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  1. MOBass

    Tuna trip feb 16, 2019

    Is that for the boat for the day or per person/per day?
  2. MOBass

    Tuna trip feb 16, 2019

    Time frame doesn't work for me, but I would be interested in details of the trip (boat, cost, ect...). I have been considering a Venice trip and would love to hear some firsthand information.
  3. MOBass

    11/25 short report

    Put in at the Branson camp ground ramp around 11:30, still space for 4 or 5 rigs which surprised me given how nice the weather was. Summary....Lots of boats, lots of people, plenty of fish being caught. Watched bait dunkers and trollers both catching fish steadily. Caught ours on spinners retrieved medium fast over submerged weeds. 50/50 between little silver bullets and nicer sized darker colored fish.
  4. MOBass

    Shriner tournament April 27,28,29

    I have another commitment on the 28th or I would be all over this. I just got the boat back from the shop, gear is prepped, and I'll be flipping pancakes instead of fish into the boat. I can't catch a break.
  5. MOBass

    Boardwalk Docks at Branson Landing

    Ditto what Travis said. When I have one of my kids with me it is nice to tie up and go have lunch. Good fishing off the docks also.
  6. MOBass

    New Year's Day

    Sorry I did not make it with the buffalo chicken dip. After going to the gym my son wanted to go see Star Wars and I wanted to do something with him before school started back. Happy New Year to all and hopefully I'll be down for January 1 2019.
  7. MOBass

    New Year's Day

    Pretty sure I'll make it again. Put me down for buffalo chicken dip and chips.
  8. https://scout.com/outdoors/bass-fishing/Article/Peak-Rock-Capital-Acquires-Strike-King-Lure-Company-110047420 More changes in the fishing industry this morning.
  9. MOBass

    On the edge.

    I am going Sunday. I don't care if it is high skies and 80 at this point. I don't care if I catch anything. I just want to be on the water.
  10. Arrived at the Branson Campground ramp about 8:30A to see the last park space fill up. Bailed to Cooper Creek, 4 or 5 rigs there. Fished the creek below Branson Landing, spooked a nice fish off the corner of a shallow dock and that was the extent of the action. Ran to Rockaway and had one fish chase a jig out as I was winding in to cast again. Finally hit a gnarly tree with a picnic bench under water below Rockaway and lost a nice largemouth to slack line and a pulled hook on a Senko, same area caught one small largemouth. Back to the creek below Branson for one more fish on the Senko skipped under a dock. No love on spinnerbait, worm, jig, plopper. Lots of boat traffic, trout guys, kayaks, canoes, kids camp, the new jet boat tour. Thankfully no Craigcats and no one being overtly stupid.
  11. MOBass

    Anyone fished it lately..?

    I'll be down there Sunday and will post a report.
  12. MOBass

    Had a fishing date with a hot teen.

    Can you share some details about the boat? I have been looking to go down and fish the Gulf again.
  13. MOBass

    Jet boat tours?

    While I did no see it running I did see the jet boat at the landing Saturday. The wake from that thing might be a concern to some, but I saw a few other things that as I boater I will have to be aware of. In addition to the stand up paddle board and kayak rentals at the landing there are also 'water bikes', both peddle and trolling motor powered on the water. They are up higher than 'yaks and were easy to see, still something else to watch for. There were also CraigCats at a dock that appear to be for rent and I saw a couple of them running around. They were moving pretty quick so hopefully the people that rent them use some common sense and not run out in front of someone.
  14. After resolving fishfinder, trolling motor, and prop problems I wanted to shake the boat down and make sure nothing else was going to malfunction and try to wet a line. State park ramp and parking situation was good except for someone stopped in the lane just before the staging area. It wasn't busy so not much of an issue, but certainly odd to just stop there. No debris on ramp, both courtesy docks were usable. I ran to Clevenger and spent most of my time throwing a spinnerbait in the bushes. Summary for the session.....small fish, lots of short strikes. I was not in the mood to fight the wind and confidant everything was working good I put it on the trailer and was having lunch by 11:00.
  15. I scrapped fishing to recover from life this weekend. I'll crack open the control and getting anything out of there that might be a problem and see if I can find the parts to fix it. From the description it was a plastic 'ear' of some sort that broke.

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