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  1. Nice looking fish. Smallmouths are fun to catch
  2. Flasher? What is a flasher I thought being a flasher was illegal
  3. Yea Wheeler was way behind till the last period when he pulled up on a long underwater point. He said he knew the fish were there but was not able to get them to bite in the past. The fish had the feed bag on that day when he pulled up and he crushed them. He was catching a fish almost every cast for a long stretch of time and blew up the scoretracker. I was impressed/surprised when he decided to leave that spot in search for a big fish. I think his biggest fish of the tournament was around 4 lbs.
  4. I noticed the Corp data is from 7/30; do you know how often they update their data?
  5. mojorig Can you send the link that shows the TR depth, d.o. and temp?
  6. MLF seems flexible and willing to try different things for the sake of entertainment. So in order to mix things up it would not surprise me if they try to have an event where only the 5 largest bass get scored while still maintaining the catch and release format. That way a different group of fishermen my rise to the top.
  7. What KVD has done in his career is impressive and I am a fan. But I dont recall seeing him fish the drop shot at this last event and that really seem to hurt him on the last day. I wonder if he is not comfortable fishing that technique? It seems like Wheeler is able to adapt to the conditions and is comfortable with an arsenal of techniques. The MLF guys ability was impressive and showed that that multiple techniques can work on a given day.
  8. I agree it is a little confusing. I found this on the website to clarify how this event will work
  9. I thought they were not allowed on the lake till the event. Has that changed or am I mistaken?
  10. A common problem when anti-reverse fails is the spring comes off and just has to be re-attached. The spring is so small and can be somewhat difficult if you don't have very good eyes and small tools. If you have BP reattach the spring it cost around $5.00.
  11. My spinning reels will start working properly once they dry out. After fishing a few hours in the rain is when they develop the problem.
  12. It is brand new reel. The old one I took into BP to be repaired and they just replaced it with a new reel. BP reel repair said they have never heard of this problem and have no idea how to fix it. Is Ardent Butter Oil and Grease a silicone lubricant?
  13. I have a Plueger spinning reel and when I am fishing in the rain it sticks (handle hard to turn at a point in the rotation) when trying to reel slow. Any else have that problem and/or know how to fix it?
  14. If I did that I would have to cut and retie each of time i wanted to change the plastic baits. I guess it comes down to time and convenience. I usually have handful of different plastic baits in my pocket and I maybe changing them out frequently based upon various conditions. With the wire keeper I can change out a plastic bait in just a few seconds.
  15. I did end up gluing the TRD on but it was a little challenging. If there was a way you could make those with a wire keeper that would be great for the Ned rig. The wire keepers allows me the ability to swap out the TRD very quickly on the jig if I am needing change colors.
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