack'em. 21lbs today good for 12th after Day 1.
  11. Bump reminder to get your lineups set. Elites start in 2 days on the St. Lawrence.
  12. Reminder to those of you in the league to get your rosters set. BASS Elites start back up next week. Don't forget!
  13. As others have said give Bill Babler at White River Lodge a call. Class act, best boat and gear you could ask for in a guide and flat out knows every nook and cranny of Table Rock. If the bass are tough he also does Trout trips on Taneycomo. Always a good option in the heat of the summer. Give him a call and he can tell you what you can expect for your seasonal trip. https://www.whiteriverlodgebb.com/fishing.html
  14. This but with a jerkbait depending on time of year. June/July topwater early AM is going to be a better bet but people sleep on jerkbaits once it rolls into May. Not sure why that is but it's a mistake.
  15. I checked out Moonshine and people are able to launch there off the parking lot. Also had plenty of parking when I was there on Friday. The courtesy dock ramp is flooded and you have to wade out to the walkway on it. Saw one guy do it launching some jetskis and it got up to his chest before he got to the dock platform. I ended up just picking them up at State Park. Visitors are parking in the grass right at the entrance and then being shuttled down in a golf cart to the marina. It all worked out.
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