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  1. TERRIBLE boat restoration

    For future repairs---I have used Tom at Championship Marine in Spokane and though he did a good job.
  2. Wiggle Wart rod

    That is brave talk coming from a man that fish's with his back to Donna. You might forget the new rod and consider investing in a mirror that mounts to the trolling motor..
  3. day two

    bow were they on the bottom again?
  4. I have heard of the phrase "he choked it" But that usually applies to the bait and the fish. I have never heard it apply to the line and the fisherman. ?
  5. Table Rock Fishing Reoprt 4/12/16

    What does a guy that fishes within 1 mile of the ramp need a Mercury 250. If you borrowed the 250 it might be a few days before he noticed it missing
  6. Dam area bite?

    On Saturday I fished from Indian Point to Little Cow creek and catching was non-existent. I don't remember it being this hard last year.
  7. fishing 3-31

    Hey Bo, what brand of jig do you use?
  8. Joe Bald Area on 3/26

    Sorry this is a little late and not filled with a lot of insightful info. We fished from 7-4 and caught 9 fish (3 keepers). The keepers were caught on ned and WW. Never could find a pattern. We caught a fish here an there. We threw cranks, ned, spinnerbait, jerkbait and chatterbait. It was a tough day with sunny skies and the occasional wind. Water temp was 49-54. Maybe I can put the puzzle pieces together on the next trip.
  9. Pet Peeve

    Dave I wonder if the Classic fisherman would put all the fish in the bottom of the boat is there was a penalty for doing so?
  10. Oh I see. I have a 18' Ranger and I have plenty of strap to do that way. Mine is a 92 model so maybe the straps were longer back then.
  11. Champ, When I am launching alone I just keep the boat hooked to trailer wench, let out a bunch of rope, engage the lever so it will not let out any more rope and then back it in like the video shows. I then unclip the boat and crank up the line with the wench. I am not understanding the advantages of a seperate rope that it shows in the video.
  12. Spooning docks

    Thanks for the article. It was fun to read. After reading that article there not doubt who the sponsor is. The thing I didn't find out is what brand of underwear Snowden wears when he is fishing TR. You know that can be a game changer.
  13. Riggin the A-Rig

    At first glance of the picture with the fish, I mistook the power line for fishing line. I was thinking-- Wow that is some heavy line Thanks for the article Bill.
  14. Best Cold Weather Rain Gear?

    If I can keep my head warm it makes a big difference. I wear a Cabelas black marine watch cap and it works great. A buddy of mine has a motorcycle helmet with the full face shield he uses when running down the lake in rain and/or cold. I am looking to buy one myself if I can find a cheap used one. I have used several of the Cabelas pants, jackets and boots with Dry Plus and they keep me bone dry when it is raining all day. When I have that on I have no fear of spending all day out in the rain or snow.

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