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  1. couldn't help it,sorry I insulated the fish
  2. Wrench I have seen your wife and I would bet she does the punching around that house.
  3. 50 yards with normal lures would be quite a cast my friends.Casting a c rig with a one ounce weight might cast that far.Make what you think is a long cast with a half ounce jig,measure the distance and report back.Accuracy is the name of the game while fishing,kinda like golf.Drive for show,putt for dough.
  4. please post a pic of the fly
  5. worse than the traffic on 76 after showtime
  6. Just picked up my boat from Fishinwrench.He did a nice job on fixing various proplems.If anyone has some problems take your boat to him.He is a class guy that knows what he is doing.
  7. wait till Bigfoot shows up Wrench
  8. I heard there was a big hatch going on around the Gravois
  9. watch out for spiders tonight wrench
  10. I always had good luck fishing the small coves or cuts along the bank with a 3/8 oz black spinnerbait,5 feet of water or less.
  11. Nice job guys.Don't you wear a life jacket when the big engine is running.Be safe or be sorry.
  12. sure beats most first ladies
  13. Wrench you need to run for Potus you sure could give Nancy a run for her money
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