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  1. Thinking about planting brush piles

    Check craiglist for pvc scrap. You can use some quickcrete and a bucket or 4” pvc to make a snag free “tree” that will last a LONG time.
  2. Somebody Stole a Shipment of Bass Pro Guns.

    Sounds like an inside job. Somebody had the tracking information of the guns or something else of value going through the facility and knew when to go. And since when are UPS facilities not monitored with some sort of security system or cameras? They can’t even tell when it happened. Come on.
  3. Better Luck Next Time

    Glad your ok. I’d add a good dry bag or box to your Christmas list.
  4. Blues

    Wow! Nice fish. I imagine those would be real challenging to land on a dock. If they decided to swim horizontally under the dock, I guess you just have to stick the rod tip in the water and hope you have enough leverage to get pulled in yourself.
  5. OzarkAnglers.Com Bumper Stickers

    I’d throw one on my kayak.
  6. Meramec Property for sale.

    Looks awesome.
  7. Fall Fishing at the Lake

    Curious how this warm front will affect things. I'll be in the Tan-Tar-A area this weekend and would be down for a strong crappie bite or LMB rebound.
  8. First fish from my yak on Friday

    Kayak fishing is addictive, especially on the small streams in your area.
  9. Boat Financing

    Personally, I'm less concerned with term length as I always pay off early. The security of lower minimums is worth the slightly higher interest rates However, I wouldn't finance any depreciating asset if it meant being upside down at any point. That requires buying gently used and a healthy down payment. Let somebody else eat up the dealer depreciation.
  10. A Request...

    What was the Kingdom City controversy?
  11. Round Spring to Two Rivers

    My friends stepdad caught a big rainbow (I'd guess 20") below Round Spring about ten years ago. I'm sure it was just a fluke. I saw the picture proof, and he is not the type that would lie about that kind of thing. Now if it was my friend or his mom, I'd make them send me the picture with GPS coordinates and signed witness testimony.
  12. Steel Creek area wading?

    I agree that the Goat Trail is probably the best scenery in the Ozarks whether viewed from above or below. Pictures don't do it justice. If you just do Centerpoint to the Goat Trail and back, it is only about 6 miles round trip. Hemmed-in-Hollow is also awesome.
  13. Rivers are low...

    Don't know if it is related, but I have had three of my best river fishing trips in at least five years during this "drought".
  14. Wilderness Systems Ride 115 --- $500

    darn. How did I miss this post! i was looking for one of these and have been STL all weekend.
  15. Big Doin's at Bass Pro Today

    Johnny Morris does not do free. $138 with tax for a family of four (assuming children are under 11). And before we restart the Johnny bashing debate, I believe he has every right to charge whatever the heck he wants for attractions that he builds. Nobody is forced to go to any of them, and he just won't get my money. I do still regularly shop at BPS stores.

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