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  1. Screen Name is an ode to my college days, you know the old Glory Daze. Spelled with a "z" to clarify many of those years were indeed a daze. Named my first boat that as well, but it is not a personal nickname. Avatar is Hawksbill Crag to reflect my love for hiking.
  2. Nice job- I do not envy your adventure in an aluminum canoe but what a cool way to complete it. You are right, just gotta find a pace and keep moving towards STL. I sure have met some really cool people out there while paddling and passing time. Way to go and sounds like you all had a blast!
  3. Just haven't been fishing much the last 2yrs as some other things have taken a priority. I still lurk around here but haven't had much to share. I literally did the same as them my 1st year. Finished every night early enough to enjoy the whole thing. I remember spending about 3 hours in Hermann just hanging out drinking wine and hanging out with my family. This year I paddled right on by Hermann. I wanted to try it different this year- while I still enjoyed it, I spent much more time paddling. It was a catch 22... it was a different kind of fun, but it got me off the river 20 hours earlier! Float trip... too funny: a lot of people still ask me how my float trip went. I just smile and tell them it was a blast.
  4. Congrats to them! I just finished it for the 2nd time. I did it in 79hrs just like him my 1st year. Shaved it down to 59hrs this year. I just paddled more and stopped less, that was a 20hr difference. It's been a combo of elements for me to get through it- but ultimately it comes down to dealing with being uncomfortable. The issues vary, but primarily revolve around your hands, minimal sleep, sitting for 19hrs a day and the elements. If you can stay in your boat and paddle, you can finish. Regardless of age, weight, boat, etc... It is a really great experience and especially paddling overnight. How many people can say they have paddled down the MO river at 3am in the morning. Now that is a hell of an experience.... dodging wing dams and buoys in the dark!
  5. Drew, so sorry to hear this. God bless you and your family during these difficult times. I'm just across the state line, if I can help in any way please do not hesitate to let me know. Take care,
  6. Mitch- just go to Charity Navigator and it will help you out. One statistic I think is way overrated is the % of money spent on programs. Here is my opinion- I don't care if 100% of the money goes to programs if it does not produce any measurable results in a positive direction. Anybody can spend money, but can they do it by having a positive impact on the desired metrics? I would rather have 50% of my money spent on programs, but have the non profit produce measurable positive results to their intended purpose. Anyway, just my .02 cents- there are many great non profits out there. I would suggest picking one you have a passion for and ensure they produce positive measurable results towards their intended mission.
  7. GloryDaze


    1) Dunkel Lager- KC Bier Co, Augustiner- Salzburg, Augusteiner- Munich... pretty much most Dunkel beers 2)Breckenridge Brewery Vanilla Porter 3) Piney River Black Walnut Wheat 4) Murphy's Irish Stout 5) Old faithful Bud Light
  8. Couldn't tell you after Lead Mine- but in my experiences from Oldhams on down is much quieter than upstream. There's just not great access nor an easy shuttle for the outfitters in that stretch for the party crowd.
  9. Drew, not here in KC yet. I was just at their brewery 2 weeks ago after a trip on the Upper Jacks. It's supposed to be available here soon from what they told me. My favorite beer they make is their Black Walnut Wheat.
  10. Nice fish! I'm thinking about heading down there this weekend as well. Do you mind me asking what general section you floated? We're gonna probably take 2.5 days and head from Barclay down to Lead Mine.
  11. You could try Linda at Outdoor Adventures on the Niangua. I've only used her for the section below Bennett but she is wonderful. Just read some trip reports on here to give you access, mileage and pretty much all the info you need for a quickly planned trip.
  12. Hate to hear that, hate that you saw it. Hopefully he was doing what he enjoyed.
  13. In all seriousness, my experiences on the JF with strange sounds have all been directly related to the amount of alcohol I have consumed. Here's the scale" 1-6 beers- some sort of owl, frog, bird 6-12 beers- a deer, no way it has to be a raccoon, maybe not.... what if it is a mountain lion. 12-15 beers- I think I'm hearing dung, eh who knows but I sure love being out in the wild. "Puts stick in fire and gets the end hot" if that son of a b... gets any closer, I'm gonna protect myself and stab it to death with my newly created weapon. 15+ beers- what sound?
  14. Easy- rent a kayak to get you to the Ponca low water bridge.... then use your own the rest of the way.
  15. Not sure what happened to me, but got to the point where I could not open a bottle of soda without it hurting. Went to the Dr, got a cortozone shot and never looked back. From here on out... any swelling or pain I will be getting shots.
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