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  1. Hey when you buy something at %50 off at bass pro it just means that you are paying what you can get it anyplace else for that price
  2. I never see a life jacket on OneCast,almost always fishing alone.
  3. Great fishing.Thanks for the video.Might I suggest that you wear a life jacket when you are fishing and running your boat.Always wear a kill switch.
  4. Great job.I remember the first deer my daughter killed.What a great experience for both of us.
  5. He got his first deer at a younger age than I did.I hope he gets many more.
  6. get don frank from dons taxidermy to do it.He is in Smithville mo
  7. That photo doesn't look right.The motor appears to close to the steering wheel.
  8. Cards out of the postseason,wow did they get whipped.
  9. Don Frank is one of the best there is for fish mounts ,he is so talented.Don's taxidermy Smithville Mo.
  10. that is because you shot all the dumb ones wrench
  11. Fishing Buddy 8,701 14,510 posts Gender:Male Location:Lake of the Ozarks Report post Posted 5 hours ago Hickory nuts must taste better than corn, peanuts and sunflower seeds, because my squirrel feeders haven't been visited in over a week.
  12. Thomas Healy of Rockford Michigan caught the Brown weighing 41.45 in September 2009 on the Manistee river
  13. Nope, just caught a few years ago on the Big Manistee by a guy fishing for King salmon in September.
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