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  1. joeD


    Only in America can someone be so good at a job, and yet be so hated.
  2. joeD


    Roll Tide Roll!
  3. joeD

    Basketball: A Love Story

    On ESPN. Must watch if you love basketball. I do. Wonderful, well done. Filmmaker was on sports talk radio in St Louis last week. His passion comes through. Love it.
  4. joeD

    Dirty water

    Moral of the story: Don’t go to Bennett Springs. You’ll just get angry. Don’t fish angry. Mitch’s hellgrammite color washed out in Friday’s rain proved fruitful in Sunday’s sun.
  5. joeD

    Dirty water

  6. joeD

    Blue Springs Creek 9/22/18

    The thing is, you fellers didn’t disagree with my original statement. You were offended by my delivery. Therefore allowing you to personalize your feelings about me, instead of challenging my opinion about the subject. Hmm. But. Starting to see the light though... Let the healing begin! BSC! A gem of a stream for those who love pretty minnows. Keep them pictures coming! 😀
  7. joeD

    Blue Springs Creek 9/22/18

    Resident douche bag Don Rickles without the smile and hug phoney Hmm. Obviously I need to reassess my negative worldview attitude and compulsive need to type sourness into a fishing forum. Thank you. I’m feeling better already! BSC is just sublime for those who appreciate fly fishing at its best! 😃
  8. joeD

    Blue Springs Creek 9/22/18

    Mr Flysmallie might be on to something. I’ve certainly been called worse, especially by my wife. However, in my feeble defense, I have not called anyone, anytime, on this forum, a “name.”
  9. joeD

    What's Cooking?

    no no no. you guys aren’t listening to me. Seriously, look what I made..... ...... .......
  10. joeD

    Blue Springs Creek 9/22/18

    Hopefully you learned that you don’t need waders in September and you shouldn’t waste your time at Blue Spring Creek. Apparently it’s a Mecca for fly fishing purist masochists. Good luck. Pictures of minnows that can fit in the palm of your hand are well worth it.
  11. joeD

    Jigfest 2018!

    A drag chain makes noise to alert fish you are coming and then can get caught in the rocks and jerk you to a stop. Drag chains are stupid in a rocky and flowing stream with varied river levels. Go ahead though. I know nothing.
  12. joeD

    Painting jerkbaits for big trout

    Okay. I’m in.
  13. joeD

    Painting jerkbaits for big trout

    How about we fish together Mr. Doty? I’ve never fished Taneycomo. You seem the right person to go to. Let me know. I’m ready. (Uh, not a challenge, just a friendly request)
  14. joeD


    I went fishing today. It was enough.

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