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  1. This is your final reminder to get your lineups set for the Texas event that starts tomorrow. Seems like this one will be all over the board compared to earlier tournaments. Not to many 30-50% ownership anglers and picks are spread out. Anybodies guess! Good luck guys.
  2. abkeenan

    Fishing the Waiting Room

    Well it's been so long since we've had you on the forums figured I would reintroduce you to the peanut gallery again. Glad to have you and your reports back. Hope the system is fixed and you're a regular again here on the TR forum once again. Thanks for the great reports.
  3. abkeenan

    Fishing the Waiting Room

    Didn't know you were Scottish, Bill. Nice Mossy Oak kilt.
  4. abkeenan

    Table Rock is gonna rise quick.

    Hope the levels don't fluctuate much and interfere with a successful spawn. Sounds like the bed fish are getting clobbered as it is.
  5. Final reminder to get those lineups set. Kentucky Lake starts tomorrow morning. Gonna be some huge bags brought it this weekend. A 30lb bag is not out of the question. Grand proved to "show out" with some real nice and healthy 5 fish bags. Kentucky Lake should be even better with that Tennessee River strain of biggin's. Good luck guys!
  6. abkeenan

    Windier Today on the Upper End.

    Nice, healthy looking fish there RPS. Why anyone owns a wind/weather vane on the Rock is a mystery. It changes every friggin' 10 minutes so what's the point! Reminds me of all my fond fishing memories with my grandfather. Always grumbling about the constant shifting of wind direction on TR.
  7. Final reminder to get your lineups set guys and gal. Elites start on Grand tomorrow morning. The field seems to think there will be quite a few 20+ lb sacks with fish in all 3 stages of the spawn. Should make for an interesting tournament. Good luck!
  8. abkeenan

    Spinnerbait Question

    This. If the spinnerbait comes out of the package with the trailer hook I will leave it on. But otherwise I don't add one as I think them getting snagged more often outweighs the potential hookup percentage increase.
  9. abkeenan

    Saturday out of Holiday Island

    More like a bunch of wiseacres.
  10. If anyone asks where the Elite's "Release Boat" is after the tournament ends on Sunday gets a free pistol whip from me. Should be an interesting tournament as the last few times BASS has been at Grand it's been in early March for the Classic and has been colder than a well diggers behind. Should see some big sacks come across the stage.
  11. abkeenan

    Release boats?

    Nobody is impervious to our defense snakes, including even J-MO and myself. We just have special member bands, designed by a collaboration between NASA and Lockheed Martin, that have to be worn at all times while within the "hot zone". The bands run a proprietary frequency interference algorithm that interrupts the laser targeting units and allow us to move about freely within the member grounds. You know that "sinkhole" that opened up at Top of the Rock???? "Sinkhole"????????? Orrrrrrrr lab testing accident gone wrong.......you be the judge.
  12. abkeenan

    Release boats?

    That was our old way of deployment. Had issues with it jarring loose the laser targeting headpiece system. Since then we have gone to drones. Drones, baby. Drones. Extremely effective and accurate within an eyelash tolerance. Haven't seen Alex Heitman around lately have you? Wonder why........
  13. Just a heads up that the Elite event on Grand starts next week. Feels like it's been an eternity since their last tournament. Don't forget to get those rosters set.
  14. abkeenan

    Release boats?

    Burmese Cottonconstrictor to be exact. Genetic hybrid modification paid for by the one other member of my club. I just call him J-MO. Good guy, owns some outdoor retail stores that do okay.
  15. abkeenan

    Just for Champ188!

    Champ, Just add this and the $3,000 price tag would be more than justifiable. Russell Marine Power Pole Pro Anchor Lights

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