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    G4 and Sterrett Creek area from some of my buddies. I haven't been so I don't have any personal knowledge. Trust the source though.
  2. Water temp is only 60 below the dam right now. I think it is a little early for the great top water bite. But they will come up on overcast days or early/late.
  3. Cloudy days are best. Pick what top water bait you are going to use and match that weight to the rod. Line, I always use braid but I would not go with anything below 15 lb. Lures, Spooks, Miro Lure topwaters, Vixen style topwaters are good. Colors are chartreuse, bone, white and red, or a smoke/clear body and chartreuse or blue head. I use either a 7ft ml St. Croix or a bass rod. I also have a 10 1/2 foot salmon rod I use but it is harder to work the top water bait. I would also take some husky jerk type baits if they are not hitting on top. During the week is less crowded and first light and just before sundown are also usually good. Have fun.
  4. Google Truman Lake Daily Information that will give you some idea of the water release. Also google Southwest Power Administration and go to generation schedule. They only post the schedule for the next day normally in the afternoon of the preceding day. Truman is HST No. 17 in the column.
  5. Buddy of mine has been down quite a bit catching alot of whites, 5 10 hybrids a trip and several nice walleye in the 5 to 8 range. Not just talk. Sent pictures. Only when they are running water. Like one generator 1/4 jig head, curley tail. All I know.
  6. Sorry I have not posted. Fished Sunday. Gate side got down late about 7 a.m. The three kids on the point were catching the occasional white bass and maybe one hybrid. I caught a few whites. The kids left about noon and we moved towards the point (I was third guy). Had a big rain and wind storm move through. As the rain softened, we went back out and it was on (about 2-4:30). I caught about 15 hybrids, I kept 4 and the they were from almost 9 to 10.4. Caught a few big whites. Hitting on a Chartreuse Super Spook (others) and I was catching mine on a bone colored Vixen topwater. I left about 4:30 as it started to get crowded. The fishing was still hot. It appears the evening bite has been best from what I gathered from others who had been fishing. I fished the Wed. before that and took home about 12 hybrids, did not weigh the biggest, but caught some short fish to fill out the stringer. I had 4 overs and probably the biggest was 9lb.
  7. Hey Chris aka Birdwatcher. If you are alive give me a call. Wahoo61 aka Lee. Also, for you wiper chasers, check out www.sixoldgeezers.com in the forums. It is all about Texoma and they primarily catch Stripers, but interesting methods that might work up here. FYI.
  8. Odum is that you? Hardee here. Nice job. We should get together and fish.
  9. I went Saturday. I was generally trying to find the whites and was hoping that some wipers would be mixed in. Put in at Longshoal thinking that with the west to nw wind that the hook at G4 would be perfect. Hit one spot and caught three, but nothing hot. Went to G4 and pounded it and caught nothing. Went to the dam and graphed no fish on the weir to speak of. Of course, after running water all week they ran zero on Saturday. Wind was perfect for the shallow bank from the ramp at the dam to O3. Fished it hard and caught zero. Looked around O3 and again did not graph any fish to speak of. Went back to the place that I caught whites early and caught two more. The wind totally died out between 12 and 1. Fished another couple of spots that would have been in the wind before it died out = nothing. Came home. Talked to the guys at Tightwad Bait and tackle. They said that the catfish were schooled up big from Bucksaw back towards the main lake. Said guys were catching the hell out of them. Anyway, that is all I know, that and I am not going down again on the weekend when they are running no water after running water all week.
  10. Have not been check out the sterret creek website for the best reports. Went to Milford last couple of weekends for the topwater wiper bite. Pretty good. Son caught a 5 plus smallie on top. At Truman according to the Sterret Creek guys, Catching white and some hybrids on windy steep points and windy banks. No idea on shad. Good luck.
  11. Just a thought. For that kind of money you could have bought a used boat. If u went down to the dam on the main lake side you might be able to net them on the west corner by the gates. I don't catfish but if I was down and knew you were down I might try to net some shad for you. My number is in the 03 shad hybrids thread.
  12. Fished sat with Birdwatcher and one of his buddies. I caught nada but got bit a few times. They caught 2 on 03. I left about 5 they caught 13 late like 745 to 820. Shad are impossible. If anyone has a line on them please share. Saw on school of right sized shad on o3 but could not get the net fast enough. With the rain they are going to generate and maybe run the gates. If that is the case you can probably pick up shad at the dam but you will probably have to cull a lot. Tight lines!
  13. Derek, if you don't have a round bait tank with filtration you are probably wasting your time. I have never heard of anyone keeping them alive in your normal square corned live well in a boat. The challenge in the summer is usually keeping the bait alive long enough to fish for them. This summer it is finding them along with keeping them alive. Birdwatcher, saw I missed your call. I will try to call you tonight.
  14. Derek, I would love to, but it will probably be next year. I talked to him earlier today and I think he said he is booked through September. Fishing with live shad is really not that hard. The hard part is catching the bait, and then finding the Wipers. There are a lot of days when you have bait, but cannot find the fish. Other days, you know where the fish are and cannot find the bait. The reason I started this thread or topic was to try to get everybody to chime in when and where they find the right sized bait. If the bait is too big, you can get bit, but you cannot get hooked up because you never get the hook where you need it. We usually hook the shad through the nose. Next time I cannot find anything but large bait I might play around with a treble hook trailer hooked mid back or something. I am still learning the lake in terms of spots. I know all the general spots and have generally figured out G4, O3, the airport and the cemetery, but I don't have enough trips in on some of them to have spots marked that are better than the general areas in some of those spots. I have not figured out KK island at all. Then factor in wind and current generation and you get even more variables. You get the picture. All I know is that when you get on them with enough right sized bait, it is worth all the effort and the trips where you only catch a few. Feel free to call me anytime. Maybe we can get together and fish. Tight Lines!!!!!
  15. My number is 8165225063 give me a call sometime love to hook up
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