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  1. Whatchya Drinking?

    1. Have “drinks.” Properly prepared, soberly imbibed. 2 . Drink. 3. ... now what was I gonna say..?..
  2. Red Hooks and invisible line

    I was caught with a smile and a “No.” Persistsnce works, regardless of color.
  3. Nice fish

    Nice Mr Hog. Sometimes, we don't have to travel far for good fishing. As Det. McCloud would say: "..'Preciate it."
  4. What's Cooking?

    "People who love to eat are always the best people." Julia Child
  5. Mizzou/Arkansas hoops

    Hey, I thought it was over after that dagger 3. But, it's college and stuff happens. Look at Virginia at Louisville. Down by 4 with 1 second left and won (called "don't foul" guys, 3 point shot doesn't matter). Still love it. Roll Tide and go Mizzou. Kentucky on a roll for sure.
  6. Mizzou/Arkansas hoops

    0 for 14 in a stretch in the first half. Ouch. Um, 6'10 6'10 6'11 in their front court. Yet they dance around the perimeter (yes, I get Jontay Porter is good from outside, and should continue doing so, but..) and I think not take advantage of their foul plagued big men. I don't know. I'll call Cuonzo tomorrow and tell him what I think. Oh, BTW. Did you fellas see Colin Sexton? ROLL TIDE!
  7. Mizzou/Arkansas hoops

    Don't like it at all. Or, maybe I do. While MPJ elevates us immediately by sheer talent, my worries are as follows: 1, Georgia has already played and won. 2. Mizzou is in unchartered territory if he plays. With excruciating expectations and media scrutiny. 3. Scottrade Center and St Louis is a hellhole for the Tigers. 4. I believe our players on the court will not know what to do with him when he is playing. Like your friend running for class president. 5. Screw it. I'm going down there and buy tickets on the street and find out. What do I know? 6. Nothing. M I Z..!
  8. What's Cooking?

  9. Mizzou/Arkansas hoops

    MPJr is getting ready to make millions of dollars. But, but, but... MPJr is gettig ready to make millions of dollars. He's not playing. OK?
  10. What's Cooking?

  11. Great Anthem Fergie!

    So. Is being messed up a bad thing?
  12. Great Anthem Fergie!

    Wow. She killed it alright. I enjoy it when artists put their own “stamp” on things. Bravo!

    Last time I checked, mental illness and ineffective parenting didn’t cause the continued slaughter of schoolchildren in Canada. Or Australia. Or Japan. United Kingdom. Peru. Maybe it’s time for some to put their muskets down, because the British ain’t coming and we probably won’t need your services in our militia to protect our sovereignty.
  14. Current River Concerns

    Yes. Follow the money. There is a direct correlation between laws and the money behind them.

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