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  1. Made the trip down from KC this morning. Got there around 0730 and there was a decent current. Set up along the fence on the west side and started throwing a ghost slab hunter on 3/8oz jig. Didn't catch anything for the first hour other than a dinker crappie then my lure got hammered by a hybrid. Around 45 minutes later I caught another hybrid. Fished until around noon with nothing else but a small white, but the two hybrids made it worth while. Of note, a guy down from me was drifting minnows out towards the middle of the channel and pulling stuff in pretty consistently. Looked like he pulled in a monster hybrid around mid-morning. I attached a pic of the two I caught. The one on the left was around 6lbs and the one on the right was 7lbs.
  2. Just saw the temp is getting down close to the 65 degree mark and they've started generating the last few days. Any word on whites and hybrids?
  3. Went down yesterday evening. Got there around 7:00pm and fished the west side by the fence until around 9:30. Caught 3 blues, a couple crappie and a white. There were bass chasing small bait fish right around the ledge by the fence but I never could get any top water action. I'm guessing they were just a few small whites.
  4. I'm planning on heading down tomorrow or Wednesday. Before I did I thought I would see if anyone has been having any luck the last week or so. Thanks.
  5. I went down Wednesday morning. Got there about 6:45 and fished the west side by the fence. Caught 4 whites and a couple hybrids in about an hour and then the bite turned off. Caught a few more in the next couple hours and then nothing after that. Didn't see anybody catching anything after about 9:00. Called it quits about 11. I would agree that early morning and evening are your best bets right now. Not sure about night fishing, it may be decent as well.
  6. I'm wanting to come down and do some night fishing in the next week or two. Just wondering if anybody is having success with as hot and dry as it is.
  7. Going to try and make it down Monday or Tuesday. Just wondering if there are any more reports on the Walleye? Thanks.
  8. I pushed back my trip because they shut the water off. Figure it would be pretty slow.
  9. Thanks for the heads up. I'm hopefully headed down saturday so I will see if it's still closed and let you know.
  10. Great to hear! I'm definitely going to make it down this weekend, hopefully they'll still be as hot.
  11. Wow, thanks. Somehow I didn't even know that existed. Don't know how I missed it.
  12. Where is the 3 day forecast? I always look at swpa's generation schedule but it only projects for the next day. It is saying they are supposed to run a ton of water tomorrow too. Your right it should be great fishing if they do open it up. Unfortunately I'm not going to be able to make it down until this weekend at the earliest. If I had a free day tomorrow, I would definitely be down there with my line in the water.
  13. Man, this forum has been dead lately. Is anybody catching fish since they have shut the water down? I was going to come down yesterday, but I saw they were not forecasted to generate all day.
  14. The west side. I think they might have been pulling in some crappie on the other side but I'm pretty sure most of the hybrids were over in the current.
  15. Got down to the dam yesterday around 1:00. They were generating a little and the bite was fairly slow. I caught 3 hybrids in about 3 hours. At 4:00 they started running a lot more and between then and about 8 I limited out on whites and hybrids including 4 over 18". 9 pounds was the biggest. I had to let go 3 others that were over 18" and I threw back a ton of smaller whites. Also had one straighten my hook out on a 3/8 ounce leadhead So the big ones are starting to show up although I bet it will only get better over the next week or two.if you can make it out, now is the time! Good luck to everybody and happy easter.
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