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  1. Hey Marty I hope that pound of Yeast doesn't come down with something.That would be a heck of a yeast infection.
  2. I am with you on that Mr. Smallfish.
  3. sounds better than some rappers or Taylor Swifter
  4. Too much asphalt on the ground.Let's build another strip mall .
  5. I bet you couldn't eat all the trout in a year I have caught on a olive scud.Watery olive is best ,made by Wapsi.
  6. fshndoug


    I have not had the best luck with the most expensive orvis waders the last several pairs.Then orvis wants to replace them with lesser quality ones when you call them.
  7. Wrench,new phrase/shiitake for brains
  8. Thanks,no wonder I can't catch those with my 7 ft 6inch rod.
  9. fshndoug

    Herds Of Deer

    That is funny
  10. My daughter married a guy that doesn't fish or hunt.I don't know what she was thinking.Well at least I can still take her.
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