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  1. joeD

    2 drownings at Castlewood

    It’s about US. Not THEM. Right? The lack of empathy here is disheartening.
  2. joeD


    The PGA is, still, about white privlege. The courses they play are generally exclusive and private. Their corporate sponsors are yet another example of executive greed gone unchecked. Yet, this is acceptable to us, a forgiving consumer population dulled by the constant bombardment of lies. Wouldn’t mind seeing John Daly win. Or T....
  3. joeD


    No. He’s a token ambassador. St Albans is his club.
  4. joeD


    YAY! Finally! At last we get to host a major sporting event at a venue that is private and privileged! People of color, no, good luck next century! the PGA. Tiger Woods would not be allowed as a member in that clubhouse. In 2018. Augusta National members are laughing (no monkey dodo we don't allow blacks and females!).
  5. joeD

    What's Cooking?

    Race Bannon was (is) a bachelor. Lucky.
  6. joeD

    What's Cooking?

    It’s all good. Especially the subliminal homosexual undercurrent of old cartoons. Capn Crunch isn’t far “behind.” Yes, homegrown and natural as Mother Nature. Except for starburst jellybeans. They are natural in a different way. We made them right?
  7. joeD


    🐻 + Jefferson County. Poor bears.
  8. joeD


    We are worried about bears in Jefferson County? I worry about some of the people who live and drive the roads there. They are the menace.
  9. joeD

    Golf - Hybrid Clubs

    We are too old for forged irons. If you feel good hitting a hybrid, then, by all means, hit them. It’s about confidence, not showing off for others.
  10. joeD

    Smallmouth on a Fly Rod

    Nice fish!🎣👍. Plus, excellent wardrobe changes. Who took the pictures? They were good. Did he/she catch nice fish too?
  11. joeD

    Top Water Bonanza

    Nice fish! Your hat and shirt are different in the photos, so I’m assuming two separate trips. Your good looks earn you a Greitens pass.
  12. Who cares about your SSN. Good grief. Every one knows everything about you all the time. If you want privacy, close your curtains. (Don’t forget to tell your ma and pa and chillens to keep them muskets handy just in case).
  13. joeD

    Wash State Park Float?

    Blackwell to 21 is fine. Going to the park adds a couple miles, Fishing can be good if the water isn’t too muddy. As far as recreation, I prefer naked servants keeping me hydrated and healthy. Ask the Park, they will set you up.
  14. Make sure no one sees your address when you go to the post office to buy stamps and mail photos to your mom.
  15. While a definite and worth while place to float and camp, the Buffalo honestly is pretty average or less, fishing wise.

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