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  1. Just to be clear it's $10 for the ENTIRE SEASON. Some may be confused and think it's $10 per event. That is NOT the case. We are not looking to get rich off anyone here. Just making the Fantasy Fishing a little more fun and at the end of the year a few of us will get a little something to scratch your tackle monkey itch at Tackle Warehouse.
  2. You'll need to go back to the old 2019 thread to find who to send to. I believe I posted a list there.
  3. Guys, I'll let you know here in a week or so how to get me the money via PayPal (preferred), Venmo or cash (least preferred but acceptable). As of me typing this we have 11 participants. Lets get that up over 20-30 to make this interesting and worthwhile. If you plan on participating please reply on this thread. Will just make it easy for me to find you to send a PM with entry fee details. Thanks!
  4. No problem. Glad you liked it. Thanks again for being the ambassador you are to the sport and showing people the right way to do things. I think I can speak for everyone here on the boards that we appreciate you taking the time out to give us more information than we deserve about fishing and all things related. We're lucky to have you.
  5. What lb test and what line is MM using on those McStickers?
  6. This is good info. All you have to do is join those groups.They are free. It doesn't require any extra effort either. Once you set you roster/team for the event/tournament it is set for every group that you belong to. So you don't have to enter a team for each individual group. It's one and done.
  7. Ladies and Gents, It's that time of year again for the kick off of the BASS Fantasy Fishing season. This year we are going to mix it up. In years past we have just gone on the honor system of sending one bait at the end of the season as your "league entry fee". While it was fun, there were too many participants that did not end up sending baits. So instead this year we are just going to do a $10 up front entry fee. Roughly the cost of any worthwhile bait these days. PayPal would be preferable as that is the easiest method for most, including me. I can also do Venmo as an option. If you don't have either of those payment systems then I can accept cash through the mail if you are willing to take on that risk of mailing cash (I am not dealing with checks). I would take no liability in money lost in the mail. League entry fee is due by the start of the Bass Master Classic (Friday, March 6th). If you have not paid by that time then you will not be eligible to win prizes in the league even if you continue to participate in filling out rosters every event. Once I get an idea of how many entries we have I will have you all PM me here with payment info on how to get the $10 fee to me. The prizes will be in the form of Tackle Warehouse gift cards at various values. The value of those gift cards will be determined on interest and amount of people that join the league. The payout will scale accordingly from 1st prize to an agreed upon (by the league majority) last winning place. Example: 25 entries x $10 = $250 in pot TW Gift Cards 1st - $100 2nd - $75 3rd - $50 4th - $25 - Something along these lines. To sign up go here: http://bassmasterfantasy.com/ For those of you new to fantasy fishing its very simple and requires very little effort or skill. The only thing you need to do is FILL OUT A TEAM EVERY WEEK there is an event. You miss one tournament event then it is hard to compete for prizes as it is hard to make up those lost points. See above link for more info. Please register your name as the same name you have here on Ozark Anglers as it's easier for everyone to identify each other. To join the league find the OZARK ANGLERS group I've created after you've registered an account. It is marked as private as to not let a bunch of people into the league. Group name: OZARK ANGLERS Password: smallmouth Please respond here on this thread for those that plan to participate so I can get an idea of how many will be joining. BASS will have some familiar faces back (Palaniuk, Swindle have left MLF) as well as some of the bigger sticks from FLW. Should be better fields than last year. Thanks and good luck this year!
  8. It didn't get past mine and was a very pathetic attempt to game my permit algorithm. I have photographs of boat registration numbers and fines have been mailed to his address. So joke is on him in 2-3 business days.
  9. The best way to change someones mind or give validity to your argument is always to start the dialog off with "They are rough stats, not accurate and are assumptions". 60% of the time it works every time. Or something like that.
  10. Glad to see you and Donna back at it.
  11. Showing 6am-8am CST on my guide.
  12. Alright guys. Here is the list of where to send your baits. Your OA user name will be listed below the person you are sending to in the big bold print. Let me know if anyone is confused. Please reach out via PM to get address. Thanks again and see you next year. Bassmaster#1 - J. johnson dblades - D. Blades Champ 188 - J. Gilzow SplitG2 - D. Young goose919 - G. Anderson SethOAF - S. Turner Dirtclod - N. Hambrick Quillback - J. Rhodes supremeJCK - J. Keenan ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- supremeJCK - J. Keenan Bassmaster#1 - J. johnson 196champ - B. Meyer swelbo1 - S. Welborn dwiebenga - D. Wiebenga SoreThumbs - J. Mitchell ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- abkeenan - B. Keenan Snagged - P. Carnaghi Falcon215 - C. Thomas AndyArchdale1 - A. Archdale --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- dwiebenga - D. Wiebenga moguy1973 - J. Horrom wmander - W. Andersen -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quillback - J. Rhodes abkeenan - B. Keenan
  13. Just wanted to say thanks to all who participated. We had 19 members in the group and according to the thread here most people wanted a top 5 payout. So that payout will be as follows: 1st place - 8 baits 2nd place - 5 baits 3rd place - 3 baits 4th place - 2 baits 5th place - 1 bait Let me know if anyone has a problem with that payout scale. I also know that there were quite a few members that ended up losing interest or just not engaging for whatever reason. At the beginning of the year, before the season started, it was made clear that you agreed to send a bait if you committed to signing up for the league. It's obviously up to your discretion if you want to send a bait. I am not going be mediator for guys sending baits. I would hope that we are gentleman, scholars, and fisherman, who pay their debts. I'll get a list out here soon of who receives baits from who. At that point please reach out to the member (via PRIVATE message) that you are supposed to send a bait to for address information. Again, thanks for all who participated and we will see what next year brings. Maybe MLF will start their own fantasy fishing version and we could see a better turnout or more interest from OAF. Any issues just contact me. -Brett
  14. Indeed. Won our league and got 24th overall out of 7,402 members in the Tackle Warehouse Group. Congrats.
  15. Yes. Except my sponsor is NOT supportive of my fishing expenditures. Very odd and unorthodox business relationship. Sometimes sharing the same bed with my wife/sponsor gets awkward after another Tackle Warehouse rod tube shows up on the doorstep.
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