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  1. joeD

    Smallmouth on a Fly Rod

    Nice fish!🎣👍. Plus, excellent wardrobe changes. Who took the pictures? They were good. Did he/she catch nice fish too?
  2. joeD

    Top Water Bonanza

    Nice fish! Your hat and shirt are different in the photos, so I’m assuming two separate trips. Your good looks earn you a Greitens pass.
  3. Who cares about your SSN. Good grief. Every one knows everything about you all the time. If you want privacy, close your curtains. (Don’t forget to tell your ma and pa and chillens to keep them muskets handy just in case).
  4. joeD

    Wash State Park Float?

    Blackwell to 21 is fine. Going to the park adds a couple miles, Fishing can be good if the water isn’t too muddy. As far as recreation, I prefer naked servants keeping me hydrated and healthy. Ask the Park, they will set you up.
  5. Make sure no one sees your address when you go to the post office to buy stamps and mail photos to your mom.
  6. While a definite and worth while place to float and camp, the Buffalo honestly is pretty average or less, fishing wise.
  7. joeD

    Warriors v Rockets

    Score wise, finally a close game. Amazing how terrible the shooting is. Or just the play. Athletically, these guys are off the chart. Other than that..
  8. joeD

    Great float 05/12/18

    Nice. Fish. 4 to 5 pounders are rare. Good on you anyway.
  9. joeD

    What's Cooking?

    8th graders want to have sex. I’m sure your leftover noodles will be a big hit. Don’t forget to include chopsticks.
  10. All good Mr W. Deep water is always the bugaboo in wade fishing. It can be done on certain streams in certain areas. Apparently you will drive a long way, so your decision must count. Options are available.
  11. You’ll catch more and bigger fish in Missouri if you get your wade fishing thing out of your head. Looks good in magazines and the romanticism of wading knee deep in flowing waters teaming with untouched fish is compelling. The reality is so so different. Come to Missouri and float and fish. So much better and a more practical use of your time and money.
  12. joeD

    What's Cooking?

    Good looking young man.
  13. joeD

    MDC Fishing Report?

    Government bashing, MDC in particular, is so old. It's boring. Blah blah blah. Blah. Rail against the system while you put in your jet boat or canoe at a nice stream access, courtesy of... Go fishing. Give us a report. Pictures if we're lucky. As if the MDC is hampering your fishing. As if. Dude.
  14. joeD

    Personal Best Smallie

    a beauty mr 405. makes me wonder why i buy all this water gear, and here you are with jeans and a hoodie and sneakers. With a dog. In spring. i guess i took a wrong turn in albuquerque. JK. Good on you brother.
  15. joeD

    Whatchya Drinking?

    1. Have “drinks.” Properly prepared, soberly imbibed. 2 . Drink. 3. ... now what was I gonna say..?..

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