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  1. shaker

    5/4 and 5/7 crappie report

    Good report I also fished the same days as yourself but put in at Bucksaw and went East and had about the same results most of my fish came on the Electric Chicken color but the warmest water that I found was 65 degrees. Black and chartreuse worked early then as the sun came up the electric chicken worked better we caught lots of fish mostly males but some females and some of them were ready to spawn. 1/16 oz road runner jigs were the best for us. RB
  2. And other fish for that matter my question is do the large females spawn first or the smaller fish. I'm of the opinion that the larger fish crappie, bass, white bass, walleyes that the largest females spawn last but I have been in several discussions that people say other wise just curious as to what most people think about this? Appreciate any answers not that it makes much difference going fishing anyway!
  3. shaker

    Well Cross White Bass Off Her List

    Thinking about it, Good! Just means more for me!!!!!
  4. shaker

    Well Cross White Bass Off Her List

    One thing that I tell people about cooking white bass is to cook them "done" and then some. Crappie fry up really fast over cook them and they have little to no taste in my opinion anyway. But white bass are a lot more oily and take longer to cook I think, if you watch the filet as your are cooking it you can actually see the oil in the filet bubbling up through the breading when that quits the filet is done and I like to put some spice them up some.
  5. shaker

    4-11-2017 Fishing report

    Thanks for the report!
  6. shaker

    Deep water

    last week it was about 53* in the afternoon
  7. Three places that I can think of with easy access would be Cooper Creek you can get there off of 13 at the Deep Water ramp. Otter Creek access off of Z highway, another would be Finney Creek again off Z highway of the three Cooper Creek would probably be the least bothered by the wind? BUT the wind can be a problem anywhere on Truman just have to be carefull.
  8. shaker

    Recommendation on good place to stay on Truman

    You don't have to run far most of the time but every year is different? Who knows what the lake and weather will be two or more months form now. I seldom run more than 10 miles and usually that is mainly to go check out a different part of the lake or go hit a favorite spot just to see what is happening. As far a trailering or not wait to see what the lake is like if high and muddy with lots of debris trailer somewhere else normal stay there? The people at the marina should be able to give you a few tips along the way?
  9. shaker

    Recommendation on good place to stay on Truman

    "How do you fish a mud line" The best that I can offer is to stay in front of it? I'm not good at it either but after the lake or a main lake arm has been muddy for a while fishing gets back to normal well almost you might have to slow down some and I like to jig Road Runners during this time sometimes a Road Runner under a slip bobber works really well keep it in one place a much as possible and jig it up and down. A 1/16 oz Road Runner with a black and chartreuse, black and red chart, orange & chart, red & chart, electric chicken, blue & chart is never a bad option on Truman. You might have guessed by now that some sort of chartreuse combination is a good crappie lure on Truman.
  10. shaker

    Recommendation on good place to stay on Truman

    I would recommend the Bucksaw area lots of good fishing close by and can stay right on the marina. But as MOPanfisher said it can get muddy really muddy. If that's the case move on down to the Long Shoal area or State Park, or Sterett creek all have lodging close by and not far to Warsaw for eating places and lodges. Good Luck!
  11. shaker

    Old fart needs some help on hybrids

    It would be my guess that most are already headed to the head waters looking for current?
  12. The noise was the lower unit sometime or another I had hit something hard enough to break a tooth off one of the main gears and that eventually ruined the lower unit and it had to be replaced. Chalk up another one for Truman lake and weak etch lower units. I have never hit anything at more than idol speed and not very much at that over the years I always slow to idol speed when turning off the main channel and trim the motor up and I do remember whacking a stump a time or two hard enough to kill the motor but it pays to be even more careful lower units are expensive!!!! RB
  13. shaker

    Crappie SLOW report

    Thanks for the report! RB
  14. I did a little looking around last evening inside the cowling looks great very clean there is some crusty build up around the vents on the top and back of the cowling on the outside where there are some vents? I didn't have time to check the plugs not sure that I can get to the bottom one? Thank you for your time and effort. RB
  15. Thanks Wrench I'll do some looking it has had the 300 hour or three year checkup about three years ago so about ready for another one? I doubt that the motor has thee hundred hours on it now after about 8 years of service. It's not a "knock" and really is not a consistent rhythm but I didn't really notice that it picks up with the rpm's. RB

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