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  1. Hope the fish are finding places with enough water to survive and reproduce.
  2. A five-foot juvenile, former pet was an imminent threat? Since it was killed, why not retrieve and grill the thing? (The meat makes delicious barbecue, and the ODWC could've sold plates to help fund . . . something.) You are about 120,000 times more likely to die in the wreckage of your vehicle than you are in the jaws of a 'gator. If you don't even think twice about jumping into your ride to drive to the fishing hole, does getting all worked up over the thought of a reptile make much sense?
  3. That's a heap of persistence, rpike. Many thanks for the fine photos and report.
  4. Excellent report. Here's hoping the baby browns grow into really big browns.
  5. Nice variety, Gregg. Especially with smaller flies pulled near the bottom, you ought to be running into some sauger any minute now.
  6. Please don't eat the cows!! If you are hungry, save your beef money and buy a fly rod.
  7. Several stellar, borderline breathtaking photos there. Many thanks for sharing.
  8. Man . . . those could pass for ocean-going fish from the Atlantic Seaboard somewhere. Great going, and thanks for posting up.
  9. That's too bad. Challenging is one thing; near impossible, another. I have a small pile of large rainbowish trout streamers that may not see much use.
  10. Anybody target or luck into any over the last few months? One Tulsa fly fisher says February is usually the best sauger month in that area. Pretty colours on this one from February 2008:
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