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  1. My daughter and I wanted to take advantage of the good weather and put in at the Branson campground ramp around 10:30. Plenty of water flowing. We ran to the island for a long release on a feisty rainbow for her using power eggs. I managed the same in short order. Not much catching going on around us. Made the drift several times for some short bites. Moved to the landing and caught a small brown on a spinner. The fish was clean, light colored, and pulled hard. Had a decent rainbow follow the spinner and long released a small rainbow when it jumped. Missed a few more fish on power bait. Made one more pass at the island for a rainbow for the daughter. Great weather, slow fishing over all. Almost forgot, we ran to Fall Creek and tossed jerkbaits for awhile for nada.
  2. MOBass

    New Year’s Day get together

    I am going to see if my dad and son are game with coming down. I want to get that first fish of the year caught so that monkey is off my back.
  3. Put in at the Branson campground ramp about 11:30 and ran up to the island. Caught a few on spinners and power eggs, no water running that I could tell. Moved down to the White River Fish Co. and caught fish it, even had a short double. Back to the island for a few more before calling it. Spinners and power eggs work well. I didn't have any jigs with me, need to refill my box. Tossed a jerkbait a few times, but wasn't feeling it.
  4. MOBass

    New Year’s Day get together

    I was wondering this myself. Good sporting chance I'll be down there fishing regardless.
  5. MOBass

    Off Topic Christmas Spending

    We budget Christmas as well as everything else in the household. Whatever the presents are they have to fit in the budget. If it doesn't fit, it doesn't get bought. No credit card bills after the holiday, no regrets.
  6. MOBass

    Two mornings of jerking Taney

    Mind if I ask what pound line and what type of retrieve you are using on the jerkbaits?
  7. MOBass

    Tuna trip feb 16, 2019

    Is that for the boat for the day or per person/per day?
  8. MOBass

    Tuna trip feb 16, 2019

    Time frame doesn't work for me, but I would be interested in details of the trip (boat, cost, ect...). I have been considering a Venice trip and would love to hear some firsthand information.
  9. MOBass

    11/25 short report

    Put in at the Branson camp ground ramp around 11:30, still space for 4 or 5 rigs which surprised me given how nice the weather was. Summary....Lots of boats, lots of people, plenty of fish being caught. Watched bait dunkers and trollers both catching fish steadily. Caught ours on spinners retrieved medium fast over submerged weeds. 50/50 between little silver bullets and nicer sized darker colored fish.
  10. MOBass

    Shriner tournament April 27,28,29

    I have another commitment on the 28th or I would be all over this. I just got the boat back from the shop, gear is prepped, and I'll be flipping pancakes instead of fish into the boat. I can't catch a break.
  11. MOBass

    Boardwalk Docks at Branson Landing

    Ditto what Travis said. When I have one of my kids with me it is nice to tie up and go have lunch. Good fishing off the docks also.
  12. MOBass

    New Year's Day

    Sorry I did not make it with the buffalo chicken dip. After going to the gym my son wanted to go see Star Wars and I wanted to do something with him before school started back. Happy New Year to all and hopefully I'll be down for January 1 2019.
  13. MOBass

    New Year's Day

    Pretty sure I'll make it again. Put me down for buffalo chicken dip and chips.
  14. https://scout.com/outdoors/bass-fishing/Article/Peak-Rock-Capital-Acquires-Strike-King-Lure-Company-110047420 More changes in the fishing industry this morning.
  15. MOBass

    On the edge.

    I am going Sunday. I don't care if it is high skies and 80 at this point. I don't care if I catch anything. I just want to be on the water.

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