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  1. What stretches are float able if you don't mind me asking?
  2. Can anyone tell me what minimum flows and gage heights are on the beaver at bradleyville and possibly desirable levels?
  3. I was really happy that some craft is making it's way into cans for the rivers. One can only drink so much regular beer in the summer. My favorite for that has been the New Belgium Citradelic, but now we are transitioning into fall so I'm finishing that up to make room in fridge. The Oskar Blues beers in cans were good this float year as well. All purpose go to is Coors Banquet. I just finished my primary fermentation of some local apple cider but it will probably be near Thanksgiving before I get to pop a bottle of that. As far as the hard liquors: Vodka: Titos and club soda with a lemon Bourbon: Old Charter on rocks splash of water (Basil Haydens is outstanding but expensive) Tequila: Sip on any good Respasado and if I find a little extra cash I will spring for an Anejo, Cenntenial and Cazadores are my favorites currently.
  4. The beautiful little girl who died (Chole Butcher) was a friend of mine's daughter. She wasn't "playing" or "goofing around" on or around the dam. She came to the aid of a much younger and smaller swimmer who had been sucked into the giant hole in the dam and became trapped. She was able to free that girl but ended up losing her life in the process. She is a hero in my opinion. It's very easy to be opinionated about this subject when it wasn't YOUR child killed needlessly because 1) Dawt Mill was negligent in preventing it's own campers and swimmers from out of the area of danger and failing to repair a dam 2) Corps of Engineers was negligent preventing people from the area of danger. They haven't really been proactive protecting anyone. There could have been a rope like a swimming area on a lake warning people but they chose not to install one but managed to turn a small campground into a multi million dollar complex instead. I myself a healthy active middle age male felt uncomfortable getting my canoe over to their ramp with the amount of current sucking you down to that chute. I am also happy that dam is coming down because I want to float through it on down to the Bryant creek in Tecumseh and will now have that opportunity. As for stripers and trout as a smallmouth bass fisherman I could care less about them as well. Human life outweighs such topics in my mind.
  5. http://www.house.mo.gov/BillActions.aspx?bill=HB2405&year=2016&code=R
  6. You will be in big time trouble in something like that with the flood gates open my friend. I wouldn't even do that with 1 unit or less of generation and I'm not aware of shuttle services on tanyecomo.
  7. What color and what area? I've had good success with even bigger Rogues with gates open. Big fish like big baits.
  8. Well I will accept recommendation on open shoes as well as long as they clear gravel quickly and don't slip on mossy rock. I had a pair of TEVA White River Sandels once that probably were the best so far.
  9. I have tried many different floating shoes and have yet to find any I really like. Just going to throw it out to ask everyone if there are products you really like. I have tried everything from old sneakers to sandels to river shoes with reallly nothing standing out. I would like something that keeps gravel out and has an non-slip sole on mossy rock. Any thoughts?
  10. You should do some checking around on this forum website. It is my understanding that landowners own everything to the waters edge including gravel bars. I also believe they own the gravel under the water as well. The only thing that you have a right to is the water flowing through.
  11. You floated from below Lake Springfield to Galena? It took you two days? Did you have any drag or obstructions?
  12. I have never floated Maumee to Hwy 14 bridge before. I was hoping someone can tell me what to expect as far as movement of water down that far as well as a few baits to take. Probably going to take two spinning rods and one baitcasting rod and reel. Any information is greatly appreciated as I don't want to take a bunch of tackle that I won't use.
  13. What a shame. I'm sure the hellbender would like the river back where it was before this stupid dam was there. Now they can't migrate up above that dam becausee they have no way to portage above it. It might actually benefit them to have the dam slowly erode and be allowed to travel up stream. I'm probablly only going to float the extreme upper NFOW from here on out. By the time this commercial outfit is done developing there probably won't be much ecology down there period.
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