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  1. zarraspook

    Finally a good day

    Sorry to hear you are "going under the knife".. But, I don't know any serious bass fisherperson , that has chased bass more than 10 that haven't had to be worked on.. I have had 3 operations and the son has had 4.. BEST OF LUCK FOR A SPEEDY RECOVERY !!!!!
  2. zarraspook

    Stockton Winds Forecast

    For those, with boats on Stockton Lake, that are wind sensitive .. This is the best forecast chart that I have found... https://www.windfinder.com/forecast/springfield-branson_airport
  3. zarraspook

    Cabela's/Bass Pro store in Rogers

    " BP will keep what parts of Cabelas is profitable and chitcan the rest, like any well run business should regardless how we feel, " Most people believe that Johnny's passion is the outdoors...WRONG -- His passion is MAKING MONEY !!! and he is good at it..
  4. zarraspook

    7/14 Walleye

    Good eating for a couple of meals..
  5. A fishing buddy of mine ( 30+ years ) is moving into a assisted living home and is having an action of his and his wife’s collectables and fishing gear on the 19th .. including his 17’ / 60 hp Bass Tracker.. Link= https://ww3.glenworth.com/index.php/auction-calendar/full-listing/personal-property-auction-20180719
  6. zarraspook

    Advice. . . ?

    Type WALLEYE in the search box ( in the upper right hand of this page ) and check mark "this forum" .. You will get ALL walleye info for this forum....
  7. zarraspook

    Report from first visit ...

    Great detailed report.. Sounds like you read and heeded alot of data from this site.. GOOD JOB...
  8. zarraspook

    New to Stockton Lake

    Minnows , Minnows , Minnows , Minnows , Minnows , -- - EVERY THING in the lake likes minnows... a small split shot about 6-8 inches above a # 1 or 2 hook and the little ones will be "hooked" on fishing for life...
  9. zarraspook

    Take a Vet Fishing

    Being a 74 year old vet, my self... this is great to hear ... Keep up the great work; taking care of our vets....
  10. zarraspook


    June 1 & 2, 306 New Melville Rd, Willard Mo ( PM me for more info or send me your phone # -- I get soooo many “robo” calls – I don’t answer call but, from numbers I know)… 
  11. zarraspook


    Misc. Lures, Butt seat & pole, Pair of left/right planning boards, Spider rigging parts, ETC.. Plus a ton of (16-20 year old) girl’s clothes -most brand name… June 1 & 2, 306 New Melville Rd, Willard Mo ( PM me for more info or send me your phone # -- I get soooo many “robo” calls – I don’t answer call but, from numbers I know)…
  12. zarraspook

    Stockton behemoth

    When I moved here in '86; the son and I were fishing up maze creek and seen a big & long fish surface three times. He was trying to feed on smaller fish. By the time we got close to where he was he was gone. We talked to a game warden, that was at the marina and he said they (fish&game) had stocked some muskie about 15 years before but, they seem to have all died.. He all so said that "one or two could still be in the lake some where". That was 32 years ago and I have not seen or heard of one since. So, if any one tells you that there never was any muskie in Stockton; tell them to find an "OLD" warden and get the real story..
  13. zarraspook


    If you go thru Fair Play ===
  14. zarraspook

    CC ?

    Hwy "CC" off of 160...
  15. zarraspook

    Graph Question

    If you haven't read this thread --- It is excellent for the begin'r and a great review for all others....

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