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  1. Good seeing you yesterday. Didn't have as much luck downstream but got a few bigger fish. River is in great shape for the time of year. I noticed a ton of foot prints in the water however. Everyone stills need to be careful of steeping on reds.
  2. I will be on the river as well in the morning. I'll be the guy using way too long of a rod.
  3. Go!! Went yesterday from sun up till about 1 PM when it got too hot! The creek looks great and the fishing was awesome. I was averaging a hookup about every 10 mins at first but as the day went on and it warmed up, the fishing cooled down. I found it doesn't matter so much which flies you use, its all about how you present them. They will try and eat most anything in front of them as long as you and be stealthy. If they know your there you might as well move on. Also yes there are snakes, but that's what you get when your in habitat like Crane. I've only ever seennorther brown wat
  4. Perfect for close up video. There's a million different accessories for it too, I just bought a polarized lens cover which should make outdoor shots much better.
  5. More scared of me than I was of them. Just brown water snakes.
  6. Excellent day. Landed my biggest McCloud yet. Got some pictures of a smaller one.
  7. Saw this guy yesterday. I've got a video closer in too.
  8. Haven't seen any this year but it's only just starting to warm up.
  9. http://www.tulsaworld.com/homepage3/new-pending-state-record-trout-tops-pounds/article_91ffc7f2-6cb1-5875-9bb6-e99f9a7d4407.html Caught on a fly rod
  10. I'm hoping to go early in the morning. Which means I bet they start letting water out right at 6 AM.
  11. Nice, I think I'm going to try and fish it Tuesday, weather and water permitting.
  12. That wat I know what kind of water I'm going to be dealing with this time of year.
  13. Generators are still being serviced for at least a couple weeks.The sluice gate is controling the water.
  14. Jut a heads up. The generation schedule is often wrong. An example is today and yesterday. The schedule says they aren't generating but the water is definatly up and running 2,800 cfps.
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