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  1. Al, What size spinner baits do you generally use? I can never decide between the “full size”, traditional largemouth bass types and the slightly smaller, “medium-sized” ones.
  2. Al, I generally agree about live bait on rivers and almost never use it. I will say, there are times when I’m sight fishing, and make several cast to a fish with multiple artificial lures that they either ignore or inspect and then around. Then, I put a live crawdad on, and they immediately hammer it.
  3. Lot of good advice. Don’t think anyone hasn’t mentioned push water yet. This is the “smooth” water right above a rapid where the rocks or whatever makes the rapid “pushes” the water up. Most people don’t fish these because they are scouting the rapid, putting their gear down, etc. If this water is a foot or more deep, there are fish in it.
  4. I may have this Friday off. Or if not, I may at least take a friend Saturday. I really want to get on the river this weekend barring flooding.
  5. Little Niangua doesn’t look bad. It shows it’s going up, but I don’t think that will last.
  6. Strike King Bitsy Tubes...is that what you’re using? I’ve caught 80% of my smallmouth on those. I shove 1/8 oz crappie jigs up the them for the hook. Various topwater baits are effective. I have had good success recently on the whopper plopper 90 and torpedos. Walk the dog lures are popular too. I pretty pretty much have those two tied on at all times. I usually have three rods. The third rod has a HD craw, Bomber Model A real craw, jig and pig, or Ned rig. A lot of people only fish the really obvious spots on a river. You know, the ones that look like they just hold fish. Don’t overlook other areas. -Push water: the area above a rapid where the water kind of pushes/rises before going over the rocks. -Shallow areas with current that are off the main channel: a lot of people I fish with will be casting into the deep area in the current. There are definitely fish there. If I see current moving on the other/shallow side, especially if there is a lot of low hanging limbs from the bank, I cast there and almost always catch more fish.
  7. I just talked to a family that went floating on the Gasconade. They didn’t know the name of the access but they were coming from LOTO and said it was right off 44. They said the river was fast but not bad at all.
  8. I may still go somewhere too. The Little Niangua usually drops pretty quick and I will already be down by the lake anyway.
  9. It probably has been abused but what does raising it from 5-20 do? Poachers gunna poach regardless of what the law says.
  10. Agreed. While it is for non-residents, I am firmly against any government agency getting more revenue unless they have documented a history of cost reduction first. The rate increases is the change I am least concerned with. Raising the minimum acreage for landowner hunting tags and creating a landowner registry are BS. There is also a proposed requirement that would essentially require you to butcher your deer in the field if you live in one county and hunt in another. You wouldn’t be able to transport the carcass home to butcher if you have to cross state lines...you could only take it to a taxidermist or licensed processor. There’s a place where I hunt where I may be in Boone County one hunt and Callaway the next depending on the spot. In either case, I am 20 minutes from the house. CWD doesn’t follow county lines, if you are putting a restriction like this in place (which I don’t support in any form), at least make it a mile radius so people that hunt close to home in different counties or have land that is in two counties don’t get screwed.
  11. Fair warning to all. The Gasconade is somewhat of my kryptonite and I may have jinxed the group. I have tried to get on this river 5-6 times over the last few years and always had to go somewhere else because it gets flooded when I’m scheduled to go...
  12. Changing my RSVP from tentative to CONFIRMED. Not sure if I can camp, but at the very least, I am definitely coming down for a full day of fishing and hanging out on Friday or Saturday. Bringing my Coosa HD unless someone wants a deckhand on their jet-boat . Have a truck to help with shuttles/towing/etc. My wife and our 11 month old are going to LOTO Saturday to meet a friend, and I feel bad making her deal with the logistics of traveling with an infant and two 60# dogs by herself. But, if the in-laws are going to the lake too, that will free me up to stay a night and get two full days in.
  13. Put me down as tentative. Looks like there’s a good chance it will just be a girls weekend for my wife so I should be able to get free for a day or two.
  14. Sounds like a blast. I think we were meeting friends at LOTO that weekend, but it might just be my wife’s friend and not her husband. If that’s the case, I may take you up on this. I’ve somehow never managed to get on the Gasconade.
  15. I’m down that way about half the weekends in the summer and early fall. Hit me up if you want to do a self shuttle float.
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