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  1. Your friendly reminder to get your lineups set for Lanier that starts tomorrow.
  2. abkeenan

    Lake house rental

    Piranha mating season actually coincides with the OP's date of early September. The one's in Beardsley are extra vicious. Ankle wade at your own peril is all I'm sayin'. Maybe not be the best area of the Lake to vacation from early January thru the end of December.
  3. abkeenan

    Best Jigs to use on TR

    Another vote for Bo's NuTechs. It's the only jig I ever have tied on now. The only exception is a few 3/4oz Jewel Football heads I use sometimes when throwing out deeper in like 35 FOW in the summer months. Other than that is NuTech only. Truly the best in every way.
  4. abkeenan

    Best Wiggle Wart Replacement Hooks

    I got them from Tackle Warehouse. Maybe those California guys figured the Death Traps were too sharp and I would only end up hurting myself with them. You know never know what sort of loony policies those Californians will come up with. 😆
  5. abkeenan

    Best Wiggle Wart Replacement Hooks

    Found that KVD footage. Ouch.
  6. abkeenan

    Best Wiggle Wart Replacement Hooks

    I'm actually surprised more pros don't get hooks buried into their hands. Only two that I can recall is Jason Christy a few years back and then KVD around 2 years ago. KVD's was live on BassMaster and I think was on Toledo Bend or Sam Rayburn perhaps. One of the Texas lakes and he won that event I believe. He was deep cranking a 10XD and had just landed like a 7 or 8lb'er and when he lipped her one of those Mustads got sunk into his hand. On a 10XD I'd imagine he was using a 1/0 or 2/0 hook and that's no #5 needle point. When I land a fish using treble baits I try to unhook them while they are laying in the net and not using any hands. Just the pliers. I still recall RPS' story a few years ago he posted about with a fish and bait stuck in his hand and him trying to maneuver around his boat. I don't ever want to be in that situation. Sounded like nearly a life or death struggle.
  7. Last call on the OA Fantasy Fishing League. Elites start on Thursday morning and you would have to be signed up and entered in our league before they blast off that morning. We have less than half the amount of participants this year as we did last year. I know the Elite field isn't what it was in years past but c'mon fellas! Lookin' at you Champ! Holler at me if you want to join.
  8. abkeenan

    Best Wiggle Wart Replacement Hooks

    As far as the "out-barb" hooks that Megabass likes to use I am not an engineer so I don't know the science of logic behind that hook design. Maybe our in-house hook expert Bo can chime in. I know he is all into planes, pulls, levers and angles to give the angler the best chance of hooking up and keeping the fish pinned. Bo, if you do chime in what are your thoughts on the science behind the Trapper brand of hooks and their outside-the-box design (below).
  9. abkeenan

    Best Wiggle Wart Replacement Hooks

    I've tried a handful of the most popular brands of hooks including Daiichi Death Traps, Mustad Triple Grips/KVD Elites, Owner Stingers, Gamakatsu's, Berkley Fusion, VMC and Trokar. In my opinion the "sharpness" of the hooks would rank in this order: 1-Owner 2-Gammy 3-Daiichi 4-Trokar 5-Mustad 6-Berkley Fusion 7-VMC 43 - Dishonorable Mention - Eagle Claw But sharpness doesn't tell the entire story as some wire diameters are thicker than others and that of course effects ease of penetration. Also effects the weighting of the bait where it matters such as in suspending baits or sink rates. Other notable hook characteristics: stoutness (how easily they bend) and hook point durability/rolling. I would say that Trokar rates very high in both resisting bending out and keeping a sharp point with use. Problem with Trokar is you need to take out a 2nd mortgage to replace all the hooks in your crank box with them. But they are nice hooks. Different hooks call for different situations and different baits but all things above considered and price taken into consideration I think Owner Stingers are pound for pound the best hooks. That includes trebles, EWG, J Bend Worm, etc. I also like that Owner offers quite a few options as far as wire thickness/strength in the Stinger line (ST-36, ST-41-ST-56, ST-66). Also that they have that size 5 treble that others don't offer (Gammy does) that work great on warts, rock crawlers and 110's/McSticks/jerkbaits. Daiichi are nice hooks especially for what they charge for them. Probably the best "value" hook out there right now.
  10. abkeenan

    Wiggle Wart

    Count me in on the crowd that has been priced-out by the Pre-Rap Warts. Haven't bought a Pre-Rap in about 7 years or so when they really started getting out of control. Lots of GREAT alternatives to Pre-Raps out there now with manufacturers trying to not only cash in on that market but also building baits that mimic the older warts at a more affordable price point.
  11. abkeenan

    Best Wiggle Wart Replacement Hooks

    This answer for the win. Only other option for me is a #4 KVD Elite on the front hanger and a #6 on the back.
  12. abkeenan

    Bass Pro Tour

    BASS still has fantasy fishing. Ozark Anglers has our own league. Check out the thread "2019 Official Ozark Anglers Fantasy Fishing" and let me know if you're interested in joining. BASS Elites start later this week. This goes for anyone else as well.
  13. abkeenan

    Bass Pro Tour

    There is definitely a skill to it. It's all about reading it and interpreting what it means in order to be more successful. Has it helped fishermen catch more fish since the first sonar was introduced? Absolutely. But it's a level playing field where every angler has access to that technology thus making it fair for all.
  14. abkeenan

    Bass Pro Tour

  15. abkeenan

    Bass Pro Tour

    That's not what I am arguing. 100% for the MLF system of weigh and release ASAP. I just don't like giving real time updates to the other anglers. Wish it would be kept secret til the end of the day. Also would like it to be a 5 fish biggest weight. Those two changes would not alter, in any way, what they are currently doing with the fish care or live coverage of the events. Cover the fishing just as they are now just don't let the competitors know what they are fishing against. I remember you saying giving a bonus to the angler with the most fish caught and I would be fine with that as well. I would also argue that it takes more skill to hone in on the big fish fish than it does to catch a bunch of smaller fish. Sure, some luck is involved to get your bait in front of a big one and have her bite it but to do that a few times per day.....I think that's something more special than pulling up to a spot like Howell did yesterday and load the boat on a school of 1-2lb fish. Which can also be viewed as "luck" as well being in the right place at the right time. That's how I see it anyways.

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