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  1. Nope. He zero'd today. Shocking that a pro at his level comes in with an empty bag. But, that just goes to show getting skunked happens to the BEST of them!
  2. Final call to get your rosters set before lock when the Classic starts tomorrow. Will be interesting to see how Hartwell fishes this year compared to the Classic two years ago, when Ashley won it. It's a month later in the season this go round. Gonna be fun. Good luck guys and Donna!
  3. New fishin stick

    Wow. That's impressive. Has a modern JDM yet Retro feel to it. Looks like an old Abu from the 70's with the wrap design but with Japanese components and accents. Really dig it.
  4. Heads up that the Bassmaster Classic starts NEXT WEEK on Friday morning. Get those lineups set now so you don't forget. Good luck......except for Champ. Appears we just can't stop that guy.
  5. Fricking theives...

    Really sorry to hear that dblades. Especially the old pre-raps as you obviously just can't go out and buy more (unless you spend a fortune on Ebay, etc). My worst fear is losing my old discontinued baits. I can replace rods, reels and the newest, latest and greatest lures......but the oldies......that's a kick to the gonads. Hope some justice is served to the punk/s in some way, shape or form.
  6. Fisherman’s nightmare

    While that is a pretty neat trick, I believe that would be illegal on TR. First off, those boats need to be 50+ feet away from each other. Second of all, that "start up" would get flagged immediately by Water Patrol when the two boats pass the kayak to get him going. Can only imagine two less skilled boaters attempting this and running over the poor 'yaker.
  7. How I Spent My Ice Storm

    Sounds like you have a name for your jigs....Mishin Fishin? They look good.
  8. Ned Rig refinements

    This. Thread doesn't need to go any further because you don't need anything else.
  9. Anyone else see this?

    Been another long winter. Hopefully this is one of the last "winter threads" and..............
  10. Still cannot access OAF from home computer

    Just tell Babler to sell a few of his Vision 110's and buy a new laptop. Problem solved!
  11. Alright ladies and gents, Last call on registration for the league. Also, last reminder to get those rosters set as Elites kick off tomorrow. Rosters always lock very early in the morning the day of the tournament. So for you new guys, best to set your lineups early and make adjustments on Wednesday nights before the event if need be. Once I have the final total of participants I'll break down the "cut line" of the bait divvy. As of right now we have 32 people in the league so thinking around 8 places (top 25%) will receive baits in a scaling system. Good luck and if I take Chris Lane at any point this year, I give full permission for someone to shoot me next time they see me on the water. Lets have a great year! -Brett
  12. Fear Not

    Hahahaha. You have Alex's professional assistance in masking that location?
  13. Fear Not

    I recognize that water...................
  14. If you took Brent Ehrler, might want to reconsider. Doesn't look like he will get any practice on the water. LOL.

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