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  1. I was down last Friday through Monday. Fishing is good Sat Had the best jig bite I have had in a while nothing over 3.5 lbs. Great day Sunday Monday same bite not as good saw two on beds on Monday. My buddy has been down all week cleaning up on the crappie I will be back down on Thursday. Loads of people fishing.
  2. 45 min tops. Lol. have a great weekend
  3. Dude I just met you at DD. Great to meet a fellow bass head. Nice work on the spots!! Bill
  4. I have a 24v MotorGuide 62 lb thrust. It’s 20 years old just took it off my boat a month ago. Works fine has definitely seen some use.
  5. Fist two days days of a four day trip. First half of the day cloudy wind and a little rain. You could catch them how you wanted had a very good topwater bite while the clouds, rain and wind were around (table rock trifecta) had three really good smallies on the fin biggest was 3.5 two others in the 2.75 to 3 lbs. caught a bunch in general, fluke, shakey head, Ned, jerkbait. Got a little tougher when the sun came out. Friday was bright sun and not a ton of wind. Ned, shakey head, split shot rig did the damage mostly spots today and a couple largemouth.. So far most have come around spawning pockets both main lake and in the creeks. Been fun so far lots of guys fishing.
  6. Will be there tomorrow, taking my nephew for a graduation trip. Should be fun
  7. Just so everyone knows, they were having phone issues that threw everything in a tizzy. All fix now.
  8. Anyone know what is going one with this resort? I have been trying to contact them for 2 days phone is busy and no reply to any emails. Are they still open? It was always a nice place have not stayed there in a couple years. If anyone knows anything let me know. thanks Bill
  9. I always had a 50/50 agreement with my boat partner when I fished the bash.
  10. Wrench, Not many dudes willing to give that much detail good on you! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.
  11. If you dont go you well never know. Im there this weekend hopin to trick a few
  12. Steve Alhonna derby. Be down tomorrow. Thanks wrench for the update. not sure I am ready for the low temps I am seeing. Lol I shouldn't have to worry about cruiser wakes anyway
  13. Anyone know what it is currently? Me and my cold weather gear are headed that way on Friday.
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