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  1. I can where 10, 10.5 or 11s. Would gladly pay shipping.
  2. In my backyard

    Life goals! Living the dream.
  3. darn. That looks like fun. Need to get back down to Taney to get my fix.
  4. Where to buy on Lake of the Ozarks

    If that's where I think it is, they are very close. You know where Wolfpen Hollow Road is?...they are just across the lake from there. There are some secluded lots but I bet they don't come up for sale often.
  5. Where to buy on Lake of the Ozarks

    I grew up fishing the upper Little Niangua passed Big Island...maybe a couple miles from the Hwy J bridge. We would be out on 4th of July weekend fishing out of paddle-boats, kayaks, and 12' john boats and never felt unsafe. Don't think we ever saw a cruiser up that far. Even as kids, we always caught a lot of fish. You are 20-30 minutes from Camdenton.
  6. Hunting Lease

    You need to join missouriwhitetails.com. Lot of people know about available leases. There are also several members a year looking to get people to join their leases or form new groups.
  7. Mid Mo Smallies

    I had four excellent stream fishing days within 30 minutes of you...and that was just in a three week period from late August to mid-September. I invited you to go at least once so that's your loss
  8. Mid Mo Smallies

    I have a copy in Columbia if you want to borrow it. I have probably found more spots using Google Maps and county Floating and Fishing guides, many of which are free on Google Books (https://books.google.com/books?id=3SzODQAAQBAJ&pg=PA1&lpg=PA1&dq=Columbia+%26+Boone+County+Missouri+Fishing+%26+Floating+Guide+Book&source=bl&ots=TGwZdmNk8d&sig=DAjrNhlYRPU1N7C12QzeceDd7tg&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjv5v_jqfvXAhUL44MKHbxaC4QQ6AEIMzAC#v=onepage&q=Columbia %26 Boone County Missouri Fishing %26 Floating Guide Book&f=false) There are some real gems in the book though. I have a couple very small, very awesome smallmouth streams within an hour of St. Louis (that's all I'm saying) that I found out after the fact were in Chuck's book. I'm sure he was right about some of the others as well.
  9. Mid Mo Smallies

    Alex, I recently moved to Columbia from Springfield and have been on the search for smallie water in the area. I have several spots identified through scouring the internet, Google Maps, etc. that just need to be explored via wading and/or kayak. Shoot me a PM if you want to co-explore any areas.
  10. They are all I use. The smaller ones I use on rivers have been especially abused and are still going many years later.
  11. Thinking about planting brush piles

    Check craiglist for pvc scrap. You can use some quickcrete and a bucket or 4” pvc to make a snag free “tree” that will last a LONG time.
  12. Somebody Stole a Shipment of Bass Pro Guns.

    Sounds like an inside job. Somebody had the tracking information of the guns or something else of value going through the facility and knew when to go. And since when are UPS facilities not monitored with some sort of security system or cameras? They can’t even tell when it happened. Come on.
  13. Better Luck Next Time

    Glad your ok. I’d add a good dry bag or box to your Christmas list.
  14. Blues

    Wow! Nice fish. I imagine those would be real challenging to land on a dock. If they decided to swim horizontally under the dock, I guess you just have to stick the rod tip in the water and hope you have enough leverage to get pulled in yourself.

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