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  1. Devils River

    Thanks Drew! If I make it down there (dependent on getting a couple friends to commit), it would be 2019 as we are expecting our first child this summer, but something like this needs some planning so I’m looking now. Will definitely hit you up, when I get further along. Your mention of the fishing being down isn interesting. I recently watched a video of a group that was there a week or two ago. I think they caught one smallmouth. This was the second year they have made the trip, and the guy said it was his first smallie...meaning he didn’t catch any last year. Other videos and posts from 3-4+ years back seemed to be a pretty even mix of largemouth to smallmouth.
  2. Secluded Multi-Day Float Suggestions

    Crooked Creek in AR? What’s the deal with that? I was checking it out on google street view at a couple accesses, and it was completely dry. One of those was at Hwy 101 which is the lower end just above the White. Anyway, I still haven’t settled on a float though I’m leaning towards Rush to the White.
  3. Secluded Multi-Day Float Suggestions

    Can’t argue there. I am amazed everytime I float or hike it.
  4. Secluded Multi-Day Float Suggestions

    I wonder what Thomasville to Turner would be like around June 1 as far as water levels? What’s the scenery like up there? Anything compared with to Upper JF or lower Buffalo?
  5. Mineral Fork access and float question

    Thanks. I think I saw Phil posted that (or refreshed the post) recently.
  6. Mineral Fork access and float question

    “Ozark stream smallmouth destinations”. I tried googling that but did not get anything. Is that a book?
  7. I appreciate your comments on my thread about the Devil's River. With a baby on the way this summer, there are too many unknowns to make that kind of trip work this year, but I am working on it for next year. My friend and I do want to do a 3-4 day/2-3 night overnighter on a remote stretch of stream probably the weekend before or after Memorial Day. I was thinking lower Buffalo from Buffalo Point/Rush to the White River or the upper Jacks Fork above Alley. While I have not experienced these particular sections of the rivers, I believe both get very little traffic and are quite beautiful. The only thing holding me back from just picking one of those two is that I have floated both of those rivers many times (just not those sections), and I really wanted to make it a point this year to float some new streams. So far I have been on Little Niangua, Big Niangua, Big River, Meramec, Huzzah, Elk, James, Finley, Big Piney, Buffalo, Current, and Jacks Fork. That leaves Bryant, White River, North Fork, 11 Point, Gasconade, Osage Fork, Big Sugar, St. Francis, Black, Kings, Shoal, Courtois, Spring...might be missing a couple more...unexplored. Do any of those, or others that I have not mentioned, offer similar scenery, solitude, and decent fishing for a ~15-25 mile stretch? I am content with both the lower Buffalo or Upper JF, if you all do not think anything else fits the bill better. Thanks in advance
  8. Devils River

    I’m open to other suggestions. Honestly, if it wasn’t for all the hoops to jump through, I’d probably be on my way. I am going to call a couple places that others have recommended tomorrow to get a better idea of the cost and hassle. Also need to find out if they can pair people up. I only have one friend that would be game for this kind of trip and I’m not sure he could afford to go. Even if he could, I do not think this is the type of trip that should be take with just two people. 4-5 days without cell signal is kind of dangerous if someone can’t paddle ahead for help.
  9. Devils River

    Does anyone have experience on the Devils River in Texas? Plastic_worm posted about his trip about a year ago so I hope he chimes in. This was the blog he linked in that post for those that aren’t familiar with the river: http://looknfishy.blogspot.com/2017/04/the-devils-river.html?m=1 I have read a lot about it online, but most of the people seem to be from Texas or surrounding areas and probably aren’t spoiled like we are with dozens of beautiful streams within a couple hours. I would love to hear from anyone that has experienced Ozark streams and Devils River to see if it is worth the expense and effort or is what we have in Missouri and Arkansas just as good (albeit different). Floating the Devils is not easy to plan like a Missouri stream that you can just hop on at any time. They limit usage with permits, need to use an outfitter to access the river, permits to camp, etc. By the time permits and shuttles are worked out (which must be months in advance), gas (14 hour drive), and probably lodging for a night or two on the drive, I’m guessing it is a 3-500 per person at least.
  10. Must be A Man Thing

    That’s a heavy, bulky load for a canoe trip. You guys must pack real smart to get everything else in. Do you bring a steel pole set as well or cut wood poles on site?
  11. Not a bad day

    I hope this doesn’t come off as rude, but what’s the difference between a canoe rod and a jetboat rod?
  12. Big fish In the rain

    Nice fish. You’re a lot more hardcore than me to fish on a nasty day like this.
  13. Lake Springfield to Rivercut

    I’ve waded at the golf course once several years ago. Did very well. Dont know why I never went back.
  14. I can where 10, 10.5 or 11s. Would gladly pay shipping.
  15. In my backyard

    Life goals! Living the dream.

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