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  1. fshndoug


    What a game
  2. sandhill crane is very good
  3. I own 14 pq they work great just don't hold much line
  4. you stay out of her vest, jeff
  5. Foghorn,have you not noticed the little gray scud glued on the end of that boga.He sticks it in the water with cheese scent on it and lips the fish when they come up and smell it.
  6. upstream from Arkansas border and downstream from the artic.
  7. I know where those 2 rocks to the left are,you are busted.
  8. fshndoug


    maybe there won't be any Democrats elected next time
  9. Bring some oars you will need them when they kick on all four turbines
  10. you wish someone would spank you
  11. fshndoug


    Anyone ever have them go between you and the bank when you are fishing the bank.
  12. fshndoug


    I really love 6 yakers tying up a ramp while they put their little suits on.
  13. Wrench you and Ness should get together and tie some flies.
  14. They stock a lot less fish.Go wade up by the dam,not nearly as many fish.We need to go fish the urban lakes because that is where some of those fish are.
  15. I would say Wrench is a very good mechanic.He fixed my boat and did not have to return it to get it done again.He is about the only one you gives free mechanic advice all the time to forum members that have boat problems.
  16. might be cheaper to hire some help
  17. Wrench that dog is a little spoiled,just like mine were.
  18. I also have several .243 rifles.I shoot 100 gr Hornady interlock handload.Around 50 deer later,why mess around with success.
  19. Hey when you buy something at %50 off at bass pro it just means that you are paying what you can get it anyplace else for that price
  20. I never see a life jacket on OneCast,almost always fishing alone.
  21. Great fishing.Thanks for the video.Might I suggest that you wear a life jacket when you are fishing and running your boat.Always wear a kill switch.
  22. Great job.I remember the first deer my daughter killed.What a great experience for both of us.
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