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  1. TroutRinger


    I have “missed” a lot of smallies with the 90, but I would say at least 75%...maybe 90% will hit it again on the same cast or the subsequent cast. If they don’t hit it on the second cast, I make 3-4 casts somewhere else and then go back to where I missed them. That works almost everytime. I have caught a crap ton of smallies on the Plopper.
  2. TroutRinger

    Good sized brown

  3. TroutRinger

    A word about Kayaks

    I love my Old Town Predator MX. Gets me to places I could never go by foot or boat. Saves about $40/float trip too if you self shuttle with a friend. I have a lot of advice I could give to new kayak fisherman, but number one would be to buy something that you can carry by yourself for your first kayak. If you need to trailer it or use a cart, it starts to defeat the purpose, and you may not have as much interest. Fall in love with the sport first, and then you may be more willing later to mess with that stuff. And don’t worry about buying a kayak to just sell later. If you get into the sport, you’ll go through several models before you find one that works best. I’m on my 6th different boat. Buy used so you don’t lose money (or much money) when reselling.
  4. My relatively uneducated guess is that it could be some type of leak in the vacuum system for the fuel...if not the pump itself.
  5. TroutRinger

    Spring river sink hole mystery solved

    Ya. It seemed pretty silly. Just some good ol’ taxpayer dollars down the drain (pun intended).
  6. TroutRinger

    Venting a little......

    I’m going to have respectfully disagree a bit. I don’t condone a group of kayaks or any other group of boats choking off a passage. That said, they have as much right as anybody to be in the middle, side, or wherever as someone in a boat (again, this assumes a large group isn’t blocking the way). Now, the kayakers also need to accept the risk with being on the same water as motor boats so it cuts both ways.
  7. TroutRinger

    Right kind of powered boat for float trippin' in MO?

    When I was on the Lower Buffalo a few weeks ago, we saw several Jon boats with 9.9HP motors. As Al said, they were about useless in the fast riffles. A couple of them tried to do it and made all kinds of god aweful sounds as the prop whacked on the rocks.
  8. TroutRinger

    Right kind of powered boat for float trippin' in MO?

    You can get a bed extender to haul a 14’ boat in a short bed...maybe a tad longer depending on weight and weight distribution.
  9. TroutRinger

    Has anyone here used this rig ever???

    I have seen that on Facebook. Let us know how it works!
  10. TroutRinger

    Lisa Lands a Big Brown

  11. TroutRinger

    LOZ on TV

    I pick the second response every time regardless of the question.
  12. TroutRinger

    LOZ on TV

    I didn’t think Party Cove was even that popular anymore, especially with all the new, fancy bars with big pools and beaches. Plus, that no wake zone to get to the Glaize is a drag. I remeber 3-5 years ago, it would be crazy. Seems like the last 2 years, you go by on a holiday weekend, and there is like 30-50 boats. That first big cove out of the no wake zone has more traffic.
  13. TroutRinger

    Buffalo River - Rush to White River (lots of pics)

    It is a pretty amazing place. Would love to go back during the week and probably have the place to ourselves. Not to say that it was crowded as we only saw 5 other groups in three days.
  14. TroutRinger

    Back to smallmouth

    I guess I will have to try to snag a pair somewhere before they are all gone. In your experience, does the size match your regular shoes or is it bigger/smaller?
  15. TroutRinger

    Back to smallmouth

    Looks like they are discontinued.

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