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  1. I have been on this board for 20+ years and being retired Air Force, I would like to share this with you all.. Any military/ex-military person can not watch this till the end with out their eyes watering.. Memorial Day is for the ones that had to be carried home.. Veterans Days is for us lucky ones.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70Ikj1hZDnw
  2. Great report... But, I not sure that it came from a "sane" person !!!!!😂
  3. Love the make your own for 1/2 !!!!!!!
  4. "Speed wont make any difference with depth. Line size/length of line out dictates almost everything when trolling. My preference is 10/2 braid but many can and will use larger size line(braid allows you to feel much, much better when you get to talking about a 100'+ ft. of line out). here is a dive curve for the 6cm size. " "Speed will be dictated by how aggressive fish are. Often times I can troll with my outboard at 3 mph and catch whites, crappie, and walleye but sometimes it takes the trolling motor and 1.5 mph or 2 mph to get less aggressive fish to bite or not to pull off)." You "nailed it" = 100%
  5. They say LUND was made for northern lakes.. I guess they were thinking north of "MONET" , MO...
  6. No better Easter dinner than crappie & morels !!!!!!! 🤒
  7. Click on this link and then zoom in on the lake.. It shows alot of detail -- but not as good as a "hot spots" map... https://webapp.navionics.com/#boating@7&key=wpadFpxnzP You may have copy & paste the link....
  8. This should be in the MDC hand book and on their website ....
  9. According to "the book" A Summary of MissouriFishingRegulations Effective March 1, 2019 ....... Stockton Lake◾◾Black bass — 15" minimum length limit*◾◾Crappie — 10" minimum length limit; 15 fish daily limit... As of today, on the counter, at Wal-Mart hunt & Fishing ...
  10. This is to the Pomme "daily" CORPS data... https://www.nwk.usace.army.mil/Locations/District-Lakes/Pomme-de-Terre-Lake/Daily-Lake-Info-2/
  11. This is to the Pomme "daily" CORPS data... https://www.nwk.usace.army.mil/Locations/District-Lakes/Pomme-de-Terre-Lake/Daily-Lake-Info-2/
  12. Here is parts of a 1975 TOPO map of Stockton in the area your talking about.. I have used it since 1986 and found it to be true.. but, by now a lot of the trees have rotted off and fell over.. I tried to paste them together but it didn't work..
  13. This should help...
  14. Long term USE THE BAR !!!!!! You want minimal movement of the motor... with out the bar the motor can bounce, when the trailer don't..
  15. Thanks for the info..... Did it say who would be the guide ?????
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