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  1. I understand your fishing v basketball struggle Al. I can fish anytime. March Madness occurs once a year. I gorge on hoops.
  2. Washington State Park puts in at Blackwell during the season. I’ve heard a couple stories. The guy who runs Cherokee Landing owns that access below CC. Or, he doesn’t, someone else does, and has an agreement with the vendor who runs the float operations at the state park. Anyway, I know the lock combo. There’s also a spot to put in above CC.
  3. joeD


    Wouldn’t it be nice? Left for dead only to resurrect hope with an improbable 10 game winning streak. Goodness knows St Louis could use a positive storyline.
  4. Two words: Mmm mmh. 4 words then.
  5. I think I would have liked my dad taking me to Mauntauk for the trout opener, camping and fishing and fires. He wasn’t that guy and neither was I. No knock on him. I played sports and fishing wasn’t on my radar until my 30s. I certainly don’t harbor the eye rolling of “us” fishermen with regard to opening day at a trout park. There seems to me an undercurrent of hostility and lack of empathy for others who just want to fish and have fun. Who says we’re the ones who are right? Because we use a fly rod and throw fish back? Prolly. My knees will certainly hurt getting off my soapbox. Nothing a one hit and whisky drank couldn’t help.
  6. joeD


    OOpsie. Yes. I smoke cigars. Thing is though, can I catch a "big" one without a tobacco stick in my pie hole? I don"t know. Just saying. Evidence is there.
  7. joeD


    No Mr Brownbass. I was fishing with friends in a friendly place. The fish was neither female nor male, therefore I used my right as an American to properly dispatch that aberration by sending it back to the godless place where it came from.
  8. joeD


    Oak Orchard in upstate New York. My second year there. First week in December. I get to fish with an old and dear friend from St Louis who now lives in Maryland. Steelies were hard to come by. This fishery has been unfortunately labeled "blue collar." Basically , you have a couple miles of water, Everyone knows about it. There are absolutely huge browns in there at the right time. Salmon too, but who cares. Steelies come in after the spawn, which is when I make my ineffective appearance. It is definitely a stream where position is everything. And in some spots, there will be someone casting into the same run as you, except on the other side. Hence, the blue collar moniker, People want to fish, there are limited spots, competition is rife. It is still awesome. There are big fish there. You meet different people and it is actually pretty cool. I had a position A spot in the classic Archer hole and hooked up on so many fish, but failed to bring them in because of my misguided laziness in not fixing a simple snarl deep in my fly reel. I was breaking fish left and right. I thought the cold was causing my drag to seize up, when in actuality it was a line snarl down in the reel. Snap. Break. Snap off. > . Double . Big fish not brought to a net. My fault. Lesson learned. Anyway. There it is Mr Wrench. Somewhat of a disjointed story. Prolly cuz Im still unsober.
  9. 1970 . My apologies, I have no memory BTW Mr T-man, 1970?
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