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  1. The A-Rig Blues

    I know exactly what you mean... and I also know you're not talking about catching 40lb stripers (or 120lb halibut, for that matter), so that would be off the subject. I am like you... I like to catch fish the way I want to fish.
  2. Alabama Rig

    I won't fish it.
  3. Elites Ban A-Rig

    Go for it. I hope you catch a bunch. Good luck.
  4. Elites Ban A-Rig

    Yes. This is the point I was making.
  5. Elites Ban A-Rig

    That is your opinion... and don't worry about my reading. You should learn to type a little better.
  6. Elites Ban A-Rig

    I guess that makes pro golf and pro rodeo no good also. Or... you could look at it this way. In the NFL, when they get drafted, those guys get guaranteed contracts based on playing against other college kids. Some make it, and some don't... but they still get the money they were contracted to get. Also, some guys might have a good year or two, get a big contract awarded to them, then get hurt or just bust. Guys like Ryan Leaf (just for example) made millions from his draft contract and never earned it. If you make it in Bassmaster, PGA, or PBR then you earned it. If you don't perform and make the cut, you don't get a check... period. You either make it or you fail, based on your own merit. You are right though, in that you must be able to pay to have a chance. I was a good NCAA Division I golfer in college. I might have had a chance to make it big in the pros if I had only been able to afford to take a chance and go for it. It isn't cheap to pay entry fees, travel, equipment, expenses, etc. I suppose it is the same with bass fishing and pro rodeo. If I would've been able to afford to go for it, I might have had a shot... but I would have had to really play well, and also have a lot of luck along the way to make it.
  7. Elites Ban A-Rig

    This is right on. Nice post.
  8. Elites Ban A-Rig

    Bassmaster Elite Series is not a series that you can fish in just by paying the entry fees. Invitations to compete in the Bassmaster Elite Series are earned by performance in the previous year’s Elite circuit, the three Bass Pro Shops Bassmaster Opens divisions and the B.A.S.S. Federation Nation championship. They are picked based on the merits of their fishing achievements. Just like Tom Brady was PICKED by a PRO team to play, KVD was PICKED to participate in the Elite Series because he fished his way in. No difference. There are 1000s that want to fish Bass Elite, but don't have the ability. I agree that there are undoubtedly a few who might be able to fish their way in, if only they had the time and money (along with a little luck... a little luck never hurt anyone) to fish their way into the Elite Series. Not as many as most people think though. There are also thousands that are really good fishermen that have the time and money that are trying mightily to fish their way in, and they still can't make it. There are only 100 spots, so anglers that are trying for a spot had better eat their Wheaties.
  9. Elites Ban A-Rig

    You did disrespect a bunch of good guys there. Apology accepted though. For the record, I consider myself progressive. I am always open to change, and do not fear it. I also know how I like to fish. There are just plenty of viable ways to catch fish that don't involve throwing a mess of wires with a bunch of baits attached to the ends. I don't need to actually try it myself to know that I would not enjoy fishing that way, and I also understand how I get satisfaction out of fishing... I personally would not get the type of satisfaction that I seek out of catching them on a school of swimbaits. I do understand that every angler is different though, and I respect that other guys might get the satisfaction that they seek by catching them on the rig. If you choose to fish the rig, I say good luck to you... I hope you catch a bunch and really enjoy it. Nobody should be having hard feelings or arguing about this thing. Nobody is a bad guy for fishing the A-Rig. Nobody is a bad guy for NOT fishing the A-Rig. I have no probem with anyone that fishes within the rules of whatever governs his fishing activity... whether he's fishing for fun and adhering to state regulations, or fishing in a tournament and adhering to whatever rules the tournament organizers have decided must be followed. Good luck out there. Whack'em
  10. Elites Ban A-Rig

    Talking about the definition of "elite" has nothing to do with the Bassmasters Elite Series. The anglers that fish the Bassmasters Elite Series are the best in the world. They are the best because they have proven it, and have earned the right to fish the Bassmasters Elite Series. The only way to prove that you are the best, is to beat others that have also earned their way up the ladder by winning at all levels of tournaments also. There are obviously some great bass fishermen that don't even fish in any organized tournaments. That is their choice. If that makes them happy, great for them. Until someone proves that they can compete with the Elite Series boys, there's no way of knowing if they are as good as the Bassmaster Elites. The bottom line is that the Bassmasters Elites have been proven to be the best using the only way we have to measure their abilities. There are probably a bunch of guys that sat on the couch during the Super Bowl and claimed that they could Quarterback better than Tom Brady and Eli Manning too. That is obviously ludicrous, and so is saying that a weekend fisherman can bass fish better than Kevin VanDam. There are millions of really good bass fishermen that couldn't carry KVD's tackle box if they tried.
  11. Elites Ban A-Rig

    The disparity between the two groups is interesting Champ. I can't speak for the CPA guys, but the Mill Creek guys are mostly "old school" type of guys. Maybe that would explain the difference in voting between the two groups... that's all I can figure.
  12. Elites Ban A-Rig

    You can lmo all you like, but that doesn't mean you know anything about the organizers or competitors in this tournament series. The organizers took a phone poll of the competitors, and the rig got shot down 84% to 16%. The bottom line is, the vast majority of the competitors in this tourney series believe in fishing one bait at a time. Also, they don't allow more than one rod at a time, live bait, or trolling. I suppose you think there are political reasons why those rules are in effect also. You can think what you want. You didn't get to vote though, so it doesn't matter.
  13. 2/1/12 What A Day

    I can only speak for the Mill Creek Friday Night Series, but there won't be any real issues with cheating or accusations of cheating. In some of the other tourney series' with a less tightly knit bunch of guys... who knows.
  14. Elites Ban A-Rig

    I am happy to say that it has been banned in the tourney series that I fish... the Mill Creek Friday Night Tourney Series.
  15. 2/1/12 What A Day

    Hey Jason. It looks like the rig will not be allowed in the Mill Creek tourneys! Joe took a poll, and the rig was shot down overwhelmingly. I was elated to hear of this. Whack'em

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