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  1. abkeenan

    deep bite is gaining steam

    A world of pain.
  2. abkeenan

    Wiggle Warts

    If you're into knock off warts I'd give Skirmish Baits a look. Not sure if they use Predator blanks or not but the paint jobs by Dwain Batey are awesome and Ozark proven winning colors. They have a Facebook page too. http://www.skirmishbaits.com/
  3. abkeenan

    deep bite is gaining steam

    Pay your membership dues and things might change. Just sayin'.
  4. abkeenan

    part of linda's day on the water

    Too late. I recognize that ripple on the water and know right where you are. Great day on the water. Congrats to you and your better half. Between you and Babs good to see the fishing finally picked up after about a month or two of pretty pitiful fishing.
  5. abkeenan

    deep bite is gaining steam

    It is indeed. But I've only managed to collect 3 farthings so far even in this economy. Buncha cheapskates. Kids are gonna have a rough Xmas this year. Probably going to start having to use Walmart package-less spinnerbaits and $1 Vicious crankbaits off the point of sale display at the end of the isles.
  6. abkeenan

    deep bite is gaining steam

    I changed the gate access code to my cove. Text me and I'll give it to you. By the way, your Winter Season Beardsley Membership fee is getting close to being overdue. Fair warning.
  7. abkeenan

    Cape Fair - up Flat 11/3

    Can't believe you caught any on that Sexy Cartoon color McStick. Fish must be a lot dumber up river than they are down by the dam. Thanks for the report. 55 degrees.....getting down there eh?
  8. abkeenan

    Your favorite Mcstick and RkCrawler colors

    Mega's are over 2x the cost of McSticks. I fish the "clear water" around the dam the majority of the time. McSticks work. Period.
  9. abkeenan

    Toyota tourney writeup

    Brother has a buddy that fished the MO Bass Nation this past weekend as a non-boater and got 15th place out of 115ish with just THREE fish in TWO days for just over 6lbs. Pretty pathetic fishing right now.
  10. abkeenan

    Your favorite Mcstick and RkCrawler colors

    I have in up the creek arms with the dirtier water color. Walleye seem to like that color as well.
  11. abkeenan

    Your favorite Mcstick and RkCrawler colors

    You truly can't go wrong with ANY of the Colors that SPRO kicks out in any of their Mike McClelland line of baits. I've caught fish on any color I've tried in both the RkCrawlers and McSticks. Pick a color that YOU have confidence in throwing and you will catch fish on them. Often times the conviction in which you fish them is more important that subtleties of the paint. Another plus to the SPROs is that you don't have to jack around with the hardware. SPRO split rings are quality grade, as are the gammy's that come stock on them.
  12. abkeenan

    Toyota tourney writeup

    Saw that. An intentionally water-filled crank won the thing. Who saw that coming? Who needs suspend strips/dots when you just put some water in there?!
  13. abkeenan

    Jared Lintner's breakdown of his win

    Odd that you are stumbling around on Tackle Warehouse. 😄
  14. abkeenan

    Big M area 10/23

    "zebco 33 type folks" - 😆 Sorry about the trip Bill. Sounds like a rough time with the skill level of the clients and then compounded by the fish not cooperating.
  15. abkeenan

    Big M area 10/23

    Kinda in the same boat. I have used them before and still do occasionally but I prefer throwing a jerkbait or crank during prime "A-Rig Season". Brother from that back of the boat likes to throw his more than I do and does okay with it. That said, the A-Rig has kind of replaced the "scrubbing a grub" or slow rolling a spinnerbait for deeper applications. Might as well up the odds and dredge the depth with the swimbait chandelier.

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