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  1. fshndoug


    How bout those Chiefs
  2. school was much different back then
  3. Those woodpeckers are a sight to behold.I love watching them in the big timber while hunting deer and turkey.
  4. They are fun to watch
  5. When my daughter was cheering and getting excited that the Chiefs were going to the Super Bowl my 3 year old grandson looked up at her and said '' Mommy you are out of control''
  6. saw about 200 pelicans up on Truman in late December,pretty cool watching them glide around.
  7. fshndoug


    What a game
  8. sandhill crane is very good
  9. I own 14 pq they work great just don't hold much line
  10. you stay out of her vest, jeff
  11. Foghorn,have you not noticed the little gray scud glued on the end of that boga.He sticks it in the water with cheese scent on it and lips the fish when they come up and smell it.
  12. upstream from Arkansas border and downstream from the artic.
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