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  1. Thomas Healy of Rockford Michigan caught the Brown weighing 41.45 in September 2009 on the Manistee river
  2. Nope, just caught a few years ago on the Big Manistee by a guy fishing for King salmon in September.
  3. That brown in Michigan was caught on the Big Manistee
  4. wrench are you up killing spiders or just looking at the moon.
  5. I would bet that the trout are hitting the power worm because of the smell,not so much the color.Trout are catfish with scales.And yes I do fish for trout,just not with bait.
  6. Why has Trump not been brought up in all of this .It has got to be his fault.
  7. The kids would really enjoy tying their own flies.you might get in touch with the local Trout unlimited chapter and the Missouri TroutFisherman chapter in Springfield Mo about some flytying material donations.
  8. Simple solution would be no bait or scented plastics or soft plastics allowed.3 fish limit per person.Once that 4th fish is taken into possession you are done fishing since you have your limit.
  9. I could use those I have a 12hds carbon

    1. fshndoug


      816 289 5174

    2. fshndoug


      816 289 5174sorry I have been gone all day Doug Piper 3614 s Liberty Independence Mo 64055 


  10. I would take them I have a hds carbon 12 by Lowrance would they work
  11. YOU might be right,he might not want to get that close to a spider to kill it.he might be cleaning windows.
  12. Marty you are a very brave or stupid man to be sitting next to your wife typing that line,just saying.HaHa.
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