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  1. If you check the chart by TPW I posted in both cases those fish are within "range" on their scale. Of course there are going to be outliers but as an aggregate it will give you a relatively accurate weight if you only have length without the girth. Also, as mentioned time of year caught will have influence as well. Fish are obviously going to be heaviest from Feb thru around May (depending on region). So I'd error on the high side of the weight during those times. There are also going to be anomaly fish that are going to be heavier or lighter than the norm for their length. But with large sample sizes that will even out to give what you see in that chart. Not perfect but a reasonable gauge. I once caught a 23 inch bass in an "unnamed" branch of TR that had the tail almost completely beaten off, missing one eye and some type of old wound to the gut. It probably would have been around 25" with a full tail. It probably weighed 3lb's it was so skinny and pathetic. Caught in late March in the late 90's on a plum twin tail hula grub on a Akie stand-up weedless jighead. Was like reeling in a dish rag. Zero fight. Grandfather dubbed thee "One Eyed Jack" and said I must have made the cast to his good eye side.
  2. Without the true girth and length measurement it's hard to be sure the rough weight of it. But according to Texas Parks and Wildlife (who probably have more data/samples collected than anyone in the world on bass management/growth statistics) a bass typically doesn't hit double digits until it breaks 25 1/4" in length. So if this fish was indeed 23" that puts it in the 7-8lb range. Add in the time of year now where they are going to be at their heaviest, an 8 is probably a fair guess. Regardless it's a beaut and don't see many bigger than that fine TR specimen. I'd be super proud of it that's for sure. Length-weight Conversion Table for Texas Largemouth Bass Inches Fractions 0 1/8 1/4 3/8 1/2 5/8 3/4 7/8 10 0.48 0.50 0.52 0.54 0.56 0.58 0.61 0.63 11 0.66 0.68 0.71 0.73 0.76 0.79 0.81 0.84 12 0.87 0.90 0.93 0.97 1.00 1.03 1.07 1.10 13 1.14 1.17 1.21 1.25 1.29 1.32 1.37 1.41 14 1.45 1.49 1.54 1.58 1.63 1.67 1.72 1.77 15 1.82 1.87 1.92 1.97 2.02 2.08 2.13 2.19 16 2.25 2.31 2.36 2.42 2.49 2.55 2.61 2.68 17 2.74 2.81 2.88 2.95 3.02 3.09 3.16 3.23 18 3.31 3.39 3.46 3.54 3.62 3.70 3.78 3.87 19 3.95 4.04 4.13 4.22 4.31 4.40 4.49 4.58 20 4.68 4.78 4.87 4.97 5.08 5.18 5.28 5.39 21 5.49 5.60 5.71 5.82 5.94 6.05 6.17 6.28 22 6.40 6.52 6.64 6.77 6.89 7.02 7.15 7.28 23 7.41 7.54 7.68 7.81 7.95 8.09 8.23 8.38 24 8.52 8.67 8.82 8.97 9.12 9.27 9.43 9.59 25 9.75 9.91 10.07 10.23 10.40 10.57 10.74 10.91 26 11.09 11.26 11.44 11.62 11.80 11.99 12.17 12.36 27 12.55 12.74 12.94 13.13 13.33 13.53 13.73 13.94 28 14.15 14.35 14.56 14.78 14.99 15.21 15.43 15.65 29 15.87 16.10 16.33 16.56 16.79 17.03 17.26 17.50
  3. When they decided to dump that rock and took it from being able to launch from either side of the courtesy dock down to just one side........plain idiotic. But that's what you get when the government is in charge of handling such matters. Logic and sense usually goes right out the window. Congress is no exception.
  4. I think the local lower unit repair and prop guys would love this as well.
  5. On a positive note, now other groups will be less inclined to pick up your errant tee shot sitting on their fairway for fear of infection of both Corona and "the shanks". Heyooooo! Had to get some golf talk in here. Been a quiet winter.
  6. If I had to guess this will get postponed or cancelled. Unfortunately. The way this is all trending doesn't bode well.
  7. Surprised the Ranger glitter sled allows that monstrosity in the boat. Figured the first wake/opportunity the hull hit would eject that eye sore off the deck and into the KC13 abyss.
  8. Another outside the box idea is to get a Super Stroker grip designed for golf putters or clubs. They have a BUNCH of different styles, sizes and diameter grips to suit anyone's needs. I'd imagine that the inside shaft diameter would be pretty close to accommodate a fishing rod as golf shafts and fishing rods are pretty comparable in that regard. If you want to check them out: https://superstrokeusa.com/ They carry these grips at just about every golf shop or sporting good store. So if you wanted to get one "in hand" they are widely available.
  9. Maybe contact Lew's. They could sort you out. I believe they use Winn as their grip supplier who has been making golf grips for years. They transitioned into the fishing rod market about 5-10 years ago or so. Lots of rods now have tacky grips that are either Winn or similar too them. If you added the tape around the cork/EVA rod handle it would make it significantly larger in diameter as there is quite a bit of cushioning built into the tape grips. https://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Winn_Grips_Superior_Rod_Wrap/descpage-WINNGRI.html?from=gshop&gclid=CjwKCAjwmKLzBRBeEiwACCVihp46L8O-_7NluZHoMITQVBh0ki0bNGWWMugLrotMFMi8oBAiOgcT8xoC3p8QAvD_BwE
  10. Nice to see the largemouth population both increasing in frequency and maturing in size as a whole. Also nice to have the supplemental data from MLF. Thanks for sharing Phil!
  11. Been wanting to try the Pompadour. Just haven't gotten the courage up to buy one and tie it on for fear of being laughed at the checkout counter and then off the lake. How does that thing run?
  12. I also liked the hire of Drinkwitz. Some questioned it (or still are) as it was a "no name" or "small time" coach from a relatively obscure school to most. I'd rather take a shot on a promising young coach with talent and a fresh take on things. Instead of making a "safe" hire on some "seasoned" mediocre coach that's bounced around from school to school going .500. We need to shake things up if we want to get back to being competitive. Even if he is a flop he can't be any worse than Odom. X's and O's speaking. Impossible.
  13. Great job guys. One of the few Mizzou teams worth mentioning lately. Congrats.
  14. Good to see you back, Dave. Hope all is well with you and the fam.
  15. If he says any color outside of WE offerings you know he's fibbin'. Would you call that a White "River" Lie?
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