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  1. hello jason remember that most of the fly guys probably started with a can of worms and a cane pole we don eed to keep them humble
  2. hi Iam a recovering stroke suvivior and need some help gettingetting to and then tieing I am able to get in and outof vehicles indedendantly but unable to tie on hooks or lures Iam available almost every day, Iam doing best with bait fishing or limited castng from the bankfeel free to either call or e mail(leolennartz@hotmail.comor314 8228150 thanks... day trips are best
  3. leo

    Shad Guts?

    Ii haveneverused nosseen shadguts being used how do ya get and usethem?
  4. hi i am recovering from a stroke and am at the point that i can get around well enough to get tot he water i have the use of my right hand only i am using an adaptive product called strike fighter(whichis simaler to a gimbel belt) i have changed the sides on my spinning reel handles so i am able to retrive line..what ineed help with is howto put tension on the line when i am reeling to get the line firmly on the spool thankyou for your thoughts..leo
  5. helllo Iam going to start fishing in the tailrace and was wonering how it has been either now ir in the past..thanks
  6. anyone have any tricks tokeep chicken livers on the hook?
  7. hi I ammlooking for warmwater spillways within a day trip of st.loui thanks
  8. snagged send me a email---leolennartz@hotmail.com
  9. Include white bass, not that they are excluded now. And...how about links for fishing reports on other sites? With their permission of cource. Thank you for the time you put in for this.
  10. With all of the lines available, which line for spinning, 2lb to 8 lb? Not having memory and small diameter being important.
  11. 01/01/07 Does the room come with you guiding one day?
  12. If you "lip" trout and are having a good day your thumb will be hamburger.
  13. Windy points (wind blowing in to them) with jig and twister. Anchor with wind to your back and cast with the wind. Lift anchor to move.
  14. Just a note. Tipping should be based on effort, not nessesarly on the quantity of fish caught.
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