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  1. Water has a green stain, 3 feet visibility.
  2. fish4fun


    fished all day for crappie yesterday past Bridgeport. No crappie on the banks, water was 62 degrees and the wind was wicked. Caught short, really short crappie in 9-15 foot of water on white and chartreuse jigs.
  3. Monday from Point 5 to the dam. Water 47-50 degrees, visibility 10 ft. Fishing was tough.
  4. I had a Bryant deck boat and trailer stolen in 2007 from infront of the lake house, in Taney county. Two locks had to be cut off, but they still got it. It still hasn't been found. I replaced the boat with a new one and put a wheel boot on it. So far that's kept the boat safe.
  5. I'd talk to John at John's Hot Props in Ozark, MO. He can help you test different props on your boat and tune them to perfection. The tuning makes all the difference on my boat. (417) 581-5300
  6. State Park Marina's Ramp is open.
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