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  1. Heads up that the Elites fire back up on Thursday on the Tennessee River. Get those lineups set.
  2. Champ, I just picked up a pack of the Yum Ned Craws and they are indeed TINY. I think you'd be happy with them. They have enough meat on the body of the bait to where they should hold up for a few fish. Decently detailed and a good match for what TR bass belch up on the deck carpet regularly upon capture.
  3. Guys, Everyone has now paid their entry fee. Thanks to all of you for quickly doing so and making things easy. Most appreciated! We have 21 participants which brings the prize pool to $210. I figured it would be fair to payout the top 4 finishers. If agreeable by the group the Tackle Warehouse Gift Card payout shall be: 1st = $100 2nd = $60 3rd = $30 4th = $20 Let me know if anyone has a problem with that scale. Thanks again guys!
  4. Last day to enter ladies and gents. Season fires up tomorrow bright and early. Good luck!
  5. Just a heads up that there is now less than a week til the season starts and registration for the league is closed. Thank you all who have signed up and who have already paid. Nice work! I can already tell it's going to be different this year with a better field of anglers to choose from instead of usual 4 or 5 guys that everyone picks. Good luck on the year.
  6. We catch flatheads on TR when we set out trotlines every now and then. Biggest we've ever caught were a couple around 30-35lbs. With a rod and reel I've only caught one on a magnum wiggle wart and it was about 5lbs.
  7. I made up like 8 of the cigar shaped bobbers to the specs of Mike Bucca. He has quite a few videos on YouTube of him fishing the FnF and of him giving tutorials of the how-to's including the specific bobber so that you can detect a "lift bite". I took them, cut them in half, created a cavity to transplant the weight in the middle instead of at the ends and then epoxied them back together. I did this like 4 years ago and HAVE YET TO TRY THE FnF. I have all the jigs and everything.
  8. Boy, I don't know if you could ever find a better mouse trap set up than that.
  9. Just a heads up that it's about 2 weeks until the Elites start the season. So still time to join for anyone else interested. Have 15 guys so far. Also a reminder to those already signed up don't wait til last minute to set your teams. Good luck all!
  10. Yeah. Strike King is maybe the biggest, shall I say Culprit, of just copying in soft plastics. Berkley is just as bad but actually probably WORSE in their hardbait lineup. Basically anything they've come out with the last 5 years is an exact replica of another makers design. It kinda bothers me and I haven't bought any of them even though they are cheaper and people seem to do well on them.
  11. All of these. Only one I'd add to the list is the Yum Crawbug. Pretty tiny but good representation in at 2.5".
  12. Got it. Keeping people off my annexed dock over there on Point 2?
  13. I don't believe this to be true. I can't say where all of those brands got their blanks but I don't think they were from the Rock Springs facility in Harrison. A lot of the American Made blanks were produced by Rock Springs which then could go on to be private labeled or whatever. Which includes Falcon and I also believe Hammer Rods. There are only a handful of companies that roll their blanks (Loomis, St. Croix, Rock Spring) in the US. Shimano bought out Loomis a while ago and used their production facilities either here or abroad. Not sure where Lew's gets their blanks? I'm guessin
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