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  1. Cape Fair 12/3/17

    I wore the paint off a Crock-O-Gator about a month ago. All of 0 strikes on it. Not sure I would be cut out for Musky fishing.
  2. Big M area - 11/08

    Dave gets all hot and bothered when he sees pics of Zinkerz in that condition. Football season should be just about over. About time for Mr. Wonderful to get back on the boards.
  3. Big M area - 11/08

    Great report and nice pics. That Ned looks like it's been wet awhile, has a nice spongy bloat to it.
  4. Late Weekend Report. Table Rock 1, me 0.

    Oh, and as far as the night bite on Saturday night....awful. Thought with the full moon it would have been good....WRONG. Went to the usual places and got all of 0 bites. Fished from 1-30 feet with jigs, big worm and single blade spinnerbait....NADA. Some "perch" nibbles on the shallow casts but that's it. If I don't get a bite around point 2 then they have lockjaw and you might as well go home. I did notice that there are still plenty of blue gill/perch up shallow in <5 FOW. Another reason why I figured that I could find some of those "Gill Eaters" on shallow cranks, spinnerbaits and what have you. But again that proved to be wrong and that's fishing, not always catching. Puzzle pieces don't always go in the correct spot!
  5. Late Weekend Report. Table Rock 1, me 0.

    Great info Bo. I am ALWAYS open to learning or critic. Especially when that comes from someone like yourself that has more minutes logged on TR waters than I've been alive. Thanks much and I will store this info in my bass bank in the brain. Thanks again for your input.
  6. Report from my Saturday and 1/2 Sunday trip: not much to report. Not that any trip to TR is terrible but the fishing was TERRIBLE. Fished all day Saturday for 3 fish and half Sunday where we had one big 14+" crappie and 0 bass. Tried a bunch of baits, bunch of locations from the dam to just past the MO/AR border in Long Creek. Tried different depths. Tried main lake stuff, bluff walls, secondary points, back of creeks, flats, 45 degree banks, gravel runouts......I exhausted what knowledge I had about fishing The Rock, which continues to prove to be limited. Tried a buzzbait, plopper, spook, jig, 10" worm, spoon, swim jig, rock crawler, wiggle wart, mag wart, spinnerbait and jerkbait. Didn't matter. The jerkbait caught all the fish other than one which came on the mag wart. Had a 2 short strikes on the spinnerbait and that sums up the trip. I really tried to force the shallow bite figuring I'd at least run into a few......NOPE. Probably should have stayed out deeper and given the spoon more or a chance but like I mentioned I was hellbent on beating the water to a froth in the 1-15 FOW range. Even fish I did mark on the graph out deeper and would drop a spoon on them wanted no part of it. Most action I got from that was a slight tug for an instant and came up with a scale on one of the trebles. Could have gone to the Ned but really didn't want to do that and the wind was howler at most times on Saturday and pretty much all day Sunday. Would have been impossible to keep the little guy down. Even fished Saturday night from 8-11pm and had all of ZERO bites on the jig, big worm and single blade Colorado spinnerbait. Hopefully someone had some better luck than we did. Water temps ranged from 64-67 on main lake to 69 in some of the creeks. Visibility around the dam I'd estimate are around 10 feet. Was more color in Long Creek where I would say visibility is around 3 feet. Only 2 other rigs, besides myself, at the 86 ramp on Saturday morning when launching and 0 when pulling out on Sunday around 2pm.. Not many guys out fishing around the dam. Long creek they were pretty stacked up in Brushy and most guys were out in around 30 feet drop shotting or spooning. Had the lake to myself on Saturday night as I did not see a single boat in the dam area. Good luck out there, hopefully this weather cools and gets these fish on their regularly scheduled program. Almost 70 degree water temps in November?? Pffffft. I did catch one smallie that Champ "Jimmy Houston'd" earlier this year, apparently. When you only catch 3 bass and a crappie in about 1,000 casts......you're dadgum right I am showing them off!
  7. Peak Rock Captial bought strike king lures

    Interesting. Thanks for sharing.
  8. couple of pics from today 10-30

    Don't ask. It wasn't pretty.
  9. War Eagle bought by.....

    Pradco questioning Champ "Mr. War Eagle Spinnerbait" on his thoughts about the buy out......
  10. War Eagle bought by.....

    Welp. So much for that. Pradco....where good baits go to die. I guess you can call them the Fishing "Black" Hole.
  11. 2018 Big Bass Tour Registration Now Open!

    Guess people really wanted that Lew's rod. All 200 are already gone. Wowsers.
  12. 2018 Big Bass Tour Registration Now Open!

    Yep. Just signed up. Look forward to it every year. The one and only tournament I ever fish. Fun format, every chump like me has a chance to win a boat and/or cash and the Big Bass Staff put on a great event.
  13. couple of pics from today 10-30

    Good deal. Will be headed down Friday evening. Probably won't be able to get on the water til Saturday morning . If you're around the the green roof'd 2 slip dock in the first cove along the east side of The Cove That We Shall Not Speak of give me a shout out.
  14. couple of pics from today 10-30

    Wow, Bo. That is a HECK OF A SACK. Congrats! What part of the lake if you don't mind me asking.

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