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  1. Robo Ned worms

    I have no doubt that those would work. But like Royal Blue said...if it isn't the elaztech it's just not the same. Won't float the same way, won't get "spongy" the same way and won't last anywhere near as many fish.
  2. B.A.S.S. Rule Change

    Well, when the best of the best in the world of BASS fishing change....hopefully that is the idea....that as I mentioned before a trickle down effect will occur and will become the norm for the rest of us small-timers.
  3. B.A.S.S. Rule Change

    B.A.S.S. is now requiring mandatory NON-PUNCTURING culling clips on the Elite Circuit starting in 2018. This is GREAT to see as we had a little bit of a discussion about this a few months back when some of these more "fish friendly" culling tags were seen at this summers I-Cast show. Good to see that BASS is encouraging better treatment of their fish and hopefully that will trickle down to the regional and local level tournaments/clubs. Now if they would just go to the MLF style of weigh and release that would be awesome. I actually think the best idea of a happy medium was they did at Sam Rayburn this past 2017 season. They only brought their biggest fish of the day to the stage . With so many tournaments and so much fishing pressure that some of these lakes get, such as Table Rock, protecting our resource is the name of the game. Tip of the cap to B.A.S.S. for making advances in the preservation of the fish and our beloved sport.
  4. WTF?

    Don't get too down on yourself if you aren't catching right now. This is pretty typical for The Rock this time of year. Fish should push up shallow chasing bait into the back of creeks and whatnot fairly soon. The tournament weights the last 2 weeks or so is all you need to see to tell ya it's TUFFFFFF out there right now.
  5. Falcon rods

    Not that I've ever had to pick out a professional overrun......but just for the rest of you..... I always used to pick it out with my fingers and as you all well know sometimes that can take 5-10-15-30 minutes or just cutting it out. I watched this video probably about 5 years ago and it has helped me immensely. Every now and then you come along something that seriously improves you way of doing things on the water.....this video was one of them for me. Works great, less "kinking" which ultimately leads to weak spots in the line and have yet to do a full "abort mission" and cut out the line and respool.
  6. Falcon rods

    Good info there. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Falcon rods

    I have a bunch of different rod brands in the $100-150 price range and the Hammer is the most comfortable and well made of them all. The BuCoo's aren't too far behind and I actually love fishing with my Duckett Ghost. The quality/finish on the rods are clearly different and I am only speaking in terms of "fishability". If the Hammer is a 10 on quality, BuCoo an 8 and the Ghost is about a 5. I have some $100 range Shimano rods and I like them but they are all pretty heavy and don't fish like the 3 I mentioned above. I have an couple year old green Compre Jig n Worm model which doesn't balance well and fatigues the wrist in about 30 min whereas with the Hammer I never get that ALL DAY fishing the same jigs.
  8. Falcon rods

    I have the 7'3H Hammer rod and it's a great rod. It's more of a MH than a H and is perfect for so many applications for Table Rock type baits. Wobble heads, t-rigs, jigs and so much more. Very versatile rod and if you are in the market for a rod in the $175ish price range I'd give it a look. Love mine.
  9. Falcon rods

    I've heard from others on BBC that the Falcon HD rod leaves a lot to be desired. Especially if you are using it as a bottom contact rod where sensitivity is obviously important. Royal Blue's suggestion is probably the right play. I've always been a fan of the BuCoo line from Falcon. I also have a newer SR model and like it as well.
  10. Table rock help

    Lotta truth there. Been plenty of times I've read the most recent successful fish catching reports.....drop the tub in the water......get shut out trying to replicate that "pattern".
  11. Table rock help

    Probably fishing one of those big tournaments?
  12. Long Branch report from last few days

    GREAT report and pics. Those gills have some shoulders on them. Nice work.
  13. Anyone Do Fantasy Fishing?

    Added. Chustle14 - M. Morrison is the only one who hasn't been added.
  14. Anyone Do Fantasy Fishing?

    Everyone who participated should now be in the group message except the following: Bassmaster1 - J. johnson Chustle14 - M. Morrison J. Johnson I sent a message to a Bassmaster10 and not sure if that's you or not. I couldn't find either handle here on OAF so please respond here with your handle or PM me and I'll add you guys.
  15. Anyone Do Fantasy Fishing?

    You've been added.

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