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  1. My Dad played on the basketball team with Charlie at Southwest Baptist University in the 50’s. Dad said he was as good of a friend as anyone could ever have. We stopped by his house several times when going through Forsyth. Always very pleasant to visit with.
  2. Beaver creek rolling muddy this afternoon.
  3. You're right, there is no point to argue over it. I personally think it is just due to run off into the rivers and creeks that has filled them in with gravel. My dad tells of wading on Shawnee and Mahan creeks that feed into the Jacks Fork and having to swim through some of the holes because they were so deep. Now you have to look pretty hard to find water waste deep anywhere in those creeks. And I know that jetboats have not been in either one of those creeks. Upper Jacks Fork is kind of the same way. Holes of water that 30 years ago where really deep now are filled in with gravel. Big jetboats don't run up there. Again, sure was good to get to see some of the old folks that I grew up with on that video.
  4. What a great video!!! Recognize some of the guides from growing up in Eminence. LeRoy Lewis and Doug Keeling were both school teachers. I had LeRoy for a teacher. He was a local history expert and a great volleyball coach. Also recognized the commissary cooks, Fodder Jones and Walt Winterbottom and Judge Orchard in the clip of unloading boats. Thanks for putting that out to be seen. Al, don't mean to argue because I know you are a Missouri river expert. But, I don't think the jet boats are the cause of the changes in the river. But, the changes in the river are a cause of the jet boats. It got to be that you couldn't run a boat with a prop, even with a lift without breaking props and shearing pins.
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