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  1. abkeenan

    I'm still confused

    Welcome to the "here today, gone tomorrow" show that is Table Rock. It was struggle city for most of the guys in a very talented field for the BASS derby. Don't beat yourself up too bad. When the lake fishes like it does now with bites few and far between I turn into a chuck and winder hoping to play a #'s game (think Muskie fishing.....fish of 1000 casts). Which typically I am not, as I fish slower with a jig, jerkbait, worm or some other bait that soaks longer than power fishing a crank or blade. Eventually you might luck into one cruising in that 1-15 foot range. Gotta beat up a lot of spots to snag a few. Looking at the BASS, it appeared as all the guys in the top 10 had a similar combination of baits they were using. A 4" swimbait on a jighead, a smaller profile jig and a mid-depth crankbait (wart, crawler, etc). Also looks like quite of few of them did pretty well on walking style baits to put a few in the boat.
  2. abkeenan

    Caleb Sumrall is in my Phoenix

    Might want to look into a new troller shaft.
  3. abkeenan

    Anyone Know A Reasonable Custom Lure Painter??

    I sent them off to Tim yesterday. Can't wait to get them back in a few weeks.
  4. abkeenan

    Old Maps

    Don't know if you have a budget and want to incorporate the actual print to some sort of statement decor. But what be cool would to have it commissioned into a wood work like a coffee table top. With 3D printing and other available technologies could be a neat piece with actual topographic contours and then finished off with a clear epoxy resin. Colors with contrast just as the map has would be neat and would have topographic depth as well. My 2 cents.
  5. That is definitely a better system than picking from set "groups" or "pools" of players/anglers as they do in the BASS leagues.
  6. You should be getting mine in your mailbox today, Fozz. Glad to see guys are sending the baits. Also a reminder to those that haven't to try to make an effort soon to get them to the winners. Thanks guys! Maybe MLF BPT will set up a fantasy league for next year. Otherwise will be really boring picking Seth Feider or Hank Cherry 100% of the time because those are about the only recognizable names left on the BASS Elite side. Crazy that 90% of the field switched over to the BPT.
  7. abkeenan

    Got me a newer boat. Finally!

    Good deal ST. I've always loved Skeeters layouts. Congrats and glad you're "back in the game".
  8. abkeenan

    Table Rock Lake Current Fishing Report 9-4-18

    A-Rig, Jerkbait or Jigging Spoon would be my 3.
  9. abkeenan

    Bass Pro Tour Changing Tournament Fishing Forever

    Saw they picked up Andy Morgan as well. About time he left FLW and fishes with the big boys. Will be interesting how he stacks up against the elite field now. This mass migration makes me think there might be more to the BASS story as far as someone or group taking massive profits off the top. Someone got extremely greedy. Their payout reconstruction plan they put out a few days after MLF BPS announced their intentions wasn't enough to get a single person to stay except Seth Feider. Too little, too late. The package that MLF offers obviously enticed all the Elite to make the move. But, a part of me thinks another motivator might have been that the anglers found out how bad BASS was screwing them over and made them angry enough to not consider going back to BASS. All total speculation on my part and I have no contacts in either circuit. Just the feel I get. Like Babler said, "Somebody got caught with their hand in the cookie jar". More like cookie barrel.
  10. abkeenan

    Bass Pro Tour Changing Tournament Fishing Forever

    Saw more names move over to MLF BPT on my FB feed from Scout.com/Wired2Fish about an hour ago. Jordan Lee and his brother Matt Christie Ehrler Watson Dustin Connell Justin Lucas Bradley Roy At this point who is left????? I believe the only bigger names that haven't switched as of yet are Palaniuk, Ike, Ish and Feider. I wouldn't have imagined that the mass exodus from BASS would have been this bad. Figured about half the guys might leave. But at of now it's darn near 90%.
  11. abkeenan

    Pond to the East

    That's s great day with two very nice fish representing their species well. Congrats and thanks for sharing the pics!
  12. abkeenan

    Bass Pro Tour Changing Tournament Fishing Forever

    What would be REALLY cool is if they two circuits could somehow come to an agreement that the Classic would a pool of the two organizations. The only time during the year that the two combine/intermingle for the granddaddy of them all bass tournament. Probably impossible as there is bad blood now between the two. But pooling prize money and resources could make for an even larger event with more funding. Not necessarily adding anglers to the field but adding money to the pot to make for an even more spectacular event that it's ever been. Better live coverage (we all know about BASS shortcomings here), better fan participation, better EXPO and better pay for the few that qualify.
  13. abkeenan

    Bass Pro Tour Changing Tournament Fishing Forever

    Perhaps Johnny and BPS have some type of media day event where KVD makes the announcement. Have the event held in Springfield HQ BPS and make a big hullabaloo about the new tour. Maybe he can pull a Lebron "The Decision" and say "I'm taking my talents to the MLF Bass Pro Tour" then throw on a Bass Pro Tour logo'd hat. Handshakes. Camera bulbs pop. Could see it.
  14. abkeenan

    Bass Pro Tour Changing Tournament Fishing Forever

    Only bummer to me in all of this is the Bassmaster Classic. If all these guys switch that event just won't be the same with watered down talent. Will be interested to see how they fill the voids left by the guys that qualified for the BMC and are switching over to the MLF BP Tour. Does BASS fill those spots with end of season AOY pts with whomever is staying on the Elite Tour for 2019 or do they have regional/local qualifier events to fill those spots with new blood????? What a monkey wrench for BASS.
  15. Alright guys. The season has indeed concluded and congrats to our winners. Below is the list of members and who owes who. Send whatever you are comfortable sending and please try to do it in a reasonable amount of time. Please don't wait MONTHS to send them. Baits between $5-10 is the norm. Please PM the person that you are sending a bait to and get their address. Let me know if anyone has questions or problems and thanks again for participating in another fun year of fantasy fishing. 1 swelbo1 - S. Welborn 9 baits Senders to swelbo1: SplitG2 - D. Young Royal Blue - P. Baum Lvn2fish - C. Spinks goose919 - G. Anderson Cheesemaster - C. Hunt rogueagent - T. Enke Ketchup - J. Leads TRRanger - T. Reaka aarchdale - A. Archdale --------------------------------------------- 2 fozzype - B. Foster 6 baits + 3 AOY Close Guess Winner = 9 Baits Senders to Fozzype: swelbo1 abkeenan - B. Keenan Targa98 - N. Hass kansasskeeter - A. Roberts 176champion - B. Phillips crazy4fishin - B. Turner Nomolites - M. OToole wmander - W. Andersen riverfish86 --------------------------------------------- 3 dwiebenga - D. Wiebenga 5 baits Senders to dwiebenga: Fozzype Quillback - J. Rhodes supremeJCK - J. Keenan Bassmaster1 - J. johnson AaronPorter - A. Porter --------------------------------------------- 4 Falcon215 - C. Thomas 3 Baits Senders to Falcon215: dwiebenga basfis - D. Reader Slothman - R. Lewis --------------------------------------------- 5 Champ 188 - J. Gilzow 2 Baits Senders to Champ188: Falcon215 moguy1973 - J. Horrom --------------------------------------------- 6 SethOAF - S. Turner 2 Baits Senders to SethOAF: Champ188 likinmo - G. Littrell --------------------------------------------- 7 SoreThumbs - J. Mitchell 1 Bait Sender to SoreThumbs: SethOAF --------------------------------------------- 8 aarchdale - A. Archdale 1 Bait Sender to aarchdale: SoreThumbs ---------------------------------------------

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