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  1. You see people doing stupid things in cars every day,boats are no different.
  2. My 600 lb carp by oprah
  3. Wrench I bet you always have gas.
  4. Some one figured they could save some money by shutting down the bathrooms.To bad their mother doesn't need to use it.I had my wife ,daughter and grandson down over the weekend and no bathroom facilities,pretty sad to say the least.
  5. can't type ,take the get out of that post.
  6. Hey Wrench that bear looks a lot like you in your Halloween get costume.
  7. Don't worry about squirrels,they don't eat every nut they see.
  8. wonder how many hours are on that boat,haha.
  9. Maybe delivered by a lost Pony Express rider by mistake.
  10. no,get a candle and make your own.
  11. Put in at Bucksaw.You still need to be careful,lots of timber.
  12. what size net do you need for a 14 footer,just asking.
  13. Thousand Islands on the St.Lawrence River is 1200 miles to Clayton NY from KC MO. I have fished the area twice.Great fishing and beautiful scenery.
  14. Burt and Mullet lake are in Michigan just south of Cheboygan.Those lakes are about 900 miles from Kansas city Mo.
  15. I think you need to add some hours onto the drive time.
  16. It seems to me that a lot of us have too much time on our hands to think about such things as building brush piles and making money on public waterways by doing so.
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