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  1. TroutRinger

    My First Elk Hunt

    Looks awesome! Did you all camp or stay in a lodge/hotel?
  2. TroutRinger


    Go to HuntStand’s website. You can get property owner info.
  3. TroutRinger


    Brad, this is the kind of camping I want to do. Another place to check out is Wappapelo. It has a lot of islands that may be good camping.
  4. TroutRinger


    Following. Are you talking about taking a boat or hiking through the Corp property and setting up in the woods somewhere?
  5. TroutRinger

    SOLD Jackson Coosa HD

    Bump. If you live in KC, STL, or Springfield, I can meet you halfway this weekend.
  6. TroutRinger

    Eleven Point Everything

    Can’t argue with that. I still need to get on the upper JF. I’ve floated the Current from Williams Landing to Two Rivers, and that is the only other place I’ve seen that is “somewhat” comparable to the lower Buffalo for scenery. Buffalo rules all though.
  7. TroutRinger

    Eleven Point Everything

    What your top 3?
  8. TroutRinger

    SOLD Jackson Coosa HD

    Bump. Will be in Springfield/Nixa area October 27 and 28. Can meet there or anywhere between there and Columbia.
  9. TroutRinger

    Eleven Point Everything

  10. TroutRinger

    SOLD Jackson Coosa HD

    Bought this lightly used several weeks ago. I Iiked it so much that I decided to do something that I almost never do...splurge. I just bought a brand new one so this is up for grabs. This boat was only been used on a small neighborhood lake so hull is in great shape. Comes with track mount rod holder, seatback pouch, load flag, thermarest lumbar support, and center hatch. $1,125. Pretty firm on price. Will include a matching 250cm paddle. Located in Columbia. Will be in Springfield the weekend of October 27 and can meet anywhere between here and there that weekend. Prefer text 314-779-5323
  11. TroutRinger

    where to put in a kayak?

    You can kayak at the dam boat ramp if they aren’t generating. Search this forum a bit. A couple people have talked about different kayak trips.
  12. TroutRinger

    SOLD Predator MX Kayak

  13. TroutRinger

    Never knew it was here!?!?

    My uncle and I used to hit it once a year for crappie and usually caught limits. That was 15-20 years ago. Said to hear it’s gone downhill.
  14. TroutRinger

    SOLD Predator MX Kayak

  15. TroutRinger

    SOLD Predator MX Kayak

    Here are my observations after using the Coosa HD and Predator MX side by side. Seat and Comfort: HD seat with the thermarest lumbar support is more comfortable. Both are very good. HD seat comes out, which is nice for transportation and camping. Storage under MX seat is better. MX foot pedals are more comfortable but the adjustment tabs have also caught on things in the past. Winner: Coosa Rod Storage: Neither company has really mastered the horizontal rod storage concept. The HDs rod tip protectors are much better and the location where the rod butt sits is more out of the way. The MX strap system is easier to use. The rod tubes in the Coosa angle straight back and lower which is less likely to snag limbs, but could get in the way with a lot of camping gear in the back. All the gear tracks make HD much more customizable. Winner: Coosa Paddling: I’m not sure I noticed a difference. Maybe if I loaded 100# of gear one would stand out. Winner: Draw Storage: HD front storage is larger and the bigger opening is nice. The rear hatch can hold a good amount of gear too. The MX can store a lot more behind the seat. Both designs have compromises. Winner: Draw Maneuverability: Like with paddling, I did not notice much of a difference. Maybe an ever so slight advantage to the Coosa with the seat in the rear position. Too close to call. Winner: Draw Stability and Standing: I can put all my weight on one foot it both boats without tipping. The HD seems to give a bit less. The padded deck is WAY better when bare foot. The MX deck is more rigid. Winner: Coosa by a hair Transport: MX has better handles on the front/back (both molded) and sides. I can carry the Predator with the rigid side handles a lot easier than with the soft(ish) HD handles. Both are heavy. The non-removable MX seat has gotten in the way at times but I have always been able to figure something out. Winner: MX Conclusion: The two boats are very comparable. If I was buying them new, I don’t think I could justify the extra $500 for the Coosa HD, especially when Old Town has a lifetime hull warranty. Bottom line, the Predator MX is a better value

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