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  1. abkeenan


    Though about this myself. If it is known that during the seasonal setup of the thermocline during the summer, that it attracts fish in that depth zone or water layer due to the favorable DO and temperature levels......wouldn't it also mean that the fish would sense that a new, intolerable zone has now formed and they need to move away from that DO depleted zone? Only makes sense, right?
  2. Gentlemen, This is your weekly reminder to get your lineups set for this weeks event on the St. Lawrence River which starts Thursday morning. I believe this is the 3rd to last event. The Elites still have the the AOY Tournament (typically last tourny of the season) followed by the make-up for the cancelled Upper Chesapeake event to cap off the season. We have 32 participants in the league and would like to get a consensus on how you would like the "lure ante" paid out. Was thinking of paying out either top 8 or 10. Let me know if you guys think that is fair and which you prefer. Lemme know!
  3. abkeenan


    If fisherman knew why fish do what they do, we would all catch a lot more fish.
  4. abkeenan

    FOUND!!! rods and reels

    If you have facebook maybe post them on facebook market in your local area. Of course maybe only post one piece of what you found and say if you can tell me the rest that you lost in exact detail and where you lost it, it's yours. Lot more eyes on that media site than here. Just a thought to get it back to the rightful owner but good on you for making any attempt. Everyone knows the feeling when you realized that you've lost or misplaced valuable or sentimental items (fishing tackle checks both of those boxes for me 😆). That sinking stomach feeling followed by panic and self loathing. Thanks for sharing and hope the person gets their gear back.
  5. abkeenan

    Saturday 8/18 Indian Point area

    Good deal Mike!
  6. abkeenan

    Biggest Bass Caught On Table Rock?

    Better there than to try to fish Beardsley. Loaded with a bunch of bearded naked hillbillies roaming the banks.
  7. abkeenan

    fish kill

    Unless I am mistaken I thought this last bout of a fish kill in the gulf was a direct result of the runoff getting into the tributaries that then feed into the coastal gulf waters? The runoff carried pesticides and other chemicals that cause a algae bloom NOT typical in nature without the abundance of nitrogen, phosphorus and other properties in those crop pesticides. That man made bloom then causes issues with the water toxicity and damages it's inhabitants. Not to say that mother nature doesn't have it's own way to keep a healthy balance of the planet and it's environment, but this seems like a human causation issue. This is what I gathered from some minimal research. If I am wrong please set me straight as I am sure there are people that have lived near the gulf that have seen this happen for years and have way more knowledge on the subject than I.
  8. abkeenan

    fish kill

    Exactly. You are a disgruntled old man who now lives to just troll on internet forums and nothing more. Pretty shameful to still act like that at your advanced age. Only a few years left and you don't appear to be using them wisely. Not sure why you continually post in the TR forum since you don't ever fish it, have no reports, no experience and only get your jollies by taking periodic shots at it when you see an opportunity. Maybe just stick to the LOZ forum, although I doubt they want you over there either. You're a miserable person and that is apparent to all. This will be the last time I waste my time responding to any of your "trolling" or otherwise useless sentiments.
  9. abkeenan

    fish kill

    That response I think is as much about who said it as the what was said. Guy has had a chip on his shoulder since day one here on the boards for whatever reason. Assuming his whole life from the looks of it. Never once in a single post he's ever made has he offered something beneficial to the OAF community. Just a bunch of negative, condescending, downtrodden and otherwise empty posts devoid of value.
  10. abkeenan

    The 8 year old mind and fishing

    Beautiful girl. Beautiful fish. Butt Ugly Shirt. Why you gotta go and corrupt a young mind like that! On a side note. Coming back from TR this weekend and saw a highway billboard just north of Springfield headed eastbound on 44 that said something to the effect of "Mizzou Tigers, Springfield's college team". Boy did I think that was a slap in the face and a pretty audacious move by the MU to put that right there in Bear country like that.
  11. abkeenan

    fish kill

    Classy response. I would expect no less though, coming from you.
  12. I'll bring the humble pie if you bring a double dose of reality. 🤣
  13. This is your friendly reminder to get your lineups set before Elites start this Thursday morning on the Upper Chesapeake. Good luck to all.
  14. abkeenan

    Tragic Event

    Same. Wife just told me about it. Sickening.
  15. He sure is an asset to the boards here, no doubt.

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