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  1. fshndoug

    Please help me price a rig

    is that a long shaft 25 rude on that boat
  2. fshndoug

    Mixing Batteries

    not only are you funny but also a sage
  3. fshndoug

    Power pole measurements

    just go to a bps with a tape measure
  4. fshndoug

    Mixing Batteries

    Wrench you are a mess.You need to audition for a late night tv host.you are funnier than all of them.
  5. fshndoug

    Chiefs - AFC championship game

    I live 5 miles from Arrowhead and will be glad to watch the game on the big screen.My 2 yr old grandson came over last Saturday saying Go Colts when his dad would say go chiefs Dad also had him dressed in Colts colors.Pretty funny.
  6. fshndoug

    January 6 Upper End Report

    Wrench you got believing
  7. fshndoug

    January 6 Upper End Report

    Wrench did they really straightened you out ,now tell us the truth hehe
  8. fshndoug

    New To Lake of the Ozarks

    pretty hard to target multiple species.they require different fishing lures or equipment.you will do a lot better if you pick one and roll with it.you really need to know the area to do otherwise or be one heck of a fisherman
  9. fshndoug

    Highlights from Montana

    I am ready to pack up and leave Mo.I should have done that 40 years ago when I first considered it.
  10. fshndoug

    Jerk Bait Problem

    Longer rods with softer actions allow for longer casts which acts as a pendulum to launch the bait.Sometimes you need to be off the bank a long ways to catch those suspending fish.slow is better in the winter.I used to weight my own stickbaits before you could buy them that way,like 40 years ago.One other tip is to make sure that the bait tracks straight back to the boat on a straight retrieve ,that will insure the bait will work properly on the correct retrieve.Patience is the key when working one this time of year.You could just throw an Arig and you don't have to worry about any of this.Talk about hard hits,you wont believe how hard they will bite that outfit.
  11. fshndoug

    Jerk Bait Problem

    There is a tendency for one to overwork a suspending stickbait,subtle twitches and slow short pulls will get a lot more bites this time of year.You also need to pause the bait longer say 30 seconds or more between movements.You wont believe how hard they will smack it.Hold on to your rod.The softer rod is better for hard runs at the boat,the rod will cushion some the hard pulls and keep the hook in their mouth
  12. fshndoug

    Jerk Bait Problem

    Definitely use a softer rod and mono as fluorocarbon sinks.I use a Skeet Reese jerkbait/topwater model rod and 8 or 10 lb Big Game line for open banks and 12-15 lb around cover like standing timber and laydowns.Sweep the rod on the hookset.Spro 110 stickbait in pro blue on sunny days and table rock shad on cloudy days.
  13. fshndoug

    61 yards my longest shot

    pretty technical for popping tree rats boys.I bet it is fun though.I used to shoot them with a .22 ruger with cci minimags.Shot a fox squirrel so far up in a sycamore once that by the time it .hit the ground it was a gray.
  14. fshndoug

    Big One Got Away

    It is always fun to watch Laker get on a nice trout. That fish is in trouble if it sticks around.It always gets released and maybe a little wiser than before.
  15. fshndoug

    Big One Got Away

    Laker I don't think I have ever seen you throw a streamer and I fish around you more than anyone you know.P.S. I have plenty if you ever change your mind

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