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  1. No wonder there aren't many posts

    To follow on with fishing and the older folks....
  2. No wonder there aren't many posts

    Went up for 3 hrs today (1500-1800hrs) because, The lack of post COULD be because, the older troops are slaying them and don't want competition !!! WRONG ... We had two hits -- a 2.5lb channel cat and a 4lb drum.... Fished from 8 to 35 fow with 40 lbs of assorted tackle.. Water temp was 78 main lake and 84 in quiet coves..
  3. Annual pass needed.

    Click on picture to enlarge..
  4. It should be a perfect top water day !!!!
  5. Aba tournaments on Stockton?

    Try these links to info on the ABA..... http://www.drawtrail.com/2017DivPage.php?Division=49 https://www.americanbassanglers.com/
  6. Srockton.... Trout?

    X2... The shore line in the picture is 3 - 4 foot DOWN and Stockton has been 4 -13 foot HIGH for months.....
  7. Help Trolling Crank Bait Depth

    Being from the good old days ( if you couldn’t make or fix it, you did with out ).. I walk out 100 foot of line and mark the line with about a two foot section with a felt tip pen.. Then I backed the reel off one turn of the handle and measured how much more line came out; it was 21 inches ( about 2 foot ) so if I am catching fish at 120 foot of line out – I let the line out to my mark plus 10 turns of the handle… I can buy 700 felt pens for the price of “line counter reel”…
  8. Hi Zarrspook the 4th is over and I am getting around to responding about post about my great grandson losing his tackle box. He has returned back to Topeka. He spend a few days with me and we had a ball. I can't tell you what this means to me and him. My # is 417 753 2012. I thank I have met you don't you have the blue and white ranger 620.  e-mail sjerry659@gmail.com 

  9. Iosr fishing tackle at old state park

    PM me also ... I have a few hard bait & spinner bait lures that have not seen water and an a double "handfull" of new crappie jigs.. a Plano 3700 & a 3500 boxes that are gathering dust that he could have, to get started..
  10. Iosr fishing tackle at old state park

    I'll guarantee if anyone on the OAF boards finds it, you will get it back........ I have several buddies not on the board and I will pass the info on to them....
  11. Boat Trailer Steps

    I had to get a set, after my back surgery.. they work well.. the old boy that makes then and I had a slight difference in just what I wanted and he sent what he thought I needed ... But, I told him that I had about 10,000 fishing buddies between here and the west coast (closer to 3,000)... He called me back and ask what I needed to make it right; and he did with no additional charge in making or shipping.. You will have to do some measuring on your boat because; each set is hand made to order...
  12. Courtesy docks?

    I was at Hartley Tuesday and they were putting the dock in when I launched. and was in place 2 hours latter when I left..
  13. Bait between Springfield and Crabtree

    Lakey's and Bait Masters at the junction of 123 & 215.. Bait Masters has some great breakfast sandwiches also...
  14. Stockton Advice

    If you think 4 to 6 foot rollers are a "little rough".... A south 10-20 mph wind will keep me away from mid & north end of the lake and I have a 20 foot DEEP V glass boat... Like Kramr said watch the weather.. You will enjoy Stockton just don't get in a hurry and follow this thread for some great info.. Welcome aboard....
  15. TO lock a phone or not

    The home screen ( the one that shows when you turn the phone on ) on my phone has the option for a "if you find this phone call 417-xxx-xxxx" ; which is the wife and my emergency contact..

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