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  1. 4/20 walleye

    PM sent also......
  2. 4/20 walleye

    PM sent..
  3. Boat ramp question

    I always have Kitty Litter or a broken "Sand Log" in the truck, during the winter..
  4. 12/09-12/10

    This is from "hot spots" maps... bass pro and others have these and they will have "most" of the data you are looking for....
  5. Cold day on the Water

    This weather has me and the fish "CONFUSED"....
  6. 11/12 bass and walleye

    Looks like a it was a perfect fall day on ol' Stockton..
  7. 11/12 Report

    Been there--Done that !!!
  8. Circle hooks

    If you are "setting" the hook up DON"T... the circles are designed to pull in to the corner of the mouth as the fish pulls against the tension on the line as they swim away... I had the same trouble, at first, but I went to the next larger size hook and quit "setting" the hook and 80% of the time, I got the fish to the boat....
  9. Veterans Day

    As Stump said --- Those that we look up to shaped who we are.. I was lucky to have meet and look up to many a great men and women in my 23 years in the Air Force... I too hope all are vets a healthy life, full of great memories .....
  10. Brooder Questions

    Ditto except, I use 20# floro which has helps get the rig out of tree tops with out breaking off....The egg sinker is a 1/2oz if drifting and a 3oz if trolling... 40# braid as main line..
  11. Fall outing

    FANTASTIC !!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing....
  12. Fire Extinguisher recall info

    I know we all have on board extinguishers .. You need to check the model data at: https://www.cpsc.gov/Recalls/2017/kidde-recalls-fire-extinguishers-with-plastic-handles-due-to-failure-to-discharge-and
  13. No wonder there aren't many posts

    To follow on with fishing and the older folks....
  14. No wonder there aren't many posts

    Went up for 3 hrs today (1500-1800hrs) because, The lack of post COULD be because, the older troops are slaying them and don't want competition !!! WRONG ... We had two hits -- a 2.5lb channel cat and a 4lb drum.... Fished from 8 to 35 fow with 40 lbs of assorted tackle.. Water temp was 78 main lake and 84 in quiet coves..
  15. Annual pass needed.

    Click on picture to enlarge..

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