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  1. I believe it was called a tadpolly by arborgast lures
  2. Don Frank owns Dons Taxidermy in Smithville Mo 816 532 3500 he is the best there is.Multiple people from this website will attest to that.You can see pics on his website.You won't be disappointed.
  3. Heck those kids might fish all the time.When I was young I used to go up to a local pond and fish every day.I bet some of those parents have enough money to let their kids fish those tourneys.Just need to tell the kids it is fishing and not catching.Are the river fish biting.,haven't seen any photos lately.
  4. fshndoug

    May Day

    what kinda areas are the whites in.I don't keep them but they are fun to catch.
  5. Seth we all had to start some where.With all the info available these days I am sure they will improve rapidly.Better than playing video games all day or watching all the bs on tv.
  6. Because you are in the minority that is why.
  7. that is one way to get across the Rio Grande in a hurry
  8. They never have nav lights on.I always have mine on and move towards the bank when I hear another boat.
  9. I always like the outfitters putting in canoes and yaks on taney when the fog is so thick you can cut it with a knife.Then they go down the middle of the lake.Makes me think someone is an idiot I just don't know which party it is.
  10. I am with you laker.I would rather sight fish than use an indicator.Although indicators certainly have their place,you can't complain about the success we have had by not using them all that often.Watch the fish and pay attention to their behavior and you will catch more of them.
  11. the guy is a cheat,make the call.
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